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pain during outbreak??
I don't know how it is for men by any means. For women, when having an outbreak can...More
Posted by strugsingmom1
Is it normal to be with someone no sex but definitely heated and in the moment and...More
Posted by strugsingmom1
Does anyone know where to get a lot for less and with no insurance? I take valtrex...More
Posted by strugsingmom1
Reply: Kissing
That's what I thought. I'm kind of talking to someone and the hardest thing for me to...More
Posted by strugsingmom1
I know that this is probably asked a million times but Ive got a question bout...More
Posted by strugsingmom1
Reply: frustration!!
Thank you so much for that. When I have an outbreak I lose my freakin mind!! I...More
Posted by strugsingmom1
Short and to the point: after a very bad relationship of lies and betrayals it's been...More
Posted by strugsingmom1