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Joined: 02/05/2010
My Story:
I joined this site in 2006 when I started dating my (now) husband to gain knowledge on genital herpes, and in particular discordant couples. He has been infected since the '80s and after 6 years together I'm still negative.

After this board helped me gain knowledge, I've stayed ever since then to try and help others.

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Reply: Oral Sex Complications
Are you male or female?
Posted by elle0317
Reply: HELP, needing any advise!
Only a Dr in real life can tell you what's going on, an internet board cannot diagnose...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Help on Std
receiving unprotected oral sex is an extremely low risk for STD's, these symptoms can...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Is something wrong down there?
looks normal to me. Vaginal skin is not supposed to be completely smooth.
Posted by elle0317
Reply: STD/sexual health anxiety
The best way to find out is to have him go for STD testing prior to relations with this...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Oral sex and genital symptoms
Yes, this is true. If the infection is on your genitals and you are only using your mouth,...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Herpes or no?
Go and get the blister swabbed and typed while it's still fresh, today or tomorrow would...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: HSV 1 and 2 - I am devastated!
Definitely get re-tested, when you test for two strains of virus there should be two...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: herpes and the military
Having herpes and being on suppresive therapy should have no bearing on your employment in...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: understanding
HSV can lay dormant for many, many years. You may have had this virus before you met your...More
Posted by elle0317