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Joined: 02/05/2010
My Story:
I joined this site in 2006 when I started dating my (now) husband to gain knowledge on genital herpes, and in particular discordant couples. He has been infected since the '80s and after 6 years together I'm still negative.

After this board helped me gain knowledge, I've stayed ever since then to try and help others.

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Reply: scabies or std?!!
Continue to follow-up with your MD about this.
Posted by elle0317
Reply: sexual arrouse
Maybe it's your conscience telling your penis that cheating is wrong??
Posted by elle0317
Reply: My Eye is Burning A Little
You'll be fine...
Posted by elle0317
Reply: im worried
you see a Dr about this, we cannot tell you what is wrong.
Posted by elle0317
Reply: herpes or not??!
If he doesn't have it, and if you do...that means you picked up from someone prior to him....More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: have had several unprotected sexual partners risk ...
3 months from the last encounter for the most accurate results. And be sure to ask for the...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Gail & Elle
Ok, thanks for letting us know Abe. Enjoy your trip?
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Genital Warts with IUD
Correct you can have warts, herpes, and any other STD but your PAP would still be clear....More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Burning lips sensation, irrated tongue, please hel...
We all have those tiny sposts lining our lips. If you are concerned you may picked up an...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Worried about STD Transmission
40% of the time? After 7 years of kissing my husband everyday, who has hsv-1, how come I...More
Posted by elle0317