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Joined: 02/05/2010
My Story:
I joined this site in 2006 when I started dating my (now) husband to gain knowledge on genital herpes, and in particular discordant couples. He has been infected since the '80s and after 6 years together I'm still negative.

After this board helped me gain knowledge, I've stayed ever since then to try and help others.

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Reply: What is the longest duration till which I could ha...
yes, especially if it's the cervical dysplasia, this does take some years to become...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: what is this
Sounds like folliculitis to me, it's caused by the shaving. Try using a brand new razor,...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: IUD and Chlamydia
That would be a good question to ask your Dr, the same one that gave you the antibiotics...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Could it be herpes!?
No, this doesn't sounds like herpes. Just because she may have been with a guy with...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: chafing or genital herpes
You should have had the Dr swab it. He can tell you what is it, an internet chat board...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Are Genital warts the same as HPV?!?!
You may want to re-read her response again. She said NOT to confuse HPV with Herpes, she...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: Non Specific Urethritis Concerns
Yeast infections are often red and sore, almost burning like feeling with superficial...More
Posted by elle0317
Reply: HPV on face
It's not possible to contract HPV from biting someone's clothed bum. HPV requires...More
Posted by elle0317