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My Story:
I am a married male and have had HSV 2 genitally for approximately 30 years. I believe that I had HSV 2 for 10 years before I had my first noticeable outbreak that I was aware of so I have had ob's for 20 years. I have been on this exchange since 2007.

I come to this website to help others deal with issues' concerns and difficultues of living with Genital Herpes.
If you are new to Genital Herpes then I would recommend that you read the Herpes Handbook. It is located at Just click on the heading "Herpes" at the top of the page. Watch the Video and get details on Terri Warren's book under the same heading. Terri's book is called "The Good News about the Bad News" It can be purchased at a local book store or if they do not have it then you can purchase it on line at for about $16-17. It is now available as an
"e-book" as well.

If you are starting a new intimate relationship it is important for both of you to have complete STI'S testing and specifically ask for a "Type specific IgG blood tess so you know what both your status's are. Ask for a copy of your numeric HSV 1 & 2 test results and post them on the exchange so someone can help you figure out what your status's are. It is not only important to know what you have but it is as equally important to know what a future partner has in the way of STI'S.

Remember that Genital Herpes is just a pesky skin condition and that life can go on and you can still be intimate with the right person who loves you for who you are. :-)

Ask questions so we can help you deal with your Genital Herpes Issues.

Other Helpes

1. Genital Herpes is more easily transmitted when there is "heat and friction." So you can not stop the heat in lovemaking but you can control the friction. If you happen to hit a dry spell as a couple then make sure to have a good lube ready so that you eliminate the friction in having sex.

2. Genital Herpes is transmitted via shedding and contact from the area that is commonly known as the "boxer short" area so that is any area that a pair of boxer shorts would cover.

3. When going through an out break keep some corn starch on hand as the drier you can keep things down yonder the better you will feel. So just apply some corn starch to keep things dry. Also the drier it is down yonder the faster you will heal from your out break.

Female to Male Transmission for HSV 2
The odds of you getting GHSV 2 is as follows. If the two of you avoid sex when she has an ob then the chances of you getting it is 4%. If she takes suppressive therapy then it drops to 2% and if you use condoms then it go's to 1%. The details are from the Valtrex clinical trials study.

Male to Female Transmission
The chances of Male to female transmission is as follows
If you avoid sex when he has an ob the chances are 8-10% that you could get it over a year. If he adds suppressive therapy then it drops to 4-5% and if you use a condom then the risk drops to 2-3%. These stats are from the Valtrex clinical trials study.

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