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Type Of STD Tests and Results? Any Medications To Control Your STD?


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be respectful
don't treat people like they are the disease that they have
Posted by 03730
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be respectful
don't treat people like they are the disease that they have
Posted by 03730
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ingrown hairs turning into tiny sebaceous cysts
I had a similar issue and I freaked out because I felt one and I squeezed it in a little white or pink GUI or...More
Posted by An_260122
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Immune booster
I have genital warts/HPV more than 1 year. I can say that this awful disease is difficult to treat and cure....More
Posted by joker187
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How To Reduce Outbreaks
After my big outbreak I had others where small bumps would occur separate on my vagina. I would itch first,...More
Posted by An_259646
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Last year I noticed a rash on my bottom a month after having sex with a guy I was getting to know. I wasn't...More
Posted by An_259646
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please help i'm scared i have an sti or std
had unprotected sex and oral 5 weeks ago he told me he didn't have anything and that he had been tested...More
Posted by An_259501
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Specific culture
I have known for many years how common chlamydia is but that it is hard to diagnose for several reasons....More
Posted by foxtakala
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new to this
hi, i am a 23 year old female, and have been sexually active for four years now. i have just been diagnosed...More
Posted by helpray3
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found out I had herpes
Today I found out that I have herpes, I am devastated as I've been with my partner for a year and a half.....More
Posted by kikilee1985
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positive results
I had unprotected sex with a woman 3 weeks before I had this tests done. here are my results: HSV 1/2 IGG...More
Posted by An_252207
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New discovery at UC Berkeley - Nutritional supplem...
I was diagnosed with HPV back in December of 2011. I have been on the search for remedies ever since. I've...More
Posted by An_251832
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Reducing OB and itching woth Loratadin
I have had terrible hayfever and used a fairly new over the counter drug called Loratadin (costs £1 per...More
Posted by An_248099
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Article on HPV
Hello, I recently read an article online that links HPV and tanning beds. I tan regularly and was wondering...More
Posted by kandikaaiin
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Genital Herpes Prodromes
I need some advice! I have had herpes for about 10yrs and the longer i have had it the worse the prodromes...More
Posted by An_245414
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What are the tests to be done for finding out Sexu...
Dear Sir I what to know, what are the tests are required to be done for finding out the sexually transmitted...More
Posted by An_241435
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Kindly Help me to find out the right doctor
Dear Sir/Madam From past 5 years, iam getting pain in left testicle,pain and burning sensation at the tip of...More
Posted by TNaresh
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I hope this helps folks new to this problem
About two years ago I was diagnosed with HSV1 and 2. This after a month long relationship with a person who had...More
Posted by Pete777
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Treatment for Herpes people
Presently there is no cure for this HSV but people who get it can certainly get the symptoms treated. There are three types of treatments ... More
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