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muscles and boost masses in few weeks
Better buy this natural supplement from online that only helps you to avail this product at very low prices...More
Posted by sanymary
Reply: What effects do the chlamydia infection have on me...
Hi The part you have missed is the way it can hide deep in tissue and pop out later could be just a few months...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
Just How To Write Your Own Personal Ebook
Your PDF file opens with the software installed for transformation, after adding. The picture PDF should be...More
Posted by eddieertl
A 3Rd Party Nuverus Evaluation
Women are highly informed about their beauty. they be concerned about these marks plus with the era that is...More
Posted by martinclark
Skincare That Is Simple Strategies That
In practically takes a chemistry degree to see the labels on some of those issues and that I will have to...More
Posted by leathapopp
Get Better sexual Pleasure with King Size Male Enh...
We tend to additionally spoke with Christopher Saigal, MD, assistant professor of urology at UCLA School...More
Posted by doroterycore
to create that wash board stomach
We all realize that the others of the body needs some type of workout. As a way to create big arms, we...More
Posted by lippjoseph
Reply: Semen changes in the older male
Hi Burp, OK getting it moving would help, masturbating twice a week will do just that for you. As for your...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
Reply: married with homosexual thoughts
I don't see a problem with being attracted to a member of the same sex however I DO have a problem with...More
Posted by An_257586
Reply: Penis enlargement pills - Scam or solution?
Well, it's either flaccid or it's stretched as far as you can pull it. Don't see the point myself. Stretching...More
Posted by An_257586

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Beauty Home Remedies Natural Splendor Homemade Rec...
Avoid using conditioner over a daily schedule if your hair is skin care review textured. Per week training...More
Posted by petergrosse
Reply: Hilton Head Massage Therapy
Sounds like a bad translation program is at play here. This is what I think the poster means: "I think...More
Posted by Anon_134193
Reply: shaving
As long as everything is shaved or closely trimmed I don't need any kind of 'style'. MichelleMore
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Do you look online for health information?
Hi. Thank you, Robert. Let me check it. I appreciate your researching. Why did you decide to start it?...More
Posted by mrfoster1900
Reply: boxers or briefs?
I have the highest addiction to boxers. I wore briefs 2 years ago and I felt uncomfortable enough.
Posted by mrfoster1900
Reply: Do you use your dominant hand to masturbate?
the same:) It depends on mood.
Posted by mrfoster1900
Reply: Woman's Orgasm
It's ok. Sounds a little strange why he doesn't understand it. It's a pity that you experienced some...More
Posted by mrfoster1900
Reply: Don't Know Where to Start
Oh, I'm so sorry. Chin up, man. I understand you. Maybe you need to find yourself in different area and...More
Posted by mrfoster1900
Reply: Why do I keep getting bacterial vaginosis?
Thanks for support! And you can readmore here: home remedies for bacterial vaginosis More
Posted by An_263006
Reply: Had unprotected oral sex.. Very worried about HIV
I absolutely agree here, the pre-cum is as dangerous as the ejaculate really. When it comes to oral sex...More
Posted by exprzzionz
Reply: attracted to male and females
You're just a normal man I'd say. I love the female body, nothing compares to a beautiful woman. At the same...More
Posted by exprzzionz
Reply: stinging in penis from oral
Hi So 6 months ago what happened then, do start some meds? have a changes of BC pill? this would be a good place...More
Your Penis is Affected by Every Aspect of Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Life.
Posted by nohard
Reply: Extreme Edging and Cum Denial
Edging is the highest enjoyment a man can have with his 'manhood'. I've been practicing it for about 15...More
Posted by thesicklychild
Reply: Loss of Sensitivity in Head of Penile shaft
Like you, I have a very large penis and it is impossible to get it fully engorged. I have lost most of the...More
Posted by alantewks
Reply: First man Sighting
I bet your as large as your father. Everything looks bigger as a kid. Then you were comparing your tiny baby...More
Posted by hairya
Reply: Father and Son Discussion
I would like to read more detail about first time walking in ,while masturbating,please?...More
Posted by robertchicagoyoga
Reply: Please Help.
I was self prescribed an anti depressant and it killed my want or need for an erection. During this hell, my...More
Posted by bmbubya3
Reply: Is / was your father uncut?
my father was circumcised and so am I. my father was born in 1943 and I was born in 1967 @ the same hospital.More
Posted by An_261965
Reply: Penile Problems - No erection in the morning?
Actually went by to the doctor and he said that I was diagnosed with epididymitis. Now what I want to know is...More
Posted by twod1989
Reply: Masturbation
when I was a 23 year old guy and I would masturbate on a daily basis (4-5 times a day). masturbation can not...More
Posted by bmbubya3

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I'm 19 and just married. I joined this site in order to read as much as possible on pregnancy. We would love to add to our family and I'm want...More

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Weird cut/ scratch on member
my guy has this random cut / crack / scratch on his member. He swear he hasnt sleeped around. and if he has that is his punishment. ... More
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