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Reply: Father and Son Discussion
I agree. I remember growing up and was always tense and uptight about everything because my parents never...More
Posted by marrmilguy
Reply: Embarrassing moments during sex
If you are facing erectile dysfunction problem then you can try Viagra or Cialis. these are best medicines...More
Posted by davidmarsh
Reply: medicare and testosterrone
yes it is covered.
Posted by mintjulip3
Reply: boxers or briefs?
Wear a jock when doing any heavy yard work, etc...swimmer jock under he sees me often...More
Posted by jro62000
Reply: Ive came out in weird marks resembling love bites.
My first thought would be insect bites. Especially at this time of year. Possibly bed bug bites...
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
Posted by fcl
Reply: Most detailed exam
Hey Marr.....How did your exam go? Any surprises?
Posted by socalvpdude
Reply: Masturbation when married
Very happily married for 18 years. Great sex life when there is time between work, kids, etc...but we always...More
Posted by jro62000
Reply: Persistent& recurring tear on shaft
Maybe you need a healing lubricant... something like coconut oil that both soothes and helps the healing...More
Posted by reefswaggie
Reply: Low T?
Posted by july1936
Being Contacted
I received an email from someone on this site or the other WEB MD forums I belong to. I went to reply and the...More
Posted by stev1022
Reply: married with homosexual thoughts
I have a few married buddies who've always fantasied about being with a man. I think it comes on different...More
Posted by tylakeland
Reply: Sensitivity and pain in head of penis
You might try "UdderlySmooth" body cream, available in pharmacies in my area. It's not greasy. I had a...More
Posted by An_254668
Reply: masturbation with no ejaculate
Also happens with bph drugs and after radical prostatectomy. Doesn't change the feeling!
Posted by An_246614
Getting in the mood
We have a room decorated with our favorite erotic illustrations and have videos on the TV which always gets...More
Posted by An_254668

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do pics help you get in the mood for sex?
  • yes for pleasuring with my wife/gf
  • no I need hands-on
  • yes for pleasuring with my husband/bf
  • videos are best
  • Use pics of my partner
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Getting in the mood
Posted by gringofeliz

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Do pics help you get horny?
  • yes for pleasuring with my wife/gf
  • no I need hands-on
  • yes for pleasuring with my husband/bf
  • videos are best
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Reply: masturbation: places & benefits whatever is most exciting and pleasant with both of you. The important thing is to keep...More
Posted by gringofeliz

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Do you/have you performed non-pentetrative sex?
  • I am a girl who has
  • I am a boy who has
  • I enjoy it and find it beneficial
  • I do not like it
  • I need to stimulate my libido to really enjoy it
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Reply: Porn Addiction or not ?????
Posted by topcop2003
Reply: Cant feel anything with Condoms...
Hey Indiaguerita? Do you have a penis? If so, let's have drinks. If not stop talking about things you don't...More
Posted by kramer2718
Reply: ejaculation
I do agree with richardpayne. Healthy eating habit might help you to overcome your situation. Oyster is...More
Posted by willoconner
Reply: Unusual ED problem
Maybe you have body image problems. Maybe you are uncomfortable getting naked in front of a girl/woman for...More
Posted by alantewks
Reply: Anyone come across this?
Hi 162, This info changes things a bit. I thought you were married to him and together a long time. The way you...More
Posted by jtc1003
Reply: How can I overcome my size insecurity?
Hi! I feel that your size is pretty good and you don't need to worry about it. At this age many guys think...More
Posted by richardpayne
Reply: Prostate massage
How do you accomplish this? with a sex toy, finger both?
Posted by brakallie1
Reply: Lactating? !!!
Thanks fcl....feel little better. My hubby will love it more.
Posted by Anon_161432
Reply: Massage therapist appears to want to masturbate me
had a similar experience; after we lost the towel, he saw me erect and leaking pre cum; what i did was try to...More
Posted by geokeith
Reply: Extreme Edging and Cum Denial
I prefer to edge in a vagina instead of a hand. As long as your partner is ok with you taking your time, you...More
Posted by stevesmw
Reply: Can't feel anything during sex
Try ribbed condom or thinner variety. Circumcision should have no effect. In fact it may make it more...More
Posted by Anon_161432
Reply: itching after intercourse
We are off condoms now and that's where I see the issue.
Posted by Anon_161432
Reply: A little red bulge on my glans penis
Dry masturbation is generally not a good idea; although the penis will release pre-seminal fluid which can...More
Posted by jsayers222
Reply: really fast ejaculation
Premature ejaculation could be one of the most common sexual problems in men. The cause could be...More
Posted by abbymccluremyf

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I am the INCEL, formerly known as NoBucket...geeez..this website is harder to navigate than FB!!! At least I was able to get a reply to my Sexual Iss...More

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It doesn't matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you dont do it in the street and frighten the horses.-- Mrs. Patrick Campbell ... More
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