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Reply: Lactating? !!!
Thanks fcl....feel little better. My hubby will love it more.
Posted by Anon_161432
Reply: Massage therapist appears to want to masturbate me
had a similar experience; after we lost the towel, he saw me erect and leaking pre cum; what i did was try to...More
Posted by geokeith
Reply: married with homosexual thoughts
I am in my late 50s; also happily married for almost 40 years; have often had homosexual fantasies; because of...More
Posted by geokeith
Reply: Masturbation when married
I am finding I masturbate more often, but I am needing more stimulus to achieve orgasm; mostly in the form of...More
Posted by geokeith
Reply: Extreme Edging and Cum Denial
I prefer to edge in a vagina instead of a hand. As long as your partner is ok with you taking your time, you...More
Posted by stevesmw
Reply: Can't feel anything during sex
Try ribbed condom or thinner variety. Circumcision should have no effect. In fact it may make it more...More
Posted by Anon_161432
Reply: itching after intercourse
We are off condoms now and that's where I see the issue.
Posted by Anon_161432
Reply: ejaculation
I'm not quite clear on exactly what you are saying. Are you saying that you are having wet dreams (which...More
Posted by lightningguy
Reply: Takes a long time
If your significant other is not complaining. No lady wants a minute man. Enjoy the ride and swap positions. Bet...More
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
Posted by hairyd
Reply: How can I overcome my size insecurity?
An above penis is important if you want a career in porn, otherwise not so much. Any woman who specifies a...More
Posted by stevesmw
Reply: boxers or briefs?
I tried QNS scrotal support underwear. It does feel like someone is walking around with you holding your...More
Posted by alantewks
Reply: I need info on Viagra
Has he always been like this as far as just wanting to stick it in? If he was a selfish lover before he had...More
Posted by alantewks
Reply: A little red bulge on my glans penis
Dry masturbation is generally not a good idea; although the penis will release pre-seminal fluid which can...More
Posted by jsayers222
Reply: Anyone come across this?
Your reply still does not answer the question why you are interested in this condition. Do you are someone...More
Posted by An_255018
Reply: really fast ejaculation
Premature ejaculation could be one of the most common sexual problems in men. The cause could be...More
Posted by abbymccluremyf
Reply: Why do I keep getting bacterial vaginosis?
Hello! Have you tried flagyl? ...More
Posted by abbymccluremyf
Reply: Father and Son Discussion
I was able to talk to my father more after I got past the embarrassing stage. It started when I was about...More
Posted by socalvpdude
Reply: ok men, tell me why they lie
Maybe she doesn't cook or clean to his satisfaction. Maybe he is an ass. A person that is cheating has a lot...More
Posted by 00000162
Reply: The taste of cum
yes, I also find the fluid of the opposite sex is best compared to my own. I suppose there is a...More
Posted by gringofeliz
Reply: masturbation: places & benefits
Yes, from the POV of both the gf driving and the semi driver. Fortunately, my gf could keep her mind on the...More
Posted by An_254668

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Reply: Is it possible to jack off to much?
having gone through a similar period. I suggest you find a girl to jerk you off with slow movements to make...More
Posted by An_254668

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Reply: Most detailed exam
Thanks; congrs on your 3 children, know your a proud pop. There should not be any modesty in a exam room. It is...More
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
Posted by hairyd
Reply: Urology Exam - Was It Normal?
I have had a number of Urological exams over the years, including prostate and Doppler exams. It can be very...More
Posted by marrmilguy
Reply: Masturbating in different places.
If you want maybe you and i could talk about edging or start a blog on this site about one??
Posted by gayboyz
"10 Surprising benefits to sex"
Well stated, excellent. If your partner doesn't feel like sex, better to do it alone or maybe he/she will...More
Posted by gringofeliz
"10 Surprising benefits to sex"
Well stated, excellent. If your partner doesn't feel like sex, better to do it alone or maybe he/she will...More
Posted by gringofeliz
Reply: Am I just old-fashioned?
Yes, I got a spoof this morning regarding girls showing their genitalia bending over or pulling their...More
Posted by gringofeliz

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Reply: men
Greater Cincinnati
Posted by thesicklychild
Reply: It always feel too good
If this is contagious, I hope I can arrange for you to cough on me or I'll drink after you or whatever...More
Posted by thesicklychild
Reply: After intercourse
I'm 8" and I've never hurt a woman during intercourse. I would guess that it had more to do with very little...More
Posted by alantewks

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Just a high school student with a lot of questions! Its just me and my mom and sister in the house, so I hope to learn more about sex and my body thro...More

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It doesn't matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you dont do it in the street and frighten the horses.-- Mrs. Patrick Campbell ... More
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