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Testosterone question
I'm a 24 year old male that would appear to be In good shape. However, I've been drinking very...More
Posted by kerbouchard13
Sex drive too high or not? Any concerns?
I recently have become intimate with my current girlfriend and like some others, I have the higher sex drive of...More
Posted by cmw1979
Over Masturbation? Erection problems? Help! :(
Hi. I'm posting here because I am very worried about something that has happened to me within the past 8...More
Posted by An_259311
Shaved or unshaven
Everyone talks about shaving their body and I am thinking about shaving my pubes. Is it the trend? Does...More
Posted by theone0221
T-Rex Muscle Health Myths
Ofttimes, we hear from friends or unit T-Rex Muscle that if we honorable do this or do that, then any...More
Posted by otisbetsy
Penile enhancement
I am 48, and have been considering for a while a penis enhancement, enlargement. Even though I am...More
Posted by An_259038
Trouble Achieving Orgasm
I am a 57 year old openly gay man. I am in a new relationship with a wonderful man that cares for me a great...More
Posted by An_259022
Este produto lança mais quilos extras do seu
Este produto lança mais quilos extras do seu corpo e leva-lo para uma vida saudável. Goji Vita De...More
Posted by glenjoness
Embarrassing moments during sex
Hey all, looking for some advice and maybe reassurance. I just entered into a new relationship after 5 years of...More
Posted by dbarr1
Ive came out in weird marks resembling love bites.
Recently Ive came out in 2 marks, one has faded away, that closely resemble "love bites". They are both on...More
Posted by An_258176
medicare and testosterrone
Does anyone know whether will cover cost of "T" shots given in office? My Part "D" Drug list approves...More
Posted by july1936
Low T?
I just recently had my testosterone levels checked and the results were a bit confusing? My free level was...More
Posted by Anon_4371
Being Contacted
I received an email from someone on this site or the other WEB MD forums I belong to. I went to reply and the...More
Posted by stev1022
Getting in the mood
We have a room decorated with our favorite erotic illustrations and have videos on the TV which always gets...More
Posted by An_254668

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Getting in the mood
Posted by gringofeliz

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Do pics help you get horny?
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Sensitivity and pain in head of penis
Hey everyone, I have had this problem as long as I can remember but I have always been afraid to talk about...More
Posted by An_257599
Persistent& recurring tear on shaft
About 2 months ago, I knicked myself with a razor while shaving the shaft of my penis, left side near base....More
Posted by livineasy27
masturbation with no ejaculate
I have recently been diagnosed with kidney stones and am on meds treating that. Well life goes on and I...More
Posted by poolboy1968
Unusual ED problem
Does anyone know why when I sleep with a new girl for the first time I always, and I mean always have...More
Posted by gbajabiamila094
RE: Wanted to have sex with my husband, but he co...
I have never asked questions on WebMD about sex so I am a bit embarrassed. First of all, I have chronic pain...More
Posted by Anon_27116
Lactating? !!!
We are in 30s and dating for long. Just started getting closer physically. No sex yet. My BF at foreplay...More
Posted by Anon_161432
itching after intercourse
We are in 30s. We are married for 3 years and having wonderful sex life. So far we have been having...More
Posted by Anon_161432
How can I overcome my size insecurity?
Not sure if you guys can help me with this, but here it goes. I'm almost 21 years old, and like pretty much all...More
Posted by aadams7
I need info on Viagra
Hello, I know this is suppose to be a man's board, but I don't know who to talk to. My husband has erectile...More
Posted by shaybug326
Anyone come across this?
I'm serious about this. Whether you're male or female, have you ever seen a man who has an erection that's 3"...More
Posted by jtc1003

Spotlight: Member Stories

over 60; Professional; Happily married over 30 years, with children. Interested in men's health/sex issues because spouse is unable to enjoy/have ...More

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