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Penile Problems - No erection in the morning?
I'm a somewhat active 25 year old. For the past two weeks I've been having a few problems. It all started when...More
Posted by twod1989
Do you look online for health information?
Hi my name is Robert I'm currently researching how we interact with the health information that we find...More
Posted by An_261458
Semen changes in the older male
As I've aged, I'm now in my late 50s, my semen has gone from off white to cream/pale yellow. Has anyone else...More
Posted by Anon_15043
which ED pills work best?
My husband has tried almost any ED pills available and he is not satisfied with the results. Can you...More
Posted by An_256028
ED Problems
I know this is quite a bit embarrassing but I have been suffering ED for quite a long time. Im...More
Posted by marksummerfield313
having a girlfriend but having homosexual thoughts
hey is it okay that I have a girlfriend but im still having homosexual thoughts?
Posted by wyattschroer2016
I'm a middle aged man and have been shaving my genital area for about 5 years. Sometimes completly bald,...More
Posted by rickro
Venus 2000 Masturbation Machine
Intrigues by this machine, have seen numerous videos of it working. Has anyone tired it? Is it work the $$$
Posted by ironbody

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Female Masturbation
Is masturbation common among females and whether it has any health effects? What are the common masturbation...More
Posted by An_260717

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Cialis.......30 days
In October I began 15 days of Cialis (prescribed by doctor) to control frequent urination. First thing I...More
Posted by An_260943
taste my juice
I want to taste my juice but just can't do it. what to do. I really want to try it
Posted by An_260423
Sex and the Aging Male
Seems like I revisit this subject on an annual basis... 53 yr old male married 30 years. Sex life has been...More
Posted by johnwad
I am a 23 year old guy and I masturbate on a regular basis (4-5 times a week). I would like to know if this...More
Posted by An_260717

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Aneros for prostate help
Was wondering how many guys with prostate issues have tried using an "Aneros I have always enjoyed prostate...More
Posted by ironbody
When i do my thing at masturbation i have noticed that i have a small amount of a load. i use to have a good...More
Posted by An_260423
Swollen tonsils
I had oral sex with my girlfriend for the first time recently. I think my tonsils could have been swollen...More
Posted by An_260482
weak urination
I am 63 years old and in good health. my problem is when I pee it just dribbles out. I have talked to me family...More
Posted by burp14
After-hours worries about UTI
Hi there, First of all, I hope this is the appropriate place to post this. If not, I apologize! Some...More
Posted by An_260382
Changes with age
I have noticed in the last year my penis is curving when erect. Is this normal? Is this happening to anyone else.
Posted by 50inmo
Yeast Infections
My wife and I are now needing to use lubrication when we are intimate. She gets yeast infections quite...More
Posted by Anon_2000
How many gay men?
How many of the men on the site are actually self-accepting at least somewhat openly gay? There are a lot of...More
Posted by An_259795
wife in care facility
hi I am without my wife what to do to relieve sexual tension. any ideas?
Posted by movieguy1
Freeballing link
I found a forum some of you might like: More
Posted by An_259795 Forums
Some of you may be interested in seeing the message forums at There are forums on health,...More
Posted by An_259795

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Happily married with one son. Enjoy traveling. I am healthy and active and continue to stay physically in shape, spending time at the gym working out ...More

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