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"The pajama craze"
It seems some have taken to the Pajama Boy and wear night clothes in public (see The essay...More
Posted by An_254668
prolonge ejaculation
Once in a while or every 10 to 12 times I have sex I will have a prolonged ejaculation. One orgasm and the...More
Posted by An_254673
I don`t understand?
Hey guys, i`m 18 and I was wounding what it means if a Girl says your hurting her in a good way during sex,...More
Posted by xxquaserxx
68 now and widowed, now exploring my "gay" side with my married neighbor. His wife wants no more sex. so he and...More
Posted by oldguy2
BF low sex drive vs. my overactive sex drive
My bf and I have been dating for over a yr. and when we first got together we had sex every day, sometimes 2x...More
Posted by macie731
prostate milking
I hear a guy can get a good feeling having his prostate massaged or milked. When I go to the urologist he...More
Posted by gringofeliz

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Does your gf milk your prostate?
  • never
  • frequently
  • before other sex forms (penetrating/non-penetrating)
  • after other sex acts (penetrating/non-penetrating)
  • enjoyable?
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A little red bulge on my glans penis
A week back I was trying to masturbate, then my penis head was dry. I accidently rubbed the skin of my glans...More
Posted by tomcruz100
My boyfriend of just over a year and a half finds it hard when we have sex to actually ejaculate inside of me,...More
Posted by Really94
How many orgasms in a day for a healthy 53 year ol...
I am 53 years old and in good health. In fact, I use an elliptical machine almost every day for 30 minutes...More
Posted by An_253923
Vaginitis/ Bacterial Vaginosis
I have been getting either vaginitis or bacterial vaginosis continuously over and over again for a year...More
Posted by golden1olivia
Vaginitis/ Bacterial Vaginosis
For almost a year now I have been battling either vaginitis or bacterial vaginosis. I'm married, have...More
Posted by golden1olivia
No Happy Endings
Hello, I'm a dark cloud, about to rain on your parade, courtesy of the respected massage therapy profession. ...More
Posted by An_253522
The guy doesn't always have to sleep on the wet sp...
Guys which side of the bed; is the sex happening male or female.
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
Posted by hairyd

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The guy doesn't always have to sleep on the wet spot
  • male side of the bed has the love juices
  • female side of the bed has the love juices
  • we do it on the floor
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Pregnancy from fingering? :(
Me and my boyfriend were together last week, I gave him a h*****b and he ejaculated and it got on my...More
Posted by Annreilly1234
Jammed penis can't get erect
I was with my girlfriend and we were dry humping. I was erect and feel like I may have jammed my penis on her...More
Posted by An_253086
hearty sexual appetite?
how many men would like sex every night? just wondering..
Posted by LUVishere
hearty appetite..
does any
Posted by LUVishere
Can Anorexia dely puberty?
I was extremely Anorexic at age 13/14 (around the time when puberty had just started for me) and now I am 21...More
Posted by An_252785
I keep getting vaginitis I don't know what I can do to stop getting it I am on meds off and on have no...More
Posted by littlemama1972
I keep getting vaginitis I don't know what I can do to stop getting it I am on meds off and on have no...More
Posted by littlemama1972
Bf cannot keep erection during sex..
My bf cannot keep an erection during sex. During foreplay he will get hard but it's like as soon as we try,...More
Posted by An_252372
Is it possible to jack off to much?
Im a sophmore in high school, and for about the past six months, it feels like my sex drive is kicking into...More
Posted by young_man

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How often do you masturbate in a given week?
  • None
  • 1-3
  • 4-6
  • 7-9
  • 10-your hearts content!
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Redness,itching genitals
My husband has what appears to be a yeast infection. It started with rawness, itching, red, burning. He has...More
Posted by An_252337
The taste of cum
I did not realize that many men like the taste of cum. I guess I have thought this is that I do not...More
Posted by KellyAirVents

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Weird cut/ scratch on member
my guy has this random cut / crack / scratch on his member. He swear he hasnt sleeped around. and if he has that is his punishment. ... More
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