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really fast ejaculation
I am 24 years healthy male. Since I can remember I've always ejaculated fast. Masturbation lasts less...More
Posted by joshkowaleski
"10 Surprising benefits to sex"
Well stated, excellent. If your partner doesn't feel like sex, better to do it alone or maybe he/she will...More
Posted by gringofeliz
"10 Surprising benefits to sex"
Well stated, excellent. If your partner doesn't feel like sex, better to do it alone or maybe he/she will...More
Posted by gringofeliz
After intercourse
I had sex with a guy and he was relatively rough (not extremely) and about 7-8 inches. He's my second partner...More
Posted by An_246781
oral sex mishap
My boyfriend of a year was performing oral sex on me, when all of the sudden I felt something give,...More
Posted by tailgatejuliet9494
have done masturburation lot now feel like loosing my sperm count how can i get back my sperm counts into...More
Posted by An_255133
Urban Dictionary posted a word " Mastabbatical A self imposed period free from masturbation ....More
Posted by gringofeliz

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Is masturbation stimulating?
  • Yes, for males
  • Yes, for females
  • No, it's is tiring
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Prostate massage
I have read a lot about the benefits of prostate massage on the internet lately; as I get older and my...More
Posted by geokeith
All Poll question failed to show below......
Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
Posted by hairyd

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Strip Down and show His Little Penis
  • Female Partner- Strip down and show his tiny junk
  • Female - Keep his small penis our secret
  • Male Partner - Let him strip my penis is Bigger
  • Male - Say he is one of the girls
  • Everyone will be looking at the male who has to do more foreplay
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Glad to receive WebMD Daily's video and essay on Shinglers…so many ignore this very dangerous version of...More
Posted by An_254668
Urology Exam - Was It Normal?
I had my first appointment with a urologist, and part of the exam he seemed to massage my anus, and then took a...More
Posted by ethan4
"The pajama craze"
It seems some have taken to the Pajama Boy and wear night clothes in public (see The essay...More
Posted by An_254668
prolonge ejaculation
Once in a while or every 10 to 12 times I have sex I will have a prolonged ejaculation. One orgasm and the...More
Posted by An_254673
I don`t understand?
Hey guys, i`m 18 and I was wounding what it means if a Girl says your hurting her in a good way during sex,...More
Posted by xxquaserxx
68 now and widowed, now exploring my "gay" side with my married neighbor. His wife wants no more sex. so he and...More
Posted by oldguy2
BF low sex drive vs. my overactive sex drive
My bf and I have been dating for over a yr. and when we first got together we had sex every day, sometimes 2x...More
Posted by macie731
prostate milking
I hear a guy can get a good feeling having his prostate massaged or milked. When I go to the urologist he...More
Posted by gringofeliz

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Does your gf milk your prostate?
  • never
  • frequently
  • before other sex forms (penetrating/non-penetrating)
  • after other sex acts (penetrating/non-penetrating)
  • enjoyable?
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A little red bulge on my glans penis
A week back I was trying to masturbate, then my penis head was dry. I accidently rubbed the skin of my glans...More
Posted by tomcruz100
My boyfriend of just over a year and a half finds it hard when we have sex to actually ejaculate inside of me,...More
Posted by Really94
How many orgasms in a day for a healthy 53 year ol...
I am 53 years old and in good health. In fact, I use an elliptical machine almost every day for 30 minutes...More
Posted by An_253923
Vaginitis/ Bacterial Vaginosis
I have been getting either vaginitis or bacterial vaginosis continuously over and over again for a year...More
Posted by golden1olivia
Vaginitis/ Bacterial Vaginosis
For almost a year now I have been battling either vaginitis or bacterial vaginosis. I'm married, have...More
Posted by golden1olivia
No Happy Endings
Hello, I'm a dark cloud, about to rain on your parade, courtesy of the respected massage therapy profession. ...More
Posted by An_253522

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well 1st im bi, 2nd im only 13,and 3rd I would feel better if only men responded to my questions.

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It doesn't matter what you do in the bedroom as long as you dont do it in the street and frighten the horses.-- Mrs. Patrick Campbell ... More
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