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I'm 66 years old. I have had ED for about 7 years. It has gotten worse. I used to be able to get it up with pills but the pills don't work any longer so I have started the injections. I have always loved sex and I have a wife who loves to have sex. For some reason age hasn't diminished our love of sex. this ED has really had a bad effect on both of us.

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I understand fully. I'm 68 and look 15 years younger and I'm also in great shape. It is...More
Posted by alantewks
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I love bending my cock around and rubbing the glans against the entry to my rectum. That...More
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Like you, I have a very large penis and it is impossible to get it fully engorged. I have...More
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I have always enjoyed that too. I have a couple of "toys" that I use but I haven't tried...More
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Reply: Penis injections
where can I buy a snap gauge to check for nocturnal erections?
Posted by alantewks
Reply: boxers or briefs?
I couldn't get one of my balls in tightie whities. I have my briefs custom made because...More
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Reply: Unusual ED problem
Maybe you have body image problems. Maybe you are uncomfortable getting naked in front of...More
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I too have ED but we still have sex. There are many things you can do to pleasure each...More
Posted by alantewks