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Joined: 06/17/2013
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Just a high school student with a lot of questions! Its just me and my mom and sister in the house, so I hope to learn more about sex and my body through you all and this site! And I hope to help in some cases in return.

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Is it possible to jack off to much?
Im a sophmore in high school, and for about the past six months, it feels like my sex...More
Posted by young_man

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Reply: Father and Son Discussion
I dont have this relationship with my dad, since I dont know my dad. But my uncle, has...More
Posted by young_man
Reply: boxers or briefs?
I prefer to wear low-rise briefs. It is supportive, which feels great! But, when I go to...More
Posted by young_man
Reply: Extreme Edging and Cum Denial
I do this as well, since I am still inexperienced sexually, I can only edge for so long...More
Posted by young_man
Reply: Masturbating in different places.
Car, camping trailer, camping showers, woods, friends bedroom (when he was sleeping), on...More
Posted by young_man