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How Life Goes For Single Parents
Single parents are the most struggling parents in the world. They have to fight lonely against the society to...More
Posted by djnuron
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Almost 6 year old who wont listen
Overall my little one is a sweet little girl. She has been acting out at home with me. I am a single...More
Posted by SweetAuntie123
Almost 6 year old who wont listen
Overall my little one is a sweet little girl. She has been acting out at home with me. I am a single...More
Posted by SweetAuntie123
Reply: My ex wants his visitation with our 6 yr old at my...
Inert , if that wasn't a rude response. she asked for advice not judgement. Jlschultz920.... maybe being in...More
Posted by mercyMA
pink eye and visitation
My wife and I are going through a difficault divorce, and custody is the issue.In the interim I am not in the...More
Posted by inert
Reply: I need help please
Theres always two sides to every story, but if what your saying is true, than I would suggest you hire an...More
Posted by inert
Reply: Discouraged :(
Nobody has replied to this yet? I'm intrigued. You sound or maybe now, sounded really young. How old are...More
Posted by PurpleJoker
Daughter sleeping with father
I am in a relationship with a 38 year old man who has been divorced 3 years now. He has a 7 going on 8 year...More
Posted by An_249379

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Is it okay for a seven year old (going on eight) to sleep with her divorced father when she is with him (fifty percent of the time) when she sleeps in her own bed at her mom's?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Once in awhile
  • She will grow out of it
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Reply: Single mother of two
Hey there soory no one has responded sooner... This is a great place to find support. I am still a single...More
Posted by Zaysmama
questions about precocious puberty
Hi, My eight year old daughter is in precocious puberty. We have been talking with a specialist and our...More
Posted by An_245834
I'm so sorry.I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of releasing him from telling the kids himself. They will...More
Posted by RoseLynn02
HELP me Understand
I am in the middle of a divorce and its not nice, my soon to be ex is trying to be the dad he has never been...More
Posted by poorchanny
Reply: disagree with daughter's way of raising her kids
I would agree with mommycdg in saying that her choices do seem very selfish. I am a 22yr old single mom of...More
Posted by Zaysmama
Reply: Custody Evaluator
Custody that like a mediator? I went to mediation with my son's father. Sometimes I felt like...More
Posted by mommycdg
Reply: 4yr old visiting (never before met) dad
Did you ever decide what you wanted to do? I hope so. I know this is a very complicated issue.
Posted by RoseLynn02
Reply: New To This Forum...
No advice? Anyone?
Posted by RoseLynn02
Reply: Divorce, parenting, etc...
I hope by now you hae already decided to stay in your daughters life because she needs you. You are her mommmy...More
Posted by Zaysmama
Reply: Single Parent dating a Non Parent
I think what he should do is come spend a few days at your house and see how it feels to be a dad. You...More
Posted by delilahquinn
Newbie to WebMD
Hi there everyone! My name is Karrina and I`m a single mom to a preschooler named Delilah. I`m also 32...More
Posted by delilahquinn
Bumps & Sniffys
Nearly every time my 2 year old daughter comes back from her fathers house she has red bumps. I've been...More
Posted by MomVsMonster
Reply: blending 2 single parents long distance
I have thought about moving there but she said no. She wants to move away from there for other reasons is how...More
Posted by ohiodad

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What would you do?
  • wait for the woman of your dreams no matter how long it may be
  • set her free and if she returns it was meant to be
  • take her by the hand tell the time is right, let's do this!
  • end it all together (i hate this one)
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Reply: Acting out
I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old. Both of them acted up around this age. Some of it may be connected to the...More
Posted by ya352
Reply: new 2 board!
I totally understand how you may be feeling. I'm often times feels tired myself. From keeping the house...More
Posted by Anon_231505
Reply: Out of Control 6 and 7 year old boys
I just read the book Have a New Kid by Friday. My son just turned 6 and has been acting out of...More
Posted by kristinmarie722
Hello everyone!
Not much activity is going on on this discussion board like the other ones. What's up with that? anyways, I...More
Posted by Rookerj10
Reply: Am I wrong ?
which btw .... he only came to see her once in a while from when she was 6 months to 8 months... for atleast...More
Posted by An_208190
Oh gosh...meant NOT NORMAL. Im sorry for the typo.
Posted by ImMe26

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Should divorced parents spend all day with their kids together and sleep in bed together with the kids when they do not plan on getting back together, and dad has a girlfriend that the kids know as his girlfriend?
Reply: Visits with Dad causing aggression.
I had the same issue when my son was visiting with his father. I just went straight to the source and talk to...More
Posted by Zaysmama
Reply: Dating and introductions
I am also a single mother. I have one son. He is almost 2 and his biological father hasn't played much of a...More
Posted by Zaysmama
Reply: Custody
my son is almost 2 and his Sperm Donor had a court order for visitation and after about three months, decided...More
Posted by Zaysmama

Spotlight: Member Stories

My name is Elizabeth. I have a daughter who will be 2 years old in August. I came to these boards after the loss of my first pregnancy. I found friend...More

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