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What are the bumps?
Thursday I started 30 billion probiotics. Next day I woke up with itchy bumps on the left side of my face....More
Posted by darkrose930
Reply: Chronic Itchy Legs (Only legs)
OMG! I have the same issue!!! I just stumbled upon your post when searching chronic itchy legs. I have had...More
Posted by Jaci_cheer
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dark spots on my neck - What is this?
My granddaughter has the same spots on her neck and her doctor has just put her through a series of tests for...More
Posted by patmurph
Reply: Geriatric Skin Care
Hopefully others will chime in with some suggestions, but in the meantime, these dermatologist answered...More
Posted by atti_editor
raised skin in the shape of a worm
my 3yr old daughter has had a wormlike raised skin on her foot. it looks like a worm under the skin, and it is...More
Posted by Rhianno
Reply: Dry skin around the nose...
Keep your skin moisturize that's one most important way to getting rid from dry skin for that recently read...More
Posted by sarabiston
Acne and Birth Control Pills
My daughter(16)has been on Sprintec and Aczone(acne cream) for almost a year now.Her acne has cleared up...More
Posted by haleysmom1999
Reply: What exactly is this red layer of extra skin/sore ...
Pictures : More
Posted by wxyx33
Reply: face spots
Their are many ways that help to lighten your skin tone such as skin lightning creme and some home remedies.I...More
Posted by sbiston
Just Stopped Biting My Nails and Worried
I used to bite my nails and I bit them very low. I had been biting them for almost ten years, and I just...More
Posted by An_263844
Reply: brown ring around neck and back of neck
I think that the best way to get an accurate diagnosis is to make an appointment to see another doctor for...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: What are these bumps on my face?
It could also be genetic, well at least that's what I hope...I'm 30 and have had them...I see them on my...More
Posted by nlesthought
Reply: Warts! Help!
I think that you should go back to see your doctor (especially since you have been using this medicine for...More
Posted by atti_editor
Includes Expert Content
Reply: unwanted facial hair
shaving does make more hair I know. I have been dealing with this problem since I had a partial hysterectomy...More
Posted by fantasia60
Have a dermatologist check for alopecia by conducting a biopsy of your scalp, a small incision, and blood...More
Posted by she1608
Itchy skin
Every so often, maybe once or twice a month my skin itches all over. I sometimes itch it so bad I start...More
Posted by deltaredd
Reply: Mark from scratch help
Try silicone sheets- they are a special bandage available over the counter that helps reduce...More
Dr. Mohiba Tareen
Tareen Dermatology, Roseville, Minn
Castle Connoly's America's Top Cosmetic Dermatologists
Adjunct Assistant Professor Univ of MN Dept of Dermatology
Posted by Mohiba K Tareen, MD
Includes Expert Content
Reply: burn from salicylic acid used on face?
The chemical peels in various salicylate concentrates are abrasive. I have a couples spots from them...More
Posted by nessa2468
Reply: Red spot on breast
Do you still have this spot? If so, it wouldn't hurt to have it checked out to determine what it is.
Posted by atti_editor
Small red spots and FIERCE itching, plus swelling
For about a couple of weeks now, I have had real, real bad itching on my hands and my feet; JUST my hands...More
Posted by thejackal85
Reply: Foot Bumps
Picture links ...More
Posted by steven158
My damaged toe
About 3 months ago i dropped a heavy jar of salsa on my toe, eventually ending in my toenail falling off....More
Posted by steven158
Severe Hair Loss,
Hi, I am a female age 40 and had hair loss since I was 18, now I am almost bald. I had tried different...More
Posted by An_262967
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Rogaine and Skin Side Effects?
I am no expert - just a 63 year old female fighting the malasma mask for the last 15 years. I do not want to...More
Posted by wineva
skin brushing benefits
Does skin brushing really benefit humans like they are saying?
Posted by wslight
Reply: Trying to figure out what this skin condition is c...
Thank you very much for your response, but it's not itching or dry skin, It could possibly be something...More
Posted by dan6590
Reply: When should I get my breast implants ?
First, you say that your husband wants you to get a boob job. Is this something that you want as well? It...More
Posted by atti_editor
Why are there brown spots on my feet?
Here is a pic of my feet: ...More
Posted by An_262431
Reply: Dark spots inside and around the ears
Has she been to a dermatologist to have the spots looked at? We cannot give medical advice or a diagnosis...More
Posted by atti_editor
Skin in crotch turned black
The skin in my crotch area first turned darker and dry and itchy, then very dark/near black. I have tried...More
Posted by janblount

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Mohiba K Tareen, MD is a board certified dermatologist who has an innovative practice in Roseville, Minnesota. Tareen Dermatology ( www.TareenDermato...More

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Don't shave your legs before a pedicure!Expert
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