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Looking for skin, hair or nail care tips? Considering cosmetic or anti-aging procedures? Get your questions answered here!

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It's growing on my neck!
About a year and a half when I was doing a musical play, my friend commented on my neck saying that "Lidia I...More
Posted by lidia407
Bumps on forehead! Over exposure to allergen?
Hey I have these bumps on my face that come and go and no one can figure out where they are caused by...More
Posted by master_help
Marks on my skin like bites but no itchy
On and off since September I've been getting red marks on my skin that look like mosquito bites but...More
Posted by littlered7576
Why is Laser Hair Removal So Expensive?
Laser Laser Hair Removal is expensive compared to other hair removal methods. This simple reason for this is...More
Posted by stella0011
Daily Skin Care
I am about to turn 42 in a few months and I am still trying to figure out what my daily skin care routine...More
Posted by jennyt1990
Peeling Fingertips
My fingertips started peeling a few days ago. Very strange. Hasn't ever happened to me. Is it possible that a...More
Posted by olimm29
Winter Dry Skin
What is the best cream product to use to help with winter dry skin?
Strange bump on pelvis region
I've had this strange bump on my pelvic region, right above my penis, like almost on it. It's not caused any...More
Posted by reaver362
grey colored line appeared on both thumbnails
Hi, its been 6 months since my right hand thumbnail started showing a grey or light black line and now i...More
Posted by malikshahid
red sores on body
Hi, I need to know what may possibly be happening to my 16 year old son. About a month ago we traveled from our...More
Posted by kanids
Includes Expert Content
White heads on noise
I get this white strains to come out of my skin on noise by sneezing them out. My dermatologist says it is...More
Posted by loured55
Includes Expert Content
skin allergies
I'm a physician who has had problems with allergies to topical OTC products. It began as a PABA sensitivity...More
Posted by An_255406
Rosacea Skin Girl
Which of these are best for my sensitive rosacea skin? E.A. Ceramide Lift Firm Makeup OR Philosophy Miracle...More
Posted by An_255315
Includes Expert Content
Painful Skin in the Winter
Hello, I've had an issue that I've been dealing with for a few years now. It wasn't a problem until I got...More
Posted by argosy2014
Skin lesion on cold weather
I had no experience with cold weather. While traveling in Europe i exposed my hands for several days to low...More
Posted by bobdylan11
Freckles on lips? Should I be worried?
I have tiny little freckles on my lips. Well, they look like freckles at least they might just be sun...More
Posted by harleyquinn47
Includes Expert Content
Is it safe to use 7500 Mcg's of biotin for hair and nails.? Lately hair been feeling thinner then normal...More
Posted by ginamarie74
Bird mites ..
Is there any relief for bird mire bite ..or tiny round lesions itchy red dots on there anything...More
Posted by ginamarie74
Dark Spot By Eye
I have had this dark spot by my eye for years. Is it anything to worry about? More
Posted by An_255005
soborrheic dermatitis
Is it unusual for a boyfriend and girlfriend to both suffer from soborrheic dermatitis?
Posted by An_253746
Acne Rosacea
What is the best make-up for acne rosacea skin?
Posted by An_254849
pimple prone skin
hello doc, 34y.o. hav a problem on my sensitive face.i always look for facial products with AHA.which i know...More
Posted by An_254829
Has anyone ever heard of dimples located anywhere other than the cheeks & chin?
Posted by seanbr0me
Home Facial Waxing Gone Bad
I recently waxed my face. I have a hot wax pot, and have been doing so for 3 years. The wax was too hot. As a...More
Posted by amymcl65
Rash with bumps on thighs
It started about a week before thanksgiving ,n so far I have been treating it with Cortizone-10 for...More
Any ideas what this may be?
My friend has got these spots on her chest, under her breasts. It started out as a small one a few years ago...More
Posted by samantharl

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Don't shave your legs before a pedicure!Expert
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