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Hi, monikavega! Wow, there are a lot of questions here! First, let me...More
Reply: Hair vitamins
mstinamai, You won't notice a difference from taking Biotin for 6-12...More
Reply: epidurals during cosmetic surgery
Hi, candleinthewind56. The type of anesthesia used is going to be at the...More
Reply: Help :( extremely uneven skin
Anon, I think that you need to see a specialist in pediatric dermatology....More
Reply: please help!!!! terrible acne!
Dear Anon, The good news is that when you conceive, the acne may improve...More
Reply: Dark spots on my face
Congratulations on your 4 babies! It sounds like you have a condition called...More
Reply: Skin Tightening Options after Drastic Weight-Loss
There is a procedure called "SkinTyte" that is excellent for spot-firming...More
Reply: Help!! I really need to find answers.....
Hi, tncalhoon. I think you should take your daughter to see a...More
Reply: purple blotchy skin?
Hi, Enelyak01. You mention that you always feel cold. Does the...More
Reply: skin spots
Hi, magalene85. There are many causes of white spots on the skin. Your...More