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Reply: Cosmetic Laser Damage
Damages are ongoing. More than I care to explain anymore. I found a doctor 2hrs away who does stem...More
Posted by greeneyes777
Reply: Posting image please identify this
Looks like shingles
Posted by junior1025
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Reply: Peeling skin on palms when wet
yes you said reply well and i am with your opinion by the way i have a suggestion too visit: surgery...More
Posted by vaguscosmetics
Excessive Sweating (hyperhydrosis)
I have suffered for over 15 years with total heat intolerance and excessive, debilitating sweating. A new...More
Posted by steppiemum
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Reply: Mystery Red and Itchy Skin with Raised Welts
Hi , It sounds like you have a type of Urticaria .There are quite a few different types .Last fall I...More
Posted by sunnysmiles1976
Okay so about a month and a half ago I got a painful boil in my buttocks. It was very painful, I could...More
Posted by lucymarie32
Reply: Itching around the Perineum
I have the same problem (recent development) and have found that Preparation H helps( on hand for the obvious...More
Posted by scottc57
Clogged pores
I am 13 and have clogged pores. I consider my skin normal but I get black heads, white heads, and clogged...More
Posted by An_258882
Rash: Seborrheic Dermatitis treatment? Information
Hi, im 21 and i started to notice my rashes when i was first 14. My mom said that i suffered of Eczema when...More
Posted by junior1025

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Reply: Ladies -- How do you fight facial hair?
Waxing helps to reduce the frequency in which you have to remove the hair.
Posted by rissa345
Suggested Tx for seborrhea dermatitis
What are some effective topical ointments for this problem?
Posted by rissa345
Mold filled with blood
I had a medium size mole on my upper back all my life. One day the tag in my shirt was bothering me I...More
Posted by sweetypie123
Reply: Diabetic injections
Hi angelsmimi66, First of all, welcome to WebMD Community! This is definitely something that you should...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Random itching, goosebump like rash. Despreate for...
Ask your dr to give you an Ige bloodtest. If elevated, it will confirm an allergic reaction. Looks like a...More
Posted by brainfried77
Reply: Anyone familiar with chronic crater-like skin sore...
How are you feeling today? Hopefully things will start to move forward for you! I'll keep wishing the best...More
Posted by brainfried77
Reply: Dark Scarring
Please have your adrenal glands checked. Hyperpigmentation of scars can be a clue to your overall function...More
Posted by brainfried77
Reply: Nail bed growing on top of my nail. HELP!
link to the picture More
Posted by lilbitdangerous

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Reply: Waistline rash Pics provided
I also have had this rash. I am unsure exactly how this started, but I have also asked the doctor & they...More
Posted by mikeobot
Reply: fungus infection
You can try diflucan for treating fungal infections. Check this link to get more info --- ...More
Posted by amanda332
Blood blister like things on testicle sac
They sometimes erupt and pour blood sometimes hard to stop
Posted by arborday
Reply: Help! Have a weird circular red rash on leg!
My wife has a rash on her leg that looks exactly the same. Did you ever find out what it was? What did you...More
Posted by anchorrode
Reply: Hard lumps weeping clear fluid on scalp
I just had a stroke on friday_Saturday morning. While on a gurney in the ER for 5 hours I felt pressure...More
Posted by scorpionjack
skin condition on upper lip
I was diagnosed with blepharitis on the outer corners of both eyes about six months ago, which is managable...More
Posted by lady1001
Contact Dermatitis
Is anyone aware of dermatitis occurring several years after exposure to industrial solvents or do you know of...More
Posted by moondog63
lichen planus hair loss and treatment
Has anyone been diagnosed with or been treated for lichen planus of the scalp. Losing my hair is horrifying.
Posted by currytaylor
Severe Back Pain
I was diagnosed last year was Psoriatic Arthritis. On my right side of my back I have a hug rash with small...More
Posted by marygm66
contact dermatitis?
Hi.[br>I have been using a retinoid on my nose for 2 years. It is a long time i know and i think i overued...More
Posted by bonsai122
Reply: Help. . .small bumps on hands!
I have something similar, the largest one is on my right index finger and there are twonaround my middle...More
Posted by An_258627
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Reply: itchy bumps coming in patches
I've had the same for about 3 months and I think it may be keratosis peralis
Posted by An_258626
contact dermatitis or skin cancer
Hi. I have been using a retinoid on my nose for 2 years. It is a long time i know and i think i overued it,...More
Posted by bonsai122

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