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Rash: groin, feet, chest, armpits
Hi, three days ago I spotted a rash in the form of dry flaky red spots (some of them itch) on my feet, groin,...More
Posted by mfjevc
Purple-red blotch between anus and scrotum
I've had a sensitive rear for a couple of days. It kinda feels like a pinch/sting. At first I just thought...More
Posted by Anon_31927
Nail infection?
Hi, 10 years ago, I had a fungal infection in my thumb nail that eventually caused the loss of the nail....More
Posted by An_260314
Hoping to find others who have of may have Morgellons disease or similar. After many many Dr visits and no...More
Posted by mizzanniemac

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Any thoughts on Morgellon's syndrome with super itchy skin sores that Dr's can't seem to figure out?
  • Dealing with Mogellons syndrome
  • Causes of skin welts and sores with super itch
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Small round patches of scaly skin
For several months, I've been getting small round patches of scaly skin on my torso. They do not itch and...More
Posted by Anon_14745
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reappearing skin lump
Hi, I've been having these lumps that reappear in my neck, behind the left ear. At the begging, they are...More
Posted by dlernerg
Issues with Sleeping
Hello, my fiance has been falling to sleep non stop lately we could be in the middle of a conversation and...More
Posted by tburke9272
Risens or puss filled painful bumps
I have a lot of puss filled bumps that keep popping up on my body especially under my arms, breast, butt,...More
Posted by tburke9272
Uncontrollable Itching
I started itching all over back in May or June of this year..and it goes from one place to the other like...More
Posted by tburke9272
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Bullous pemphigoid
Hi, I'm 27. It's been 3 years since I have little blisters on my ankle. Then I had a biopsy test and the...More
Posted by forughi_parsa
Yeast Infections
Hi, my grandson has a yeast infection. we have tried everything, including nystatin. Nothing has worked. I...More
Posted by mummum8
benign lipoma
He is riddled with his arms, back and mostly, his abdomen. They are occasionally painful. There are...More
Posted by riddled

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how many lumps do you or someone you know have?
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ingrown hair left a scar
Hello. I had an ingrown hair, which silly me popper about a year ago. It left behind a dark circle with a...More
Posted by An_260117
Lesions on face like ringworm but not.
Hi There, I've seen multiple dermatologists over the years for this issue. I've had 3 of these spots on my face...More
Posted by dgr75

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Small crater with hard skin on hand
About two years ago I had a cut or a bite on my knuckle. The resulting spot seems to have healed as an...More
Posted by fordescort
Help identifying rash on my son
My son has eczema and psoriasis and normally it is pretty mild. We use cortizone10 cream on it because...More
Posted by gary_ambrose
Help for Diabetic Skin
Having diabetes, my skin is extremely dry (and sometimes flaky!). I think I've tried every product on the...More
Posted by An_260060
I have a rash on my inner thigh that i am worried ...
So, Last week I noticed a few red pimplish bumps on my inner thigh that itched. The infected area grew a bit...More
Posted by An_260015
3 years of Chronic itching, mainly legs
Some background on me: I'm a 24 year old woman living in Michigan I have had a chronic itching problem...More
Posted by archerbull14
Red inflamed bumbs around Anus
Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been engaging in anal sex. This has not happened before this last time. A day...More
Posted by ej1936
Hi, I have a case of neurodermititis on my scrotum and wonder how I can treat/quickly get rid of this...More
Posted by An_259976
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Non-stop itching, burning and constant scratching ...
I'm a 62 year-old female and this problem happens at a certain time every year. The only thing that seems to...More
Posted by Anon_6283
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itchy patch of small bumps on elbow and top of foo...
The bumps on my left elbow have been there for months.. They only got really itchy an tender once in a while....More
Posted by jed1980
Moist, itchy, burning rash on random parts of the ...
Hi All, I've had this issue for about three years now. I have been diagnosed with Staph Aurureus in the form...More
Posted by austevo
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Bumps on toddler
These bumps are on my 2 1/2 year old. He has had some bumps for about 2 months now, had 1 dr say he...More
Posted by griffingal81
Hot tub after biopsy & stitches?
I had a large punch biopsy done 2weeks ago. They had to put a few stitches in it. I had the stitches removed 3...More
Posted by psychkt
Red itchy spot on my legs,arms and back
My legs started itching severely 3 years ago, after I scratched, it would burn. It's very easy to scratch my...More
Posted by kaj1995

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Please help me, my skin is breaking out all over my body. I haven't been able to swim in a pool for two years because of the embarrassment
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I've had these strange spots on both of my legs fo...
They start from the ankle and go to the knee.. You can't feel them with a finger, they are completely...More
Posted by helpwillbeneeded
Dissecting Cellulitus 12 years
Hello, My 29 year old son has been battling this disease for 12 years now. It has become so painful...More
Posted by momisworried

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Avoid drinking margaritas in the sun!Expert
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