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about 8 weeks ago i noticed what looked like a small patch of dead skin (oval - dime size) on the top of...More
Posted by regularguy88
wart on finger
I had a wart frozen off one week ago. The blister just poped, and the dead skin is just hanging there with...More
Posted by chewchew1
mouth rash
I have a red slightly raised rash on the corners of my mouth. Little irritated with sweat, or wetness, I...More
Posted by Anon_28258
Irish spring Body wash
I broke out with itchy hives on my neck, chest and arms after using Irish spring body wash. I normally do not...More
Posted by An_256783
About two years ago my hair started to fall out and it seemed to come out in quarter like chunks over about a...More
Posted by An_256781
We'll here it is 1:45am and obviously I'm not sleeping. Instead I'm laying in the bed clawing at various parts...More
Posted by mandy38
Concerning bumps
Hello, Within the last few days a few red bumps have appeared on my penis, with hair seeming to come from...More
Posted by anonymous
keloid removal
Hi, this past summer I had to have surgery to have a pilonidal cyst removed after an amusement park accident....More
Posted by An_256738
Pityriasis Rosea misdiagnosis?
At the age of 23 I developed light pink, itchy and scaly spots on my stomach and chest. The doctor told me I...More
Posted by An_256613
Skin feels hot for hours after being in the sun fo...
I am very pale and I have a tendency to burn fairly quickly, but my skin has started feeling extremely hot...More
Posted by An_256601
Bumpy things in wounds/on scabs?
Sometimes I scratch pimples until they become deep wounds (down to the dermis) (I'm a chronic skin...More
Posted by katharineparker999
Small red/brown dots in a cluster on my leg
I am a 23 yr old Caucasian female. I noticed about 2 months ago this weird patch on my leg made up of about...More
Posted by manson1
reoccuring bite on butt
Last year (not sure of date) I felt like I got bit on the butt. It looked like a rash & then became sore....More
Posted by An_256535
Sever Back Acne HELP
I have a sever back acne its been a while now and its growing. I cant wear any dress that has a back pattern...More
Posted by An_256517
Weird reddish patch of skin
I have a weird oval-shaped reddish/brown patch of skin on my leg just below my knee. It's definitely NOT a...More
Posted by mistwold
Rash problems
I get rash on my forehead/chest whenever i walk out of a cold place into a hot one( eg. out of a house on a...More
Posted by flamekeeper
Tiny red spots that grow larger and raised.
Tiny little red spots that grow larger and raised. They have blood in them but aren't blisters. Don't itch,...More
Posted by An_256500
Cellulitis getting worse or better?
Hi, I got a tattoo Saturday night. I made the poor decision to go to work the following night. (Im a bartender)....More
Posted by spharo
Genital warts and Veregen
Hello, so a couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with genital warts...I had them removed with radio waves but a...More
Posted by gaja21
Lump on bridge of nose
Right about where my glasses sit on my face I've gotten a lump on my nose, it has sort of a reddish...More
Posted by An_256463
Pin prick size sore on face
My 10 year old daughter has developed a pin prick type rash on her cheeck bone a few months ago. It never...More
Posted by worriedmom31
sores on laps
Am a track athlete who works out everyday for some few days now have been noticing a painful lumpy or bumpy...More
Posted by An_256424

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Skin Reaction to Gel Nails
For the past two years now, I have had very severe reaction to getting my nails done at salons. I have...More
Posted by venessaking
I Have A Bump on My Face After Accidentally Applyi...
heres the link to the pic..what could this be? ...More
Posted by viciouzbarbie
Red stripes appear then become hives
I get one or two red stripes (lines) ANY where on me, and it soon becomes what appears and FEELS to be...More
Posted by happyhippy1252
Shingles on index finger ...again?
I have had shingles start with the tiny blisters that are very sensitive, normally when I am stressed, or...More
Posted by bogolding

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Thick skin and cracked
I had a patch of skin that was so thick I could not feel pain in it. The skin was also cracking and itchy. I tried something I don't ... More
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