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Unknown skin condition
Periodically I get boil like pimples that are painful and itch. As the pimple grows the skin sheds and a white...More
Posted by Merci26
Unknown skin condition
Periodically I get boil like pimples that are painful and itch. As the pimple grows the skin sheds and a white...More
Posted by Merci26
Itchy Burning Skin (URGENT)!!!
Okay, starting about a month ago, I started itching REALLY BAD! To the point where I have scratched so hard...More
Posted by An_265018
Need help
I'm not sure when it showed up on my leg but it was like a scab and a blister. It was small and round and was...More
Posted by Caroli92
Reccurent, chronic impetigo-like symptoms for 20 y...
Hi, I write this post with a heavy heart. What i have is not impetigo, but it looks and acts just like it. I...More
Posted by mesh138
Raised Freckle with dark spot
I have a raised freckle on my leg that is medium/dark brown in color. I'm not sure if it's new or not as I...More
Posted by An_264883
I am trying to find out more information about sporotrichosis and if there could be long term effects of this....More
Posted by mickadee
Bumps on my inner thighs and arms for a year now
a year ago during the summer break in August i went to a water park with my friend. we both had sensitive skin...More
Posted by Karri98
Scar Removal
My GF had an operation about a year ago. She used Dermatix to shrink the scar, which is now shorter and...More
Posted by SonofBaraka
What type of doctor specializes in this?
My wife has been battling a combination of severe skin rash (back of neck, arms and legs) and vaginal itching...More
Posted by An_264724
Red mark on pubic area?
I started off with 2 red spots and it would create puss every 5 days or so I kept popping it and keeping it...More
Posted by An_264637
Red blotches on lower legs
I have had this condition for awhile but it comes and goes, however, I am going through an especially bad...More
Posted by An_264576
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Dark Spots?
What's the best cream for getting rid of dark spots on my face and hands?
Posted by Carolyn1128
Slammed finger in car door...3 months later, my na...
About 3 months ago I slammed my right index finger in a car door. It cracked the nail all the way across towards...More
Posted by jen188
Includes Expert Content
Peri vascular dermititis
I was diagnosed a couple of months ago with peri vascular dermititis. I developed a rash on my waist very bumpy...More
Posted by tstills
Is this Psoriasis? Pictures
Shaved my head noticed these red bump things.... More
Posted by An_264442
I Got a Red Bump on My Nose What Could it Be pleas...
I got red bump on my nose after hugging my dog. Not sure if it s from a bug or an acne. it does not itch....More
Posted by viciouzbarbie
Help for my wife?
My wife is 42. In the past year, her skin, which was always sensitive, began turning red, burning and...More
Posted by oldschoolpaulie
What are dry, red, flaky skin patches that burn?
I used adapalene for acne but as a result I it got ten times worse. And I have these red dry skin patches...More
Posted by An_264158
What causes a mole break apart?
I have a small mole on my upper arm, which I've had as long as I can remember... at least 10 years. It...More
Posted by An_246162
Suburn & tending/numb/needle prick sensations
Help! I went on a 10 mile kayaking trip yesterday. My legs got sunburnt bad. I woke up today & now...More
Posted by leannamiles
Help me My BOIL
I've been having boils or swollen like pimples all over my body first I was having several styes then I...More
Posted by HelpmeMarie1
Red Spots on Feet / Hands?
Hey I've been a counselor at a summer camp for the past 6 weeks and I just got my first couple days...More
Posted by MedicalQuestion123
Treatment for Itchy Anus?
Been struggling with Pruritus Ani for a couple years now and have tried various treatments (pills, creams,...More
Posted by juanjavier17
Acne and Birth Control Pills
My daughter(16)has been on Sprintec and Aczone(acne cream) for almost a year now.Her acne has cleared up...More
Posted by haleysmom1999
Unusual Inflammation/Bumps on Back after Itching
Before itching: After Itching: I do have keratosis pilaris. I'm not sure if this is an effect of that. ...More
Posted by An_264075
I'm getting more black thick hair growing on my ch...
I'm a 30 year old female. I have always had a lot of body hair and thick. I have been plucking my chin hair...More
Posted by dalice30
What are the causes of red dry spot on the penis? ...
I'm 29 years old, and I noticed dry red spot on my penis. is this normal? It's dry and different color, the...More
Posted by An_263957

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