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Large Swollen Line on skin surrounded by rash, onl...
I got a job in the food service industry recently that often involves vinegar being spilled on my pants and...More
Posted by emedhelp
Body Acne
It's a weird one, I'm an adult, and occasionally get acne (not on my face whatsoever), but on the back of my...More
Posted by An_263637
skin rash
have been having these itchy rash everyday for about 6 months now its so annoying and scratchy i...More
Posted by cliffmederic01
Help! Mirrored rashes...back with a vengeance?
Hi, I'm new here and wanted to post this because when I was treated for a similar rash I had last year, I was...More
Posted by klutch

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Washed Skin Under Eyes Too Hard, Left Dark Patches...
I'm an African-American male, 26 years of age. Recently, I washed my face too hard in the shower, causing a...More
Posted by 03max88
Red streak on the skin
About 8-9 days ago I go this red stripe, scratch like, shaped like a lightening, it was just red for some...More
Posted by An_263534
Includes Expert Content
Tiny Blisters Cover Arms When Exposed To Sun
Recently I've been having a horrible experience if I'm in the sun at all! My skin will get covered in...More
Posted by theoriginalbrat
Lovebite causing scabs
Please let me know if the love bites on my neck are normal as they're causing my neck to be red and there's...More
Posted by ava125
Rash on hickey. Help!
My boyfriend left hickeys on my neck which had left marks and it's been nearly two days and it's red all over...More
Posted by An_263479
Anyone have a good treatment for if the itching begins? I've been to the PCP, dermatologist, allergist, back to...More
Posted by gelhard
Need help with skin diagnosis
Several months ago, I noticed what looked like a dark bump on my buttock. I thought it might be a blister...More
Posted by An_263403
Severe eczema
I have a 22 year old nephew that has eczema really really bad, its so bad he hurts his skin is very dry and...More
Posted by monalisa66
Includes Expert Content
small blisters on soles of feet
A few times a year i get small clusters (3 or 4) of puss filled blisters on the soles of my feet. They will...More
Posted by An_263443
Includes Expert Content
Pilonidal Cyst
Anyone have a Pilonidal Cyst located anywhere other than their buttocks?
Posted by ezzd1
Skin Condition
Several months ago, I noticed what looked like a dark bump on my buttock. I thought it might be a blister or...More
Posted by An_263403
Acne on face and usage of Acne star soap
Hello, some months back,i got two big acne on face and dermatologist suggested to use Acne star soap. I am...More
Posted by An_263396
So Tired of These Sores!
I started having similar sores to these mentioned here about 2 years ago. Had only about 10 on my lower...More
Posted by oldladyred
PLEASE tell me what this is
I have had this spot on my knee for about a year. At first I thought it was just dry skin, but it has...More
Posted by s_potesak
Scalp discoloration
I recently got a haircut and it revealed some hidden scalp discoloration. The area does not itch, hurt, or...More
Posted by nicksonp
Skin Probleme
I have dark brown spots on my face and skin. Anyone please inform regarding my disease and advise remedy
Posted by ilyasady
What is this on my back?
So the one day I thought I got bit by a mosquito and ever since then it has gotten worse. I went to the er and...More
Posted by dank1486
did you find something that worked? my bites or hives look similar to what you had in the beginning. only on...More
Posted by rp280029

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