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Same here
Last year, I started to have an itching problem. Waist, under bust, top of arms, back, mostly. Finally went...More
Posted by An_261083
Itch Madness
I have been itching for about 3 months now. Nothing has changed in my routine. Same soap, laundry detergent...More
Posted by nera1979
Noseeums - Natural Selection against Snowbirds
Hi guys. I finished my second home in Port Charlotte, FL and come down there from Philadelphia PA a few...More
Posted by phillyforreally
Pimple at top of butt crack
3 days ago I started having pain when I would sit on toliet or sit up in bed. I at first thought it was my...More
Posted by bethanyrm
Odd forehead problem?
Hi, I'm 20 years-old and I'm experiencing and itchy tingly like sensation on my forehead. There's slight...More
Posted by An_260829
Back rash unknown
I started to get this rash on the left side of my back a few days ago it was small and no redness around...More
Posted by deputysoldier
any relief for itching from unilateral thoracic de...
My 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with unilateral thracic dermatitis and has been itching like crazy I...More
Posted by staylor1987

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My 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with unilateral thracic dermatitis and has been itching like crazy I have tried using aveeno ecezma therapy moistuirzer, hydrocortisone crram, benadryl cream, eucerin, and oral. Benedryl. Is there any type of relief for the itching?
  • unilateral thoracic dermatitis
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black spots under belly
am obese. i had big pink stretch marks under my belly flap for years after my surgery on my ovaries. a year...More
Posted by baconjack
My scalp is so itchy, I cant stand it
I have naturally curly hair and very dry. I don't shampoo every day because of it. Maybe once a week I do it....More
Posted by cindigal
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Blisters on head and in hair
My husband does not use the computer so I am asking this question on his behalf. He hasn't felt well for 3...More
Posted by sammysgirl66
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Tingly, hyper-pigmented numb spot on right thigh
I'm scared this might be skin cancer, but haven't found any online examples to support it?
Posted by An_260727
Includes Expert Content
I have dry cracking skins on my hands due to the cold weather. It happens every year. I have used Eucerin...More
Posted by mandinicole
Redness on lower legs and feet
For a few weeks I have noticed that my lower legs and feet have a red discoloration-----similar to sunburn...More
Posted by An_260654
Brown-red spots on the back of upper arms since Au...
I have odd brown spots (with a hint of red) on my upper arms. They don't hurt, itch, or anything like that...More
Posted by worrywart26
Hair Loss
Back at the end of July I was under a huge major load of stress and in order to keep my lips from breaking...More
Posted by An_260632
What is wrong with my skin?? red rash on my neck
So basically couple months ago a small red mark came on my neck. It didn't itch or anything so I just didn't...More
Posted by An_260609
*Question for Expert*
Hello- I was in the urgent care today and the woman/nurse that was assisting me had a huge cold sore on her...More
Posted by Anon_141150
3 yr of Chronic Dermatitus - Need Help.
I have 3 years of Chronic Dermatitis. I've seen 5 different Dermatologist along with an Allergist. I've...More
Posted by greddy09sc
constant itch all over
I have an uncontrollable itch all over my body. my mom describes my itching as someone who it going through...More
Posted by morsecode
Very Sharp Pain Across Side of Arm
Ever since I can remember, my nerves would occasionally (about a day every couple months) get extremely...More
Posted by kuuchuu
what is this on my skin
Both the bumps popped up at the same time. And they won't go away. Any ideas? More
Posted by supermount1793
How to care for drained abscess?
So first of all this is the most embarrassing thing ever. A few days ago, I started getting a pain about...More
Posted by felllikerain
Can you actually get rid of blackheads? I have tried so much but they will never leave.More
Posted by Anon_52310
Lip Zip gone wrong
Hey there, Nearly a week ago I tried to but a pimple that was on my bottom lip that I thought was ready...More
Posted by An_260484
Cronin itching with hives
My mom started severe chronic itching with what I would call hive/bumps that come up all over. She has been to...More
Posted by cherrih
Body rash been tested for almost everything
I've been living with this rash for over 5 years now, primarily on my hands, arms, back of legs, and feet....More
Posted by judyfboston
Issues with Sleeping
Hello, my fiance has been falling to sleep non stop lately we could be in the middle of a conversation and...More
Posted by tburke9272
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Uncontrollable Itching
I started itching all over back in May or June of this year..and it goes from one place to the other like...More
Posted by tburke9272

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