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Prurigs Nodularis
Does any one else have this? Has anything worked for them? How Tea-tree. Was told this may help. Any help would...More
Posted by veenme
All of a sudden i have major break outs at 19
I am 19 and i just started breaking out. I never used to break out when i was in high school and if i did...More
Posted by kristajones05
Peri Oral Dermatitus - HELP!
I have a severe case and I am on anti biotics. I am also using a fragrance free moisturizer on it. Are...More
Posted by pizzaqueen926
Is Rosaderm cleanser still on the market?
I have used Rosaderm cleanser in the past to elevate symptoms associated with rosacea. A couple of years...More
Posted by alwaysamomma
Warts on Both Hands Fingers, Ear And Face
I am suffering from warts on the both hand fingers, ear and face since 1.5 year. Once my doctor done...More
Posted by manishgupta55

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Warts on Both Hands Fingers, Ear And Face
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I am a guitarist returning to serious playing but there is a wart on my middle finger. I have used wart remover...More
Posted by stevelb
What is this rash??
I'm 35 and have had this rash come and go a few times before in my life. This time it's been dark for a few...More
Posted by An_262554
Skin Issue, please help!
Fellow co-worker has developed a skin condition, he's seen a dermatologist, and has been given a special...More
Posted by scudmissile65
Disappearing, reappearing, gone rash only on insid...
No idea what this could be. Only on inner part of both arms, nowhere else. It appeared one evening, went...More
Posted by thegrowth
Deep pimple-like nodule on abdomen of 54 year old ...
I am a 54-year old woman. I have a very deep 'pimple' on my upper abdomen (solar plexus area). I call it a...More
Posted by An_262536
Identical Red Rashes near medial face bone of ankl...
Hi there, These started off as sort of subcutaneous nodules in which I could feel a fluid build up, four...More
Posted by roncocson
Embarrassing Question; Razor bumps or..?
Hi, I'm so embarrassed as I type this but I need some answers. Recently I developed bumps/sores on my...More
Posted by whattodo89
I have to get my career out my
I just bought these so we're going to experience see if these are good if you want to if you're like me just...More
Posted by monicajess
Dry Skin
What is the best way to hydrate your skin besides drinking water? My skin is so dry it's embarrassing.I can't...More
Posted by jkaro1457
unusal skin problem
Hi I'm new here but have a problem that drives me crazy, about 4yrs ago I had my tyroid out and started having...More
Posted by dje456
Undercover pimple
I have a clear pimple on my face that looks just like a pimple except it is my skin tone and it has a black...More
Posted by An_262460
Can warts be associated with a more serious diseas...
My son had a plantar wart removed from his foot and I was surprised to learn that the Dr. sent the tissue...More
Posted by jonesy1662
Extremely chapped lips and sores on corners
So I recently got back from mexico and thought I might have contracted a parasite. I have abnormal bowel...More
Posted by lindsynicole
Tiny red blisters on nose
I am 50 years old have always loved being in the sun most of my life,Never never had any skin problems of...More
Posted by womanofspirit
Allergic Dermatitis - wrong dx?
I've never had allergies before. All of a sudden my legs broke out and the itching is insane. Finally...More
Posted by ambbiller2012
Itchy skin
Hello, Many years ago I was diagnosed with rosacea, which I've been treating successfully with metronidazol....More
Posted by messy1349
Itchy Skin
Has anyone tried vinegar (apple cider vinegar)? I've been sipping the concoction of two tbs of it plus a full tbs...More
Posted by keee2
Skin tearing & bleeding
I'm only 58 yrs old & my skin is getting blood blisters & tearing what do I take to thicken my skin
Posted by An_262273
severely wrinkled skin on palms of hands
I noticed that my palms are extremely wrinkled and dry, I know there is some disorder associated with this...More
Posted by maryholmes
Warts on feet
Hello, I had warts on my feet last year. i had one wart on my left foot and 5 on other foot. I actually...More
Posted by jazzkau
irish spring soap
I started using irish spring three weeks ago and broke out in a rash on my rib cage and stomach and itching...More
Posted by An_262182

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Eczema - Part IExpert
Dear Readers, Of all the skin conditions I see, the most frustrating for both me and my patients has to be eczema. The most common form ... More
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