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Severe Allergic Contact Dermatitis cause UNKNOWN
Any idea what could cause this? Symptoms started Monday Mar 10 after working at my desk all day. ...More
Posted by melindafrancina
Uncontrollable chronic itching
Began 9 years ago, out of the blue! Yes, I have sensitive skin, always sensitive to poison ivy, hives, etc, but...More
Posted by jadjor
Very swollen lip and blisters after antiobiotics a...
Was wondering if anyone hear of something similar to what I am experiencing. Below is the recent history....More
Posted by An_256120
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Rx related to 5th Disease virus
My 7 yr-old granddaughter developed the symptoms everyone is describing here after a 3-week bout with 5th...More
Posted by jpix7
Spider Bite
Two days ago I was bit by a small light brown spider on my neck. I felt pain very quickly (it was a severe...More
Posted by aneeterb
Allergic reaction behind my ears (contact dermatit...
The back of my ears have been itching and paining me all week only to find out some days ago when i asked my...More
Posted by nachi
Severe Itching on hands ,wakes me up from deep sle...
I have a severe itching on my hands which wakes me in the night.I also have live nerves on my legs and arms...More
Posted by donjaitken
Oily skin
I am a 61 year old male with a receding hairline and a VERY oily forehead. Does the use of an astringent...More
Posted by An_256072
Brown patch on my neck
I have this brown patch on my neck the only way I can describe it is it looks like a birthmark or a...More
Posted by cynthiazito94
The strange skin desease
My son have a refractory desease in his hand and foot . I have seen few doctors. But every doctor post one...More
Posted by microtaylor
Red, bumpy, itchy rash in patches all over
I have a red, bumpy, itchy rash that is growing all over my body. I first had shingles and was taking...More
Posted by beewillis
Redness on Forehead
Hello - I am an eighteen year old male who has never experienced bad acne, redness, or skin problems. For the...More
Posted by An_255930
Anyone have experience with taking prednisone? I have never taken it before but have been given a 20 day...More
Posted by An_255880
Can Picking at my lips lead to scarring
Hi, Im an 18 year old male, and I have a problem with picking the top layer of skin in certain places on my...More
Posted by bigmike21
Neuro dermatitis
Hello, I went to see my dermatologist last week for itching on my chest. I had scratched so much that the...More
Posted by rbecker1950
white vertical lines under length of nail
I have a white line that runs the length (going from base of nail to tip, not side to side). when I clip my...More
Posted by farmboy05
Fitness Crazes
WedMD has an excellent video slideshow of various physical exercises crazes. Nutrition and socializing...More
Posted by gringofeliz1926

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Dark patches of skin under corners of mouth
I have some acne here and there but what I'm really concerned about is the two very irritated red patches...More
Posted by An_255797
indentation in skin that aches
I have a small indentation in the skin, looks a little like scar tissue. I wouldn't have even noticed the...More
Posted by An_255790
Hair Problems for Men and Women
Hair Problems for Men and Women are common now days so i to face probs like spliters ,hair loss etc any...More
Posted by bonnieforbez
Ingrown hair or Staph????
It has been around 4 days since I have located an unpleasant small bump in an unpleasant place on my body. I am...More
Posted by aeroed
Large red skin bumps, hot, burn, itch, leave scars
I have had skin breaks outs off and on for a couple years, large red raised welts, hot, itchy, look...More
Posted by mrsmacbee
Removing a mole
I will have a little operation to get removed a mole on my penis, they will use rapid vicryl. How long does it...More
Posted by charlito
Rash around my ankle
For the last week or week and a half, I've had a rash just above my right ankle that's been spreading slowly....More
Posted by An_255683
Hives for 3 weeks
have had the hives for the last three weeks. I have a history of crohns disease, but it has been in remission...More
Posted by huncher

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Another reaction to Eucerin
Thanks to all who've posted here. I've never had an allergic reaction to any topical cream or lotion and, in...More
Posted by rlm31
Fluid filled welts that when broken the fluid has ...
My Sister has these welts all over her body, they are itchy and filled with fluid, when the welts are broken...More
Posted by aguidette
ingrown pubic hair
I have had an ingrown pubic hair that I have been trying to squeeze out for almost three years. It feels like...More
Posted by An_255587
Should I be concerned about this ulcer(pic include...
Symptoms :- 1> runny nose 2> cold hand and feet 3> Should I be concerned? I can barely afford a...More
Posted by bakra
Why is Laser Hair Removal So Expensive?
Laser Laser Hair Removal is expensive compared to other hair removal methods. This simple reason for this is...More
Posted by stella0011

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Thick skin and cracked
I had a patch of skin that was so thick I could not feel pain in it. The skin was also cracking and itchy. I tried something I don't ... More
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