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Small lumps on eye area
Hi! I'm really curious about this small lumps that appeared on my face 2 days ago. Under good lightning they...More
Posted by An_258303
Facial oil/skin flakes
This seems like it's hereditary in my family but it's only on my face. This doesn't happen on my arms,...More
Posted by thejackal85
tiny blood blisters
My husband has little blood blisters on his back and torso. I mean tiny, like the tip of a pencil. One...More
Posted by pokerplayer
Mysterious white patches on body? help needed.
White patches started at age 3.5 yrs. They develop and vanishes and develop mainly on feet. Patches that...More
Posted by An_258271

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Weird skin problem
I've been having these patches appear on my skin. They're raised, only slightly itchy, and on my legs....More
Posted by An_258261
Red spots on neck, back and chest, not itchy or pa...
Hi, My husband has been getting these red spots on his neck, back and chest for a long time (over 1 year). At...More
Posted by jeboss
My 14 year old son's acne
My son has been treating his acne for one month with a combined treatment of Aczone + Tazorac We were told...More
Posted by An_258242
My 14 year old son's acne
My son has been treating his acne for one month with a combined treatment of Aczone + Tazorac We were told...More
Posted by An_258242
severe allergic reaction to spiny sowthistle
I've read numerous posts from people claiming of have minor to severe allergic contact dermatitis reactions...More
Posted by An_258234
Itchy bumps on shoulder
About 11months ago I got what I thought was a bug bite on my shoulder & I scratched it a few times. It...More
Posted by An_258213
Tiny bump on arm near elbow
I found a small bump (~3mm) that had a tiny white part sticking out, almost like a scab on my arm near my elbow...More
Posted by azilkie
Tiny, itchy bumps on left arm. Been there for MONT...
I didn't worry much about the 5 tiny bumps on the side of my left arm (about 5 inches away from my elbow). It...More
Posted by An_258190
I have been using Epiduo for six weeks now, along with doxycycline twice a day and a sulfuric solution face...More
Posted by louwho02
My 13 year old daughter seems to get this rash between her fingers that itch excessively every summer. We...More
Posted by kthompson97
Blister on back for 3 months
Hello, I have a blister on my back that has been there for three months. The blister is filled with blood in...More
Posted by An_258150
Bumps on back/underside of arms
I am 31 and just had my 3rd baby (6 months ago) so I was thinking this was hormones but I am not so sure...More
Posted by mkmmjat
Blood Blisters on Arms
Good Morning! What is on both of my arms from elbows to wrists are not really blisters, per se. It looks...More
Posted by schatzebaar
Do I need to go to the ER?
I live in the country, nearest ER is about an hour away. I have several bug bites that have swollen, the skin...More
Posted by mamaz51
toe nail, foot fungus
Hi there, so i have what i think is athletes foot or some kind of toe nail infection or fungus, it started...More
Posted by angelpiece
Itching with no signs???
For the past two weeks, I've been itching almost everywhere on my body. At first, I thought I had dry skin so...More
Posted by An_258117
Itching around the Perineum
I have an itch between my testicles and anus and can not get rid of it can jock itch medicine handle it or...More
Posted by mlbarnes70
White/Skin colored bumps around belly button
Hi, I have these small white/skin colored bumps around my belly button, on my penis, on my fingers. They do...More
Posted by skinworries
My lunalae have disappeared :(
Hello Dr. Tareen, I'm a 26yr old woman and was recently diagnosed with adenomyosis, there has not yet been...More
Posted by letesha26
Do I have ringworm or something else?
I am a 27 year old female and had a spot show up on my inner thigh about 5 weeks ago, over the next week I had...More
Posted by limi05
Cystic Acne that won't go away!!!
Hi my name is Maribel and I am currently 19 about to turn 20. My acne was much worse before with it being...More
Posted by maribelrmz94
A rash that doesn't itch and it seems to be spread...
Hi so i have this black scar i have no idea how it got there, it doesn't itch as much and it has these tiny...More
Posted by An_258019
Bumps & Rashes due to sun exposure............
Hi, my name is Cassie, I work for the UF research center in Fort Pierce, FL. I work most days unless...More
Posted by oceanwaves1987

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