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itchy patch of small bumps on elbow and top of foo...
The bumps on my left elbow have been there for months.. They only got really itchy an tender once in a while....More
Posted by jed1980
Moist, itchy, burning rash on random parts of the ...
Hi All, I've had this issue for about three years now. I have been diagnosed with Staph Aurureus in the form...More
Posted by austevo
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Bumps on toddler
These bumps are on my 2 1/2 year old. He has had some bumps for about 2 months now, had 1 dr say he...More
Posted by griffingal81
Hot tub after biopsy & stitches?
I had a large punch biopsy done 2weeks ago. They had to put a few stitches in it. I had the stitches removed 3...More
Posted by psychkt
Red itchy spot on my legs,arms and back
My legs started itching severely 3 years ago, after I scratched, it would burn. It's very easy to scratch my...More
Posted by kaj1995

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Please help me, my skin is breaking out all over my body. I haven't been able to swim in a pool for two years because of the embarrassment
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I've had these strange spots on both of my legs fo...
They start from the ankle and go to the knee.. You can't feel them with a finger, they are completely...More
Posted by helpwillbeneeded
Dissecting Cellulitus 12 years
Hello, My 29 year old son has been battling this disease for 12 years now. It has become so painful...More
Posted by momisworried
skin abscess
went to the walk in clinic on saturday for a skin abscess and they put me on amoxicillian its been a few...More
Posted by An_259816
Damp spot on scalp
I have a damp spot on my scalp, I have been picking spots on my scalp. I keep on drying the area, but it...More
Posted by nathanbennett
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Cyst on my breast
For the past week and a half, I had a small, squishy pink lump on my right breast. It was painless, but it...More
Posted by anr1002
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HELP! Itchy breasts driving me crazy!!
Some advice please. I have really itchy breasts, mainly around my nipples. This has been going on for months...More
Posted by babbyd8
PLEASE tell me what's on the back of my head (and ...
I was born with a bald, red spot on the back of my head. In my 20s, it started to get bumpy. Now, at 34, there...More
Posted by codales
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My skin on my foot is peeling
Hi about three weeks ago I had a bad cold and a fever then while I was getting well on my right foo both sides...More
Posted by momof282
skin spot need analysis
On 9-18-14 I noticed a small dot on my foot that measured 11mm. Over a week, it got a lil bigger and on...More
Posted by trafdeputy

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is it a bruise or cancer
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Itchy and red stomach and arm
I went to the Dr recently and he isnt sure what it is I have. But Can be something I was allergic (never ever...More
Posted by An_251337
wart on face
hello i have wart on my face my face small 25 warts so what can i do..plz suggest me guy how to...More
Posted by kumar774orchha
Perfect circle ongoing skin rash.
So about four years ago i went home to visit family. when i got home about three days later i developed a...More
Posted by jobles
General all-over body itching
Hey guys, For the last 3 weeks now I have been suffering from extensive all-over, general body itching, to...More
Posted by jeff1100
spot on my leg??is it seriuos? what is it? first it was...More
Posted by An_259546
some spot on my leg??i attached some pictures
here are some pictures first it was spot then it bursted? what could this be is it seriuos? More
Posted by An_259546
Self management of psoriasis without medicines
I am managing my psoriasis without medicines with change in life style and food habits...this is my blog : ...More
Posted by ashish684
weeping blisters
I have weeping blisters on the calf of one leg. any suggestions appreciated thanks aliceMore
Posted by An_259470
Swollen and Sore Breast - Could it be Cellulitis?
I fell and landed on my chest and have a swollen breast and my breast is very swollen and warm to the touch I...More
Posted by An_259440
Ingrown hair/boil on pubic mound?
Since yesterday, an unnoticed ingrown hair has seemed to become infected and is now large (an inch at most in...More
Posted by An_259425
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Lupus Kidney Disease Skin Problem
Hello, I tried posting this on the lupus forum but don't have any luck with reply. So maybe this is the right...More
Posted by peon321
Wart or scar tissue on scar from injury?
Hello just looking for some advice before I see a doctor. I cut my finger and nicked my artery around the end...More
Posted by An_259372
Wart like bump on my belly
I have had the small wart like thingy on my belly, i know its a weird spot, and it hurts to touch it, i have...More
Posted by flingoff
Treatment for abrasion on penis
As a result of over masturbation when I was younger I have the skin of the under shaft of my penis is much...More
Posted by An_259301

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