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What skin infection is this?
I went to the doctor this past Sunday and she was literally know help. She said it could be a fungal...More
Posted by An_261369
multiple dark spots in the lower face area
Hello, I am from Delhi (India), age-21, female, wheatish skin, combination-oily in summer & dry in...More
Posted by ankimimi
Can someone tell me what this is? (Picture)
About a year ago, this started growing on my face. It started out as what looked like a pimple but quickly...More
Posted by An_261355
Seeking Acne MD experts without cosmetics focus
my son is 20 and in college. He is severely plagued by persistent, worsening, seemingly untreatable acne....More
Posted by An_261316
Skin Infection
3 months ago, I woke up with 3 insect bites on the top of my foot as well as 5 more on my leg, 1 on my hip...More
Posted by An_261311
itchy red round rash
I had knee surgery about a year a go. Shortly after that I got a group of red raised round bumps that...More
Posted by mozingo_todd
Cant stop itching all over???
My fiancé and I bought a new house in September, we started cleaning the house in August and cleaned in...More
Posted by amh715
Mrsa questions
Is MRSA Contagious to someone even if they have no open sores or all existing sores are scabbed over? And...More
Posted by clcooke1970
Eucerin allergic reaction
I also developed a rash using eucerin. I did not know what was happening. My forearm skin became like...More
Posted by santafe53

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What causes the Eucerin allergic reaction?
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Vaginal Cuts/Tears
I've been experiencing paper like cuts/tears for about 2 years now. I've read a number of posts via google...More
Posted by An_261289
Henoch-Schonlein Purpura
Several years ago my 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein Purpura I was so scared...More
Posted by lroberts5966
Huge red bump with purple center on pubic area.
I'm 19 years old, and shave frequently down there. As of four days ago I've noticed a lump was down there,...More
Posted by jaygrcroft
I am a 32 year old mother of a 12 year old girl, I bathe regularly, wear clean clothes, use deodorant and...More
Posted by kellicali
Severely dry, chapped, broken, bruised lips
Severely dry, chapped, broken, bruised lips I've had this condition for 3 years now, but this could...More
Posted by keepingmehealthy
Dry and Cracked Skin on Fingers. Several Years now...
Hello. I am a 40 year old male with pretty bad cracked, peeling, and dry fingers. Its been like this for a few...More
Posted by custnam
Hair loss on the belly
Our 3 year old DSH female tabby has lost (or perhaps licked it off) all of the fur on her abdominal region, and...More
Posted by freecam
Hi - I have really bad eczema on my hands... my right hand worse than my left and it hurts me all day. I...More
Posted by cyndee510
Non-Itchy face rash - comes and goes
I've noticed recently - in the past year or so - that every once in a while I develop a rash on my face. It...More
Posted by strietera
Same here
Last year, I started to have an itching problem. Waist, under bust, top of arms, back, mostly. Finally went...More
Posted by An_261083
Itch Madness
I have been itching for about 3 months now. Nothing has changed in my routine. Same soap, laundry detergent...More
Posted by nera1979
Noseeums - Natural Selection against Snowbirds
Hi guys. I finished my second home in Port Charlotte, FL and come down there from Philadelphia PA a few...More
Posted by phillyforreally
Pimple at top of butt crack
3 days ago I started having pain when I would sit on toliet or sit up in bed. I at first thought it was my...More
Posted by bethanyrm
Odd forehead problem?
Hi, I'm 20 years-old and I'm experiencing and itchy tingly like sensation on my forehead. There's slight...More
Posted by An_260829
Back rash unknown
I started to get this rash on the left side of my back a few days ago it was small and no redness around...More
Posted by deputysoldier
any relief for itching from unilateral thoracic de...
My 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with unilateral thracic dermatitis and has been itching like crazy I...More
Posted by staylor1987

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My 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with unilateral thracic dermatitis and has been itching like crazy I have tried using aveeno ecezma therapy moistuirzer, hydrocortisone crram, benadryl cream, eucerin, and oral. Benedryl. Is there any type of relief for the itching?
  • unilateral thoracic dermatitis
  • stop the itching
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black spots under belly
am obese. i had big pink stretch marks under my belly flap for years after my surgery on my ovaries. a year...More
Posted by baconjack
My scalp is so itchy, I cant stand it
I have naturally curly hair and very dry. I don't shampoo every day because of it. Maybe once a week I do it....More
Posted by cindigal

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Mohiba K Tareen, MD is a board certified dermatologist who has an innovative practice in Roseville, Minnesota. Tareen Dermatology ( www.TareenDermato...More

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Avoid drinking margaritas in the sun!Expert
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