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Dark velvety patch in my neck? please help me
Hello i have a dark patch in my neck its spreading around my neck... I am 19 years old female. I haven't...More
Posted by bonnybebo
Wart on bottom of foot? I kind of..
So I didn thave pain or anything but my mother noticed it today. So I went at it with special clippers and a...More
Posted by feramoo
peristomal irritation
SEVERE pain and beet red skin under ostomy appliance after 15 yrs with same brand. Tried another brand,...More
Posted by An_259288
itchy skin
I had these itchy bump patches on my stomach for months now. Sometimes they dont itch but some days they are...More
Posted by An_259272
nizoral cream
hi dr. 1 year ago I noticed 2 brown spots on my forearm .. I saw my dr. and he gave me Nizoral cream .. one...More
Posted by ibrahim582
My personal cure for uncontrollable itching
This is my own personal itching nightmare. I am not a doctor. I have had severe uncontrollable itching off...More
Posted by An_254757
Bump on leg keeps coming back
I have a bump on my outer left leg on the hip that keeps coming back. When it comes up it is red in color,...More
Posted by An_259211
Squaric Acid - Need Info
I have a wart on my finger that my dermatologist has tried to freeze off a couple times with not much...More
Posted by An_259206
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Skinned Knee
I skinned my knees on my school track on three days ago, and today my knee hurt so bad I could not bend it....More
Posted by An_259158
Itchiness and small red dots on my arm joint insid...
Hi I have been having this itchiness and red dots have formed on my arm joint (elbow)... Can you please help
Posted by hiteshkp
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itchy, burning on back
The skin on my back is often uncomfortable with a burning, itchy feel. Lotion doesn't seem to help and...More
Posted by An_259135
Absess that doesnt go away
My husband has an abscess near his anus that has been surgically removed lanced and drained 3 times, he...More
Posted by An_259059
Hard red painful lump on thigh
So last night I discovered this painful spot on my upper inner thigh. It is a red painful lump that feels hard...More
Posted by tschyss
**GRAPHIC** Strange herpetic sores in labia and be...
Not sure what this is - doctor said it looks herpetic but it could have stemmed from any virus/bacteria. My...More
Posted by An_259040
I have bumpy, icthy thighs.
Im not sure what this is, but my thighs are itchy and bumps come up. Not like red little bumps but like...More
Posted by kitkatx420
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TB Skin Test what is positive and what is negitave
My daughter was 14 and had TB done 2 years ago for school for Childhood Edu. it was negative and this year she...More
Posted by hkharp
Single once reoccurring smooth groin wart/growrh
1mm in diameter tapers down to a point 3mm long. Flat smooth ever so slightly raised separated from skin...More
Posted by samasham
Bug Bites or Allergic Reaction?
My 5 year old had what I thought was a ring of bug bites two days ago on her ankle (looked like 3-4 bites...More
Posted by An_258960
I need suggestions on identifying this rash on a 1...
We went to urgent care and at first they said it was a yeast infection then it came back two days later and...More
Posted by wbbulldogs
Excessive Sweating (hyperhydrosis)
I have suffered for over 15 years with total heat intolerance and excessive, debilitating sweating. A new...More
Posted by steppiemum
Includes Expert Content
Okay so about a month and a half ago I got a painful boil in my buttocks. It was very painful, I could...More
Posted by lucymarie32
Clogged pores
I am 13 and have clogged pores. I consider my skin normal but I get black heads, white heads, and clogged...More
Posted by An_258882
Rash: Seborrheic Dermatitis treatment? Information
Hi, im 21 and i started to notice my rashes when i was first 14. My mom said that i suffered of Eczema when...More
Posted by junior1025

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Suggested Tx for seborrhea dermatitis
What are some effective topical ointments for this problem?
Posted by rissa345
Mold filled with blood
I had a medium size mole on my upper back all my life. One day the tag in my shirt was bothering me I...More
Posted by sweetypie123
Posting image please identify this
Hi, I got this suddenly on my skin in just 3 days. It feels like pinching needles. Its on my shoulder, neck...More
Posted by An_258840
Random itching, goosebump like rash. Despreate for...
Hello, everyone. I'm hoping someone here could help me out, because I have no idea what to do next. First...More
Posted by kittyque
Dark Scarring
Every time a get a nick, scratch, or cut is leaves a dark scar. While it is not raised the scars contrast...More
Posted by An_258829
Nail bed growing on top of my nail. HELP!
Hello all. I was giving myself a manicure and accidentally punctured my nail right under the...More
Posted by lilbitdangerous

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Diabetic injections
First time poster please bare with me? Problem, when I inject my insulin into my stomach it immediately...More
Posted by angelsmimi66

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