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Bumps & Rashes due to sun exposure............
Hi, my name is Cassie, I work for the UF research center in Fort Pierce, FL. I work most days unless...More
Posted by oceanwaves1987
Rash in top of butt crack
I have this rash at the very top of my butt crack. it is red and is itchy off and on during the day. it's...More
Posted by An_257953
Staph infection
I am prone to staph infections on my legs. I seem to get them when I am stressed. I have stopped shaving my...More
Posted by An_257942
Itchy skin
About 6 months ago, I started having very itchy skin with a rash. It started on my lower back and torso and I...More
Posted by An_257940
Rug Burn
My daughter is 4 years old and 7 weeks ago while at school rubbed her forehead on the carpet and got rug burn...More
Posted by An_257936
Big red mole on scalp?
Hello all! I've got blonde hair, blue eyes and therefore quite a few moles. I'm 25 but did have quite a few...More
Posted by An_257886
Skin tags
I have skin tags on my neck and arm pits. I have been using Castor oil 3 times daily and wonder if this...More
Posted by crystalonice888
Black cut
I have flaking on my foot and I noticed a cut on my toe. It has black coloring but it doesn't hurt. Is it an...More
Posted by aarond99
have a huge problem with chaffing. i am very active and i sweat a lot. what really sucks is that when i hike...More
Posted by qwerty924
My 3 year old daughters undiagnosed skin condition
My daughter has been getting these "bumps" on her skin for the past few months. They are also present on her...More
Posted by radnus
Sunburn Prevention on Pre-Existing Scar
I have had large, diabetic sores on each leg that have both only recently healed. My physician has given me...More
Posted by lana1975ky
Discoloration of Fingertips (not Raynaud's or viti...
Hello, About a year and a half ago, I noticed that the color of my fingertips began receding (only on the...More
Posted by thefingertip
Discoloration at fingertips
Hello, About a year and a half ago, I noticed that the color of my fingertips began receding (from the nail)...More
Posted by An_257803
Soft bump on inner thigh
I have a bump on my upper inner thigh. It happens occasionally when my jeans rub wrong or pinch over the course...More
Posted by smoke94
Skin Irritation/Bumps on hands and feet!
Hi everyone! It took me a long time to join into discussion as it's pretty embarassing! So with summer here,...More
Posted by An_257783
Large Bump on my Daughter's Leg... Is it Serious??...
Below is a picture (it posted sideways) of a huge bump on my daughter's leg (the large bump is right under...More
Posted by invokechange
Chronic persistent "jock itch"
I am a 65 year old Canadian male who has been living in the Philippines for more than four years now....More
Posted by tidus_lionheart48
pimples in my beard
Hello , im 26 years old ... ive never had acne in my teenage years ... but almost 3 years ago whenever i grow...More
Posted by berobero
Hair Smelling Bad
My hair has been smelling bad for a couple of days. It comes and go it's not constant, and it only happens when I...More
Posted by 123ca
hives on arms and neck
Hello. I am a 35 yr old female. I have hypothyroidism. When i was about 25 they had changed my thyroid...More
Posted by shelly3179
Scratching Sores All Over Myself
I'm a 28-year old female from the MidWest. I have been scratching at myself and causing numerous sores all over...More
Posted by dae_lyn
strange rash
early this last week I began to notice small red bumps on both sides right below my armpits which spread...More
Posted by robertgholson
Hello, my name is Sam. About 2 3 months ago I started to get these little pinpoint red dots, right below my...More
Posted by bull192
Skin tag/wart inside, down in my navel/belly butto...
Hi, I have a history of warts and skin tags. I have gotten a wart on the inside of my nose before. I...More
Posted by An_257662
what is this red spot near my mouth? red spot near the corner of my mouth. it's doesn't seem like a pimple. it...More
Posted by 92sickboy
help is on the way
Ive dealt with all of those symptoms,it's managable first keep the benadrly kill the sodas..caffine that we...More
Posted by faysman

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