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scalp sores and itching
I recently had to begin using a cpap machine for sleep apnea. The stretch straps that keep the mask on appear...More
Posted by An_262071
Itchy problem..
Can anyone tell me what this issue is? When I go outside to do some work I start itching after about ten...More
Posted by mattcj90
Hip Scar is warm to touch
I had total hip replacement 3 months ago after an accident. The scar is warm to the touch and area aches.. Is...More
Posted by jude69
How can I talk to someone in private
Need some help please
Posted by An_262018

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scratched part of mole off and now its darker
I scratched part of my mole off on my back and it bled quite a bit and then scabbed up. Now its healed but is...More
Posted by jenngapp
Includes Expert Content
Why can't I stop itching?!
For about 3 months now, I have had an uncontrollable itching on my arms, legs, hands, back, stomach, chest,...More
Posted by olliepop17
Includes Expert Content
Two months ago I got a small rash on my forearm. My daughter, an RN, said it looked like shingles. It itched,...More
Posted by torialyn
Intense itching began after hysterectomy for Ovari...
The itching started while mending after surgery for a total hysterectomy for diagnosis of Ovarian cancer. The...More
Posted by mynd2mind
Includes Expert Content
Suspicious mole came back "abnormal"
28y/o white female I had two moles removed from my dermatologist last week. One was bleeding (on my back)...More
Posted by afgirl1427
Skin crusting and bleeding and such. No idea what ...
The affected area is pinkish purple. The skin would crust and blister causing bleeding. I dont know what the...More
Posted by An_261912
Fire ant bites
I live in Port Charlotte Florida and I was working in the yard about 6 months ago. I was trimming trees when I...More
Posted by sjk7572
Molluscum Contagiosum - how did I contract it?
I just recently began getting bumps in my pelvic/groin/genital area and today I got a diagnosis of Molluscum...More
Posted by An_261827
Itching Legs
I get severe itching right above both knees down to my ankles....I do have type 2 i get un...More
Posted by ttomm1946
Infected toe taking months to heal
My husband had an infected sore on the top of his second toe after Thanksgiving. He took antibiotics for the...More
Posted by An_261732
I have had vitiligo for a very long time, and I wonder if there is any remedy for this.
Posted by jegajothy
Seeing alot of hair loss when showering.
I have a full head of natural curly hair, alot of people have complement me on it. I can loan two people with...More
Posted by cindigal
Petechiae permanent treatments
Since middle school, singular blood-colored dots/protrusions have randomly appeared all across my body. In...More
Posted by An_261565
warts in my neck
Hi Dear Dr. Tareen, I have some warts in my neck. Please, Is there any way or cream (Ointment) to remove...More
Posted by nalharbi
Intensity itchy spots/rahes that come and go....
Hi. I've had these intensely itchy spots/rashes now for about 7 years g ive or take. I have also seen several...More
Posted by tyffin

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Eczema & 26 weeks pregnant.
Hi all, So I'm 26 weeks pregnant and actually cannot cope anymore I haven't slept for 72 hours due to itching...More
Posted by adelj
Questions about MRSA.
How contagious is MRSA? Can you still contract it even if all sores are scabbed over and how long does MRSA...More
Posted by An_261449
Dh or Arthropod
Last Reply: 14 hours ago 2 weeks ago Dermatitis Herpetiformis pathology An_261211 posted:...More
Infection on skin - fungal or bacterial
Hello, I have had these infections on and off for a number of years. Though it has grown more severe over...More
Posted by An_261401
Lupus and skin problem
I went out for 5 min last week on a real cold windy day and my face has wind burn and dark blotches, I...More
Posted by goldengirl50
spread acne and blisters accompanied with coughs
Hi it's several months that my old mother is developing acne and blisters all over her skin (starting only from...More
Posted by kary39
What skin infection is this?
I went to the doctor this past Sunday and she was literally know help. She said it could be a fungal...More
Posted by An_261369
multiple dark spots in the lower face area
Hello, I am from Delhi (India), age-21, female, wheatish skin, combination-oily in summer & dry in...More
Posted by ankimimi
Can someone tell me what this is? (Picture)
About a year ago, this started growing on my face. It started out as what looked like a pimple but quickly...More
Posted by An_261355

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Avoid drinking margaritas in the sun!Expert
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