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I would like to thank all of you who have shared your stories regarding itching all over. I have had this problem...More
Posted by flags
skin graft donor site pain, numbness & tingling 5 ...
Hi Skin Folks! In 2008 I had a split-thickness skin graft in connection with reconstructive surgery on my...More
Posted by luckyman2014

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old scars that reopen and bleed
I am 70 years old. my 45 year old hysterectomy reopened and gradually encompassed the whole scar. stiches would...More
Posted by cwycay
blisters on all fingers both hands of our 9 yo gir...
our 9 yr old just showed us blisters on all of the pads of her fingers. its weird. not like the blisters...More
Posted by mymimimommy
Posted by lou21lou
Cactus needles spreading and growing under skin!
I am scared to death. About 2 years ago my wrist got stuck on a cactus. I had to pull it off. I did not robe...More
Posted by An_254898
Blood blisters on skin
I have what look to be blood blisters all over my body. Most are very small, not noticeable to other people,...More
Posted by carrie0811
"Scars???" on the side of the face?
is this caused from shaving? is it natural to scar like this? they look like 3 big holes on the side of my...More
Posted by healthneeded
Piercing question
I have displastic nevus syndrome with a history of melanoma. The question that I have is..I want to get...More
Posted by paintbynumbers
Scar Treatment
I know that triamcinolone acetonide injections are helpful to flatten and diminish scars. My doctor wouldnt...More
Posted by An_254853
Use of Humira with a diagnosis of liver disease
I have sever plaque psoriasis and cirrhosis. I have been sober for 1yr. and 9 months. . The psoriasis...More
Posted by An_254802
itiching skull
I have had itiching that feels like it is from my skull not my scalp and on both sides of my head posterior...More
Posted by An_254793
Recurring itch at bug bite sites
Recently returned from six months in Mexico were I was staying in hostels and camping. I slept in a buff a...More
Posted by An_254790
weird strange itchy bumps
for the week or 2 weeks, I notice I have been having these weird bumps on my hand and the sides of my hips. I...More
Posted by mrfox1989
Traveling itchy skin wakes me the same time every ...
I recall my eye was itchy first. I would rub it several times a day and use clear eyes. This lasted about 3...More
Posted by david2020
Heat Hives?
Someone please help.... just recently i have noticed that if my body overheats, the top of my hands my...More
Posted by spbynack
Skin Scars
I get these scabs mostly on back but they get on my chest and a few on my legs and arms, They are random but...More
Posted by lopez9830
Need Help Please...
This is spreading and I am worried. It doesn't itch, burn, tingle, or anything. Though, with heat it seems to...More
Posted by An_254767
Scar interferring hand usage
My little brother got his palm hand burned when he was 1 year old. The burn became complicated and infected....More
Posted by An_254766

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I am at a loss and doctors don't know either
For six years I gave had sores all over my body. It started on scalp then back chest legs and arms. It was...More
Posted by An_254762
Men Cleaning Groin help
I am on overweight male(about 40 pounds over) and I also have a lot of body hair.What can I do to get rid...More
Posted by dillon80435
Itchy back
So i have an itchy back i talked to a doctor at job corps and they said i have some sort of fungus starts with a...More
Posted by kjdwi1
Shiny, Red Lumps Around Cuticles
For a long time I have had shiny red skin around my cuticles that becomes red and inflamed. I thought...More
Posted by aftertheteacups
skin problem
I have flaky skin on my eyelids and the area around my eyes is swollen and sensitive. what causes this and...More
Posted by An_254743
Hives and ph balance
I've developed terrible, chronic hives for the past 6 months. They've done blood work, even a biopsy to no...More
Posted by onceatwin
Hives and ph balance
I've developed terrible, chronic hives for the past 6 months. They've done blood work, even a biopsy to no...More
Posted by onceatwin
Hives and ph balance
I've developed terrible, chronic hives for the past 6 months. They've done blood work, even a biopsy to no...More
Posted by onceatwin
Hard Knot after Cut
I am a 35 year old asian male with Dyshidrotic eczema. About 2 years ago I cut my right thumb near my palm on...More
Posted by novusorsa
Skin Itching all the time 2 weeks after Chemo Inje...
Hi my name is Felicia McCann and my husband just found out he has Cancer for the second time in a year. He...More
Posted by felicia3939
Will my hair grow back after ringworm (tinea capit...
I had this fungal infection on my scalp and after taking terbinafine for a week or so, the fungus itself went...More
Posted by An_254705

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Thick skin and cracked
I had a patch of skin that was so thick I could not feel pain in it. The skin was also cracking and itchy. I tried something I don't ... More
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