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Severe Itching with unknown cause.
For about 6-8 months now I've been suffering from this awful itching. It started at the back of my head more...More
Posted by haszard
Acne from Bustmaxx pills
I've been taking breast enlargement pills called 'Bustmaxx' for about a month and stopped a week ago due to...More
Posted by An_256972
Paroncyhia and Nail Bed skin Peeling
Good Morning, i have been facing this issue since i was a child, and it has only seem to get worse over time. ...More
Posted by spinx
colloidal silver causes pain in mucosa
Hi, I've got a bit of an embarrassing issue. It started when I began seeing someone for a casual sexual...More
Posted by An_256946
Need help
Over the last couple of years or so I've had something spreading on my skin. It is very itchy and...More
Posted by ericbragg
Can you have symptoms of scabies ie, itching a lot and rash that disappears within 2 hours but none of...More
Posted by habitualworrier
Small blister-like blemishes that leave scars
For seemingly no reason, once in a while I will get a small, pimple-like blemish, usually on one of my...More
Posted by claudia61
what are these spots on my skin?
I am having dry flaky spots on my arm skin. First i had one spot but now it has increased to 3. They are not...More
Posted by demhka
Terrys nails and red lunula
Hi, I hoping you can help. I am a 61 year female in good health, fit and active. I am hypothyroid after having...More
Posted by debbala
Ingrown hair on pubic bone, painful to the touch. ...
So, today I was getting in the shower and I noticed a large "pimple" on my pubic bone. It hurt immediately upon...More
Posted by raumbus
3 weeks of itching, no rash.
I am pretty desperate at this point. Starting 3 weeks ago, I was getting severe complete body itching. It...More
Posted by ellewolfe
Treatment for alopecia areata
HELP!! There has to be some treatment out there for alopecia areata due to auto immune disease. This...More
Posted by wantbetterhealth
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Going on 3 years:(
I have had the same problem with itchy welts for about 3 years now. The first time I thought I had developed...More
Posted by paksen71
Genital Warts Trasnmssion
Engaged to a virgin. Plan was no genital contact until she completes all 3 Gardasil Vac, 1st dose received...More
Posted by An_256853
Chronic redness on skin back tricep area of both a...
I've had this problem as long as I can remember. Dark redness on back of upper arm that seems to get darker...More
Posted by patsymon2
Weeping eczema on feet
he also advised not to clean or wash the weeping eczema or my reddened elbow area, this seems unhygenic to me...More
Posted by nixodian
about 8 weeks ago i noticed what looked like a small patch of dead skin (oval - dime size) on the top of...More
Posted by regularguy88
wart on finger
I had a wart frozen off one week ago. The blister just poped, and the dead skin is just hanging there with...More
Posted by chewchew1
mouth rash
I have a red slightly raised rash on the corners of my mouth. Little irritated with sweat, or wetness, I...More
Posted by Anon_28258
Irish spring Body wash
I broke out with itchy hives on my neck, chest and arms after using Irish spring body wash. I normally do not...More
Posted by An_256783
About two years ago my hair started to fall out and it seemed to come out in quarter like chunks over about a...More
Posted by An_256781
We'll here it is 1:45am and obviously I'm not sleeping. Instead I'm laying in the bed clawing at various parts...More
Posted by mandy38
Concerning bumps
Hello, Within the last few days a few red bumps have appeared on my penis, with hair seeming to come from...More
Posted by anonymous
keloid removal
Hi, this past summer I had to have surgery to have a pilonidal cyst removed after an amusement park accident....More
Posted by An_256738
Pityriasis Rosea misdiagnosis?
At the age of 23 I developed light pink, itchy and scaly spots on my stomach and chest. The doctor told me I...More
Posted by An_256613
Skin feels hot for hours after being in the sun fo...
I am very pale and I have a tendency to burn fairly quickly, but my skin has started feeling extremely hot...More
Posted by An_256601
Bumpy things in wounds/on scabs?
Sometimes I scratch pimples until they become deep wounds (down to the dermis) (I'm a chronic skin...More
Posted by katharineparker999

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