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Posting image please identify this
Hi, I got this suddenly on my skin in just 3 days. It feels like pinching needles. Its on my shoulder, neck...More
Posted by An_258840
Random itching, goosebump like rash. Despreate for...
Hello, everyone. I'm hoping someone here could help me out, because I have no idea what to do next. First...More
Posted by kittyque
Dark Scarring
Every time a get a nick, scratch, or cut is leaves a dark scar. While it is not raised the scars contrast...More
Posted by An_258829
Nail bed growing on top of my nail. HELP!
Hello all. I was giving myself a manicure and accidentally punctured my nail right under the...More
Posted by lilbitdangerous

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Diabetic injections
First time poster please bare with me? Problem, when I inject my insulin into my stomach it immediately...More
Posted by angelsmimi66
Diabetic injections
First time poster please bare with me? Problem, when I inject my insulin into my stomach it immediately...More
Posted by angelsmimi66
Blood blister like things on testicle sac
They sometimes erupt and pour blood sometimes hard to stop
Posted by arborday
fungus infection
Hi how do I treat my athlete foot that spread to my hands? its small blisters. what should i use?
Posted by An_258739
skin condition on upper lip
I was diagnosed with blepharitis on the outer corners of both eyes about six months ago, which is managable...More
Posted by lady1001
Contact Dermatitis
Is anyone aware of dermatitis occurring several years after exposure to industrial solvents or do you know of...More
Posted by moondog63
lichen planus hair loss and treatment
Has anyone been diagnosed with or been treated for lichen planus of the scalp. Losing my hair is horrifying.
Posted by currytaylor
Severe Back Pain
I was diagnosed last year was Psoriatic Arthritis. On my right side of my back I have a hug rash with small...More
Posted by marygm66
contact dermatitis?
Hi.[br>I have been using a retinoid on my nose for 2 years. It is a long time i know and i think i overued...More
Posted by bonsai122
contact dermatitis or skin cancer
Hi. I have been using a retinoid on my nose for 2 years. It is a long time i know and i think i overued it,...More
Posted by bonsai122
Blood blisters under my skin
If I even slightly hit my arm or the top of my hand I get a purple blood blister under my skin. My grand...More
Posted by An_258606
Help! Rash on legs for months!
I hope someone can help identify what this rash might be. It started on my thigh a few months ago and...More
Posted by hisprittykitty
Hair Smell
Hello Everyone, I signed up for this so I can ask questions..... Um ok so my hair started to not smell...More
Posted by emilylovesovs
Inexplicable bruising question
I periodically get sudden and unexplainable bruising below my bottom lip. It can range from slight...More
Posted by An_258512
WebMD's 2014 Health Heroes
Who should win the People's Choice Award this year? Cast your vote here from a list of celebrities who...More
Posted by atti_editor
Inflamed bumps how to get rid of them and aftermat...
So I have no idea how and why I started getting them, but they were appearing on my body since teenage years,...More
Posted by celestias
Dyshidrotic eczema & nursing school
I need help and fast. I was recently diagnosed with Dyshidrotic eczema and got into nursing school. When my...More
Posted by kelagirl
Itching is driving me crazy
about 2 weeks ago I had an allergic reaction to a sulfur drug,, that completely cleared up, now last night I...More
Posted by tahoecat
Itchy and painful bumps on my elbow
Hey everybody! So I have these bumps on my elbow that really hurt and itch (but usually only at night when I am...More
Posted by fj1129
Cactus Needles
Is there anything to do for cactus spines and are they the cause of the my lesions and worms coming out...More
Posted by barelyasenior
Eucerin Rash
Thank you ladies for everyone who too time to post about their rash and reacation to Eucerin. I went to the...More
Posted by grannahanna
Need suggestions....
My face, neck, back, and stomach are always broken out in severe acne. I have tried lots of different...More
Posted by kmiller2130
Hair loss and Hair Regrowth
Hello Doctor, i am 23 years old. i was affected by hair loss on last 4 years...i have used...More
Posted by An_258385
Brown line growing under fingernail.
Brown Line growing under my fingernail. What is it? Image here: More
Posted by smurfsrule
concerned about a boil
My friend has a boil on the crease of her but.. for 2 days she noticed some pain in that area so she went to...More
Posted by An_258356
Red and itchy ears?
Yesterday, at about midday, I noticed that my left and right tragus were a little itchy. I dismissed it,...More
Posted by suicidemission

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Eczema - Part IExpert
Dear Readers, Of all the skin conditions I see, the most frustrating for both me and my patients has to be eczema. The most common form ... More
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