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Reply: Itchy Rash
Dear An_246186, Some rashes in skin fold areas are fungal, so try an...More
Reply: Plantar Warts w/ Possible Bacterial Infection
Cheryl, No doctor is going to do surgery on you if you have an infection....More
Reply: Shingles - Contagious and Vaccine
Rodney, Didn't the doctor treat your partner? One week of antiviral...More
Reply: Poison Ivy rash or bug bites?
mlee27, It really sounds like poison ivy or oak. Poison oak is most common...More
Reply: strange skin problems
Dear Anonymous, It sounds like you could have scabies, although I can't be...More
Reply: Red streaks on legs following sun burn
Were you drinking any drinks with lime in them while you were on the beach?...More
Reply: Red spots on skin
Dear Momhewitt, It sounds like you are developing cherry angiomas, which...More
Reply: blackhead or something more? please help!
Dear bridgesandballoon07, It's very common to get clogged pores on the edges...More
Reply: Accutane - Second time
Dear crescent23, Accutane is not just for severe acne, it's also used for...More