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Reply: Blisters like pimples on my scalp
jeremylee1979, I need a little more information. What is the texture of your...More
Reply: Overuse of skin products under eyes
Dear willburstyle06, The effects that you describe cannot be attributed to...More
Reply: Hair loss after MRSA
Dear JakeMoldoon, Whether the hair returns depends on whether the MRSA...More
Reply: itchy bumps coming in patches
kkolo, Unfortunately, you can't be diagnosed without seeing the rash. It may...More
Reply: itchy bumps coming in patches
This sounds unbearable. At this point, if you were my patient, I would do a...More
Reply: I'm using Proactive and still breaking out. Why?
Dear Anonymous, Proactive is effective for some people with mild acne....More
Reply: Face scar unknown
Dear AdviceSeek, I am concerned that this "scar" appeared for no reason,...More
Reply: Anaphalactic shock and immunodeficiency disease
Dear tweetylove27, This sounds like a desperate situation. Has your husband...More
Reply: HPV on surfaces
Dear,jrh00, What great questions! HPV is a virus that cannot be cultured, so...More
Reply: Cosmetic Laser Damage
Dear Anon_73383, I'm afraid that your questions cannot be answered without a...More