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Reply: Cold Sore or Pimple? Expert Advice Please
Dear Anon_141150, Cold sores start with several little blisters which then...More
Reply: Skin Irritation after shaving
Dear Gismo2208, Make sure that you shave in or after the shower so that the...More
Reply: Unusual hair loss for 20 year old
Dear Snoop25, I'm sorry to hear that you are losing your hair, but please...More
Reply: Pimple or Boil? Or something else?
Dear An-242630, Stop squeezing! You're going to cause an infection. It...More
Reply: Tinea Versicolor
Dear ManiRGS, Sometimes the fungus can be deep and more numerous in the...More
Reply: itchy bumps coming in patches
Tanya, This type of reaction is usually an allergic reaction to a food or...More
Reply: itchy bumps coming in patches
This doesn't sound like an allergic reaction unless you're applying...More
Reply: Normal healing for a boil?
Dear An_242442, Congratulations on doing everything right! If you have no...More
Reply: Hives or something
Dear bobbymccann, It sounds like you are having hives. Since they happen at...More
Reply: itchy bumps
Dear marty164, There are lots of causes of itchy red bumps, including...More