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Reply: Small raise circles, light brown in color?
Research Tinea Versicolor and see if that might be what he has. Easy to treat, but...More
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: White Spot
Could be an adulthood milium. Aestheticians pop them out with a needle. Dermatologists...More
Posted by Capsaicin
Includes Expert Content
Reply: yuzer
The shingles vaccine is a stronger version of the chickenpox vaccine. There would be no...More
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: NewMoles
It would be a good idea to see a dermatologist for a base line skin and mole evaluation....More
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: HPV Genital warts or just skin tags??????
Has the condylox caused any skin irritation?
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: Strange Skin rash
have you been using a topical steroid cream in the armpit?
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: At My Wits End!
Prior to bedtime try soaking hands in warm water for 10-15 minutes until they are...More
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: tiny light spots
How old are you? Have you had lots of sun exposure during your life? Do you have fair,...More
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: Acne & black marks
Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Are you treating the acne? Acne treatment is all...More
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: Blisters on Fingers
Sounds like dyshidrotic eczema. Sometimes made worse during stressfull times. Usually...More
Posted by Capsaicin