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Reply: Tanning Beds and UVA
All a lie. Don't go there! If UVA rays were filtered, you would get no tan. Any tan is a...More
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: My neck is breaking out from rubbing alcohol
"Broke your skin out" how? Rash, pimples? Alcohol is not good for skin health.
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: Constantly Itching
Sounds like pressure urticaria or "hives". Try over the counter Zyrtec or Allegra...More
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: scab on my shoulder
You may have a skin cancer. You need to see your PCP or dermatologist.
Posted by Capsaicin
Reply: lupus milaris disses?? feleci
The cause and pathogenesis of this condition are unknown.It consists of multiple...More
Posted by Capsaicin