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My Story:
About Me:

I'm a wife and a mom.

Why I came to WebMD:

To become a better informed health consumer. I'm a baby boomer facing the same challenges most people my age are: diet and weight gain, skin problems including acne breakouts and wrinkles, and trying to fit everything into one day without being exhausted!

Where I can be found on WebMD:

Various exchanges including the Pet Health Exchange.

I have a lovely girl dog Lilly and I adopted her from the SPCA 3 years ago! She is the sweetest dog who wants to say "hi" to every dog and person she meets! That's my lady mutt next to me in my photo! I’ve also recently adopted a boy kitten named Charlie. He's a 7 pound rascal and loves to pounce on Lilly's tail or her leash just before I take her out for a walk. Charlie will cuddle up with Lilly though once he's calmed down!

What I Like:

Books: fashion magazines, biography books.

Movies/TV: Survivor, ANTM, The Biggest Loser, CSI, old movies on TCM.

Music: whatever is on the radio!

Hobbies: surfing the internet, shopping.

Other: No whip cream mochas at Starbucks!

What Inspires Me:

My mom.

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