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Facial Dermatitis
May sound odd, but read an article in Newspaper last year, written by The Peoples Pharmacy, they also have...More
Posted by normalagain
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Chronic hives
I have had hives on different areas of my body for years with no relief no matter what I used or how many...More
Posted by justpat43
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Granuloma Luminaire - red skin rash
"granuloma luminaire",(not sure spelling is correct) is another skin rash that can appear on parts of...More
Posted by grannyjan1520
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Ice Pack
I recently experienced unbearable itching; went to the dr. and tried three different medications and none...More
Posted by sammy0114
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pityriasis rosea
I was diagnosed this week after suffering for almost 2 weeks. After hearing there's no cure I started...More
Posted by darlene714
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noseeums itch
On top of what i said earlier, we have been dealing with a bout withe noseeums again this year. We did the things...More
Posted by ljefe
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Scalp Dermatitis Solution
Hi All, Just want to share this with you. It may not work for all of you and certainly not medical advice...More
Posted by steffhally1
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Is your water making you itchy?
Dry, itchy skin is quite common during winter. However, did you ever think that your water could be...More
Dr. Mohiba Tareen
Tareen Dermatology, Roseville, Minn
Castle Connoly's America's Top Cosmetic Dermatologists
Adjunct Assistant Professor Univ of MN Dept of Dermatology
Posted by Mohiba K Tareen, MD
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I had the same thing it's a skin fungus you descri...
I had the exact same thing it drove me crazy. My doctor is an older GP so he has been around. He knew exactly...More
Posted by bred02
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best solution for under-breast skin problems
Please look into wearing a BreastComfort Sling or a BreastComfort cushioned bra insert - both are soft...More
Posted by An_259400
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Great treatment for Dark skin due to eczema
I have to say, I never would believe it if I didn't see it for myself. I suffer from a rare form of eczema...More
Posted by racha6400
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Try vasculitis. I have the same. Mid calves when I am on my feet a lot or hike. Just started after hysterectomy...More
Posted by 1ipad
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Cure/Help for Perioral Dermatitis
I have had Perioral Dermatitis since Feb 13, 2014. For four months I have been going crazy trying to manage...More
Posted by pattiannem
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Tea Tree oil
Hello, I am traveling in the Florida keys, and I have dozens of no see um bites. I realized many natural...More
Posted by lillibellfl
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Possible solution to coarse facial hair!?
All, I was desperately searching the internet today for something to help me with the very same problem...More
Posted by An_257580
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Dermatographic urticaria - Aveeno Oatmeal Bath hel...
I too have Dermatographic urticarial, and it does worsen with stress. I've found that soaking in Aveeno...More
Posted by coloradohappy
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My scalp drips
I got my hair dyed several days ago and got steroids. It was all okay but then my scalp had bumps and it got...More
Posted by aleekab
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skin breakout
I have the same kind of breakout but mine burn, anyone else?
Posted by marrion
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Cure for Hives--(had hives over ENTIRE BODY for ov...
Do you have pink, raised areas anywhere on your body that itch (and I mean anywhere)? Do you eat a lot of...More
Posted by justmemjc
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Mohiba K Tareen, MD is a board certified dermatologist who has an innovative practice in Roseville, Minnesota. Tareen Dermatology ( www.TareenDermato...More

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Cure for Hives--(had hives over ENTIRE BODY for over a year)
Do you have pink, raised areas anywhere on your body that itch (and I mean anywhere)? Do you eat a lot of low-fat or diet foods or use ... More
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