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Skin rash not itchy
Three days ago I woke up with swelling under my jaw on the right side only. I noticed small red bumps on my...More
Posted by kkrysmat
red sore on stomach
I have a single red sore on my stomach. I thought it was acne but it hasn't gone away in several months. It looks...More
Posted by pgggv
rashes surounding a mole on my neck for over 3 mon...
Please help me identify the rashes I have had for many months now. They are near a mole on the neck and are dry,...More
Posted by lousan
rashes on neck surounding a mole existing 3+ month...
I have had a larger and smaller size rash's surounding a mole on my neck. It looks like its dried up,flaky but...More
Posted by lousan
Reply: I have no idea but im getting scared
Sorry I guess I did not post correctly. I have blisters,and scabs on my feet, legs,and arms. I thought it was...More
Posted by An_253759
I have no idea but im getting scared
43yr old female. I have blisters and my skin ble scratch. More
Posted by An_253759
I recently developed the rash shown in the pictures below. The rash is itchy, but not constantly. I first...More
Posted by An_253421
Cellulitis of right ear and swollen antitragus
I recently had cellulitis of my right ear again. the last time I had it was march 2013. Both times I went...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Cellulitis of right ear and swollen antitragus
I recently had cellulitis of my right ear again. the last time I had it was march 2013. Both times I went...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Reply: Red Spots on Palm of hands and Soles of Feet
Here is a pic of my hand. More
Posted by munichdobe
I have a small bumpy rash on my arm that don't itc...
I have a small bumpy rash on my arm the bumps are a little red, it has never itched and it has been their for 3...More
Posted by ptwupt
Reoccurring itchy bumps
3about 4 months ago I started itching. I started getting little red bumps on my arms, face, and legs....More
Posted by supermanscott
skin rash on top of foot
recently noticed this line on my foot, and it doesnt itch all the time, only itches when i maybe i start...More
Posted by wert102
bumps on my leg
any idea what these bumps are on my leg? they dont really itch or anything but they are just there and...More
Posted by triviumnater87
chafing rash
so chaffig is a rash on like inner thigs from idk sweating or something anyways its extremely paint full...More
Posted by triviumnater87
Resistant ringworm?
Our household got ringworm from an infected shelter cat at Christmas. My hubby, two older sons and myself...More
Posted by Angie80538
bumps on my son's skin
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what this might be. My 14 year old son has 2 tiny bumps right next...More
Posted by tfors10370
my girlfriend got what apeared to be thrush in her throat/mouth.soon after i started to have iching ,sore like...More
Posted by steveroy
Skin Bumps Help
My boyfriend has these red bumps on the inside of his arms. He's had them as long as I've known him, and...More
Posted by wiinterbones
Please help identify strange rash from scuba wetsu...
Hello, My boyfriend and I went scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean last week. Shortly after suiting up in a...More
Posted by ATXSteph
Painful sores under armpits
Please help me identify this so i can please get rid of it! Its sometimes very painful.. Recent Pictures Below ...More
Posted by TF_CAM
Strange Rash on Hands and Feet
Hi, my name is Carly and I am 20 years old. I have always been prone to hives and strange skin...More
Posted by carlclyde
Can someone give me an idication of what it could ...
In the pubic area (Meaning where the hair starts to grow) near the top in the area of the hair, I have 2 acne...More
Posted by iStEyR
Rash From Mono
Hello, My name is Ryan and am 20. I recently came down with mono. It was terrible at first. My throat almost...More
Posted by 91ryan
allergic reaction to antibiotic
My fiance was put on bacterium for a bacterial infection. He was seen at the doctors today because he had a...More
Posted by lisarog2003
Reply: red skin rash
Oh wow! Certainly hope you've gotten her to a doctor!! Have you looked in the Webmd site for videos on skin...More
Posted by mayborn
Skin rashes and sores.
Hi everyone! I started this community hoping people would come to talk about skin problems. Hopefully, we'll...More
Posted by mayborn

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