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Reply: Belsomra reviews?
Posts like many of these reviews make me wonder. Someone below said they split the pill and took 10 mg, the...More
Posted by An_261771
Vibration Cure
I have had this for a number of years which can last for months and disappear then return and it is unbearable...More
Posted by langa2s
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Reply: Somnapure - Possible Side Effect
I began using Somnapure a few months ago. It works great most of the time. Prior to this, I was taking 15mg...More
Posted by billiam904
Question about Ambien to Clonazepam
My doctor has had me on 20mg of ambien a night for the last 6 months. He also prescribed me 2mg Clonazepam...More
Posted by dkelly2541
Belsomra Bad Side Affects
This new sleep med is awful. It gave me terrible, bizarre vivid dreams, which seem real with no escape, also...More
Posted by An_261749
What other meds are there?
The "unaffordable care act "strikes again. I have sleep apnea and have faithfully used a CPAP and now a Bipap...More
Posted by An_261748
Looks Like Everyone is a Trial
I had high hopes for the new drug Belsomra, but haven't had the results I dreamed of. It does put me to...More
Posted by An_261733
Reply: Insomnia after brain surgery
Anon Thank you very much. I have a bottle of 40mg. The thing is I am very sensitive to medecine. I tried 7...More
Posted by michthall
Reply: Morning anger: waking up hating everything
I appreciate the kind words of encouragement and advice. I do know that this is all temporary, but I am...More
Posted by sugarpunkfairy
Reply: Vibrating and paralysis during sleep
Thank you so much will let you know how I go.More
Posted by smurfette555
I had a brain surgery for an unruptured aneurysm last october 2013. It was done in America although I am...More
Posted by michthall
Natural Approach to Snoring
I really hate the idea of CPAP machines and other "devices". Has anyone tried a more natural approach? I...More
Posted by An_261625
Belsomra update
This is just a few hours after my last post. At 10:00 I took 30 mg of Belsomra ( 10 and 20 mg hadn't worked...More
Posted by An_261605
I tried 10 mg...nothing. 20 mg...nothing. Last night I tried 30 mg and slept for 5 hours. Better than my...More
Posted by An_261605
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Reply: Sleep Paralysis???
Hi! I have what you describe in the last paragraph....I do take a lot of sleeping meds to sleep, have had...More
Posted by mrsmacho23
Need Help! Chronic Insomnia!
Hi! These posts about Belsomra not working worry me! I have such high hopes for trying belsomra! I have had...More
Posted by mrsmacho23
Reply: Can not take up before 8am
My take: this really isn't so much a sleep issue as it is a motivation issue. You are waking up, you just...More
Posted by morpheus15
Reply: Tremors/vibrations at night???
does you body vibrates from outside where someone can notice it? If it vibrates internally please do a...More
Posted by An_261581
A few questions- please help
Hello everybody, A new company is developing a product for those who suffer from sleeping disorders. please...More
Posted by sleepsleep
I was looking forward to trying Belsomra. Tried 20 mg, but I was up until 3 am as it did nothing. I had to...More
Posted by An_261556
Extreme nightmares almost every time I fall asleep
Hi, how's it going? I'm new to the webMD community and am really trying to get to understand my condition...More
Posted by eucalyptusjb

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Tired but cant sleep
I feel tired all day long and have a hard time waking up in the mornings, but when it gets late and time for...More
Posted by runninlope
fall asleep fast
watch listen to rain videos to help me fall asleep. it works every night Watch: ...More
Posted by iwannasleep
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Reply: Serious insomnia, nothing works
watch listen to rain videos to help me fall asleep. it works every night Watch: ...More
Posted by iwannasleep
Reply: elderly
watch listen to rain videos to help me fall asleep. it works every night Watch: ...More
Posted by iwannasleep
Reply: Is this sleep apnea?
Yes, this could. I was told by my sleep doctor that the following things can be caused by sleep...More
Posted by thistledown1973
Reply: Possible Narcolepsy?
A sleep study will give you the best chance of figuring out what's wrong; even young children can have...More
Posted by thistledown1973
Reply: Physical position/comfort
Yes, I understand what you are saying, but, my take is the pain is there for a reason. It's telling me...More
Posted by pistolpete730
Reply: I found the cure!!!
So, its been two years, do you still take it every night?
Posted by pistolpete730
Naps May Improve Your Health
"Brief daytime naps might protect you against the harmful health effects of a poor night's sleep, a new...More
Posted by atti_editor
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I use a cpap every night.
I used a cpap. It has made a big difference with my sleeping. Every morning I would wake up with an headache and did not know why. The cpap ... More
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