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body shut down
I am 51 yrs old and diagnosed with sleep apnea about 2 yrs ago. Is there help for someone who has times where...More
Posted by ajstylist
troube staying asleep
has anyone had any luck with meds like Tylenol PM or any of the other forms of this med?
Posted by Rob68
Leg twitching
What causes leg twitching while sleeping?
Posted by Kennyarny
WSho Has a CPAP Mask they like?
Even with a mask I like, I start fighting it after about 5 hours of sleep.
Posted by BigRed61205
One of the things that I find lacking is information about adjustment levels. I have bi-polar issues and...More
Posted by wallyob
61 and trying to find solutions
Ok...will try to be succinct but gonna be a bit tough... Border line diabetic- usually read 7.1-6.8....More
Posted by An_260165
Reply: Somnapure comments?
The best way to get to slepp is keep busy. Housework ,gardening construction. Long walks excersise. Run. ...More
Posted by free2roam
Strange Sleep Problem
I have a stomach infection of some kind with vomiting and diarrhea with a low fever, and muscle pain. I was...More
Posted by jpo2525

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Reply: How do you behave without sleep?
I suffer from bipolar disorder. I haven"t slept in a month. I don"t know what to do.
Posted by sophie1945
Reply: Post Menopausal-20 years-can't sleep
I, too, am receiving bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Despite what the doctor said, the hormones do...More
Posted by arax424
Reply: Insomniac
Hi, This slideshow on insomnia myths and facts has some good information on things that could be making...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Sleep Apnea or Not??
Have you spoken with your husband's doctor about your suspicions that he has sleep apnea? If his doctor...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Sleep Apnea
Here is a good overview of treatment options for sleep apnea. Have you spoken with your doctor or a...More
Posted by atti_editor
I believe ambien is the best thing to help you sleep without the grogginess
Posted by Npayne136867
Was this Helpful?
I tried Somnapure 2 days now and have the wierdest dreams. I am awake every 2 to 3 hours. Anybody the same...More
Posted by arvie
Reply: sleep paralysis / out of body experience / hypnaco...
I myself am new to the board. I'm 45yrs young and have been experiencing sleep paralysis for greater than...More
Posted by miznevaeh5
Sleepwalking - Requesting Feedback from Sleepwalke...
Hi everyone: Respond if you can on this. I have a range of parasomnias already (sleep paralysis, exploding...More
Posted by nmaresudden
Reply: Narcolepsy Support, Southern Oregon
I just found this forum. I live in Portland and would be glad to connect with your daughter. I was...More
Reply: body vibrations at night
I suspect we all feel some kind of vibration in the mattress when sleeping. Without knowing it, this can go on...More
Posted by georgew6
Reply: Hard to admit
Everything I've read says drinking before bedtime actually does disturb sleep. Usually, it means sleeping...More
Posted by georgew6
shift work
Hi, I am a shift worker and i have noticed that as i am getting older, it is having more of an effect on me....More
Posted by chris18958
Reply: Feeling very tired.
Have you spoken with your doctor about your recent tiredness? It would be good to rule out an underlying...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Shift work sleep habits
It sounds like for the most part you have a great handle on how to reset your sleep cycle so that you are...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: My girlfriend sleeps way too much, sometimes throu...
Did her doctor think she was depressed? Did she tell her doctor that the medicine is making it worse? I...More
Posted by phototaker
Reply: Hi: I'm New Here & have a Long Bunch of Questions
Thank you! I have a BI-PAP machine...which makes this so much harder. This machine is "different" than the...More
Posted by phototaker
Reply: Awake All Night...5AM Crash...Nightmares....Wake E...
I have almost exactly same symtoms, I have been diagnosed with Ptsd and severe anxiety disorder.I have some...More
Posted by saynow1
Reply: Shift Work Sleep Habbits
Hi bbryce, Shift work can definitely mess with your sleep cycles! This article has some good tips on...More
Posted by atti_editor
Tip for getting to sleep.
I usually drink a glass of warm milk before I go to bed and it reallyhelps.
Posted by Anointed_One
Was this Helpful?
I've been taking 1.5 mgs of melatonin since 2007. I used to take it once a month, then once every two months,...More
Posted by txboy
Terrible sleep unless going to bed early
Hi everyone I've noticed that, increasingly over the years (I'm 33 now, male), the main predictor of my...More
Posted by longtalker

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i beat it 50 and i'm sleeping again
well here it is . go to the sporting goods store get a mouth protector, follow instructions, for fitting . now while the plastic is still ... More
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