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Reply: How do you behave without sleep?
MY husband and I have been split up for 3 weeks. I left because he became a violent unpredictable man, who...More
Posted by Dawnwilliams
Reply: Sleep Apnea
Pure oxygen is far too dangerous. Air enriched with some oxygen is more practical. Thousands of people use some...More
Posted by at30978
Marijuana Withdrawal Insomnia:
Stats: -Male -230 pounds (Rapidly losing weight due to lack of appetite, also marijuana quitting...More
Posted by Theorem_Alpha
Reply: Violent while sleeping?
Probably not the medication .My husband does the same things in his sleep that I'm reading here . I can...More
Posted by sleepyinseatl
Reply: Belsomra reviews?
I too suffer from insomnia, severe sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthrisi and psoriatic arthritis. I was so sleep...More
Posted by Sparky203
Reply: Inactive Board
I only started here today. I've noticed a lot of the posts are very old. There was a Dr. that introduced...More
Posted by Sparky203
Reply: successlly sleeping since i've been on seroquel
I have sleep apnea central and obstructive. Have the latest bi pap and a new type of under nose canula and it...More
Posted by Sparky203
Reply: Hi: I'm New Here & have a Long Bunch of Questions
I have a bi pap also the same diagnosis central and obstructive sleep apnea. I have been diagnosed first in...More
Posted by Sparky203
Reply: Eating late supper
That's a fairly common side effect of eating late, especially if you're having acid reflux. I've heard you...More
Posted by elsiekins
Reply: Somnapure comments?
It figures most people would try to push the FDA and so on. But the truth is all the ingredients in Somnapure...More
Posted by Spartan03
Reply: Balloon Sinuplasty Problems
I had this procedure done 24 hours ago. I would never have this done again without a general. It was so...More
Posted by An_264214
Reply: Need a quick solution for snoring? Please help!
How are you snoring exactly? Are you on your back? With an open mouth? Closed mouth? There could be different...More
Posted by elsiekins
Sleepwalking experience
Hi all, I am an adult sleepwalker with a mild condition (recurrent sleepwalking but not leading to...More
Posted by Luke_Sleepwalker
Reply: Sleep Problem, Please Help
Try getting out of bed as soon as you wake up, and doing some activity in low light. Sitting in bed trying to...More
Posted by elsiekins
Reply: Sinusitis and Sleep Apnea
I am retired USAF and my sleep apnea was approved by VA secondary to sinusitis.
Posted by LeroyGee
Reply: Shift Work sleeping habbits
Sounds exactly like my life. I use a sleep calculator with my crazy schedule. Lets say you can only get a...More
Posted by An_264084
Sleep apnea and PTSD
Is there a connection between sleep apnea and PTSD? I am a Veteran and have both. I believe they are...More
Posted by An_264033
Reply: Tremors/vibrations at night???
I have had tremors when I sleep two nights in a row now. It feels like my whole body is shaking. I'm...More
Posted by purplkoala
sleep more
get a job on the Company side instead of Union. 8-5 Holidays off, no weekends
Posted by An_264016
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Reply: Sleeping problems
Hey Kylerg, Do a search on sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea. It's possible you may have this...More
Posted by danielleschwartz
Reply: Sleep Apnea
Hi Thunderbird, I'm not sure about medication actually helping to stop sleep apnea because the...More
Posted by danielleschwartz
Tips for falling in sleep
Can't fall in sleep is a terrible thing; I experienced it myself for almost 6 months. But if you make up your...More
Posted by fredawong
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Reply: Insomnia
Watching tv too close to bedtime could be hurting your sleep. This article has some good information on...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Sleep apnea mask
I was diagnosed a couple of years ago too and I refused to use the mask. I too am a stomach sleeper,...More
Posted by danielleschwartz
Goggling sleeping pills and now worried
Hi - had a bad night last night - I took Lunesta and nothing happened and was up 3 hours after I took it. ...More
Posted by Anon_11642
Reply: 61 and trying to find solutions
Thank you...very open to options...the existing situation is not acceptable. I will look into the hypno...More
Posted by dukerp
Provigil for Sleep disorders
If you are looking for a right nootropic medicine to clear the narcolepsy problems then you must definitely...More
Posted by provigil
Reply: twitching
have RLS and they have prescribed me Gabapentin for it. seems to work ok. i didn't know that taking Magnesium...More
Posted by rcook01
Reply: Waking up ANGRY
I am not a professional but have studied it, cause I have relatives who are like this. I believe all the...More
Posted by happytrails65
Reply: Husband disorder.
My late husband snore loud also and the sleep lab showed that he breathed one time a minute. It is important...More
Posted by vivianj60

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i beat it 50 and i'm sleeping again
well here it is . go to the sporting goods store get a mouth protector, follow instructions, for fitting . now while the plastic is still ... More
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