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Are there certain physical requirements to qualify for OSA device? Sleeping with a mask and CPAP is a...More
Posted by An_265048
Restless Legs
Does anyone suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome? How do you get to sleep when they bother you? If they wake you...More
Posted by An_265047
Would like an opinion
Ok I have just made a few positive life changes. I moved to a different city, started a new job, quit smoking...More
Posted by An_265016
Sudden pulse spikes while sleeping
Hi, I recently got an Apple watch and found a sleep app for it that monitors your pulse throughout the whole...More
Posted by aws87
Reply: Sleep Apnea
I have been using a CPAP for over 10 years and I am pretty sick of it; can you tell me how long it took to...More
Posted by stevepops
Restless Legs
I suffer from severe restless legs. As soon as I try to go to sleep, it seems my legs want to go for a...More
Reply: Belsomra reviews?
I can assure everyone that I am not a pharmaceutical rep and Belsomra is a useless medication for sleep....More
Posted by Cannotsleep60
Reply: Brain Fog - Overnight Onset
Hi, my take would be to focus on sleep, meaning doing what you can to improve sleep. This, of course, in...More
Posted by morpheus15
Reply: Waking up ANGRY
I disagree with this. I myself am one to wake up angry when woken up and this happens every night. I...More
Posted by EnlightenedShadow
Insomnia for teenagers
My teenage daughter hardly ever sleeps. I do not want to put her on sleep aids but thought exercise would...More
Posted by feelingfit
First time Sleep Paralysis?
Hi all I had a bit of a frightening experience today, and while my first thought went to sleep paralysis, a...More
Posted by amywsa
Startled awake, terrified, confused
Hello! Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but twice this past year, a loud noise has startled me...More
Posted by An_264800
Reply: vomiting from lack of sleep
Hi I was suffice around the net trying to find some answer to the same problem and found this post...More
Reply: insomnia for over 10 years
I found an article that might help: I've...More
Posted by elsiekins
Reply: Fisher-Wallace Stimulator
Yes, I have used the device and it has been very helpful. If you cannot afford the device at full cost, ask...More
Posted by msrodgersgw
Sleep Apnea
I have been using a Oral Sleep Appliance, OSA, for several months woks great. Cant tolerate the CPAP....More
Posted by Jennifer5252
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Reply: Why am I like this?
I have had had rushes when I lay down often on for over a year. In all my research I have found that it...More
Posted by EddieSaysSo
Reply: Semi-Consious Anxiety
I suffered from sleep terrors for over 3 years and severe snoring for over a decade, I used to wake up in...More
Posted by SimonGriffin
Reply: Husband disorder.
I tried sleep lab too, helped a lot, where did you buy yours? I got my from for pretty...More
Posted by SimonGriffin
Reply: Somnapure comments?
I've been using Somnapure for a week and it works great for me. I noticed an improvement in my sleep the...More
Posted by wildbill288
Severe Insomnia
I had been taking Zopiclone for about for years then stopped taking it five years ago because of...More
Posted by 5yearsNoSleep
For sleep, I take valerian root and melatonin. My back up which I don't take every night is Benadryl and...More
Posted by An_264498
I saw that some people suffer or have suffered serious sleep disorder after aneurysm surgery. It is my case....More
Posted by An_264400
Reply: Insomnia after brain surgery
I have been reading many of your posts. The one thing that no one else has mentioned is Seizures. I had...More
Posted by dawg2fan
Reply: How do you behave without sleep?
MY husband and I have been split up for 3 weeks. I left because he became a violent unpredictable man, who...More
Posted by Dawnwilliams
Reply: Sleep Apnea
Pure oxygen is far too dangerous. Air enriched with some oxygen is more practical. Thousands of people use some...More
Posted by at30978
Marijuana Withdrawal Insomnia:
Stats: -Male -230 pounds (Rapidly losing weight due to lack of appetite, also marijuana quitting...More
Posted by Theorem_Alpha
Reply: Violent while sleeping?
Probably not the medication .My husband does the same things in his sleep that I'm reading here . I can...More
Posted by sleepyinseatl
Reply: Inactive Board
I only started here today. I've noticed a lot of the posts are very old. There was a Dr. that introduced...More
Posted by Sparky203
Reply: successlly sleeping since i've been on seroquel
I have sleep apnea central and obstructive. Have the latest bi pap and a new type of under nose canula and it...More
Posted by Sparky203

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take meds at some time, don't eat after 7
I meant the longer reply posted a few minutes ago to to go to donnajune2000 More
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