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Reply: Still In Pain, Three Days After Balloon Sinuplasty
I'm sorry you had this experience. My 15 year old daughter had Balloon Sinuplasty done 4 days ago and has...More
Posted by jennbean18

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Falling asleep while sitting. Ok while active and...
First of all I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a couple of years ago. I am presently using a CPAP machine...More
Posted by jerallen73
No effects FisherWallStim
Just over $800 canadian, and already falling apart. I have been using this for 2 weeks now. with no positive...More
Posted by An_262972
Belsomra causing stomach ache/ soft stool?
Anyone experiencing this? Or could it be because I took part of a pill (cutting the enteric tablet)? ...More
Posted by sleepsearcher
Reply: Sleep
This article has some really good suggestions on things that you can do (and avoid doing) throughout the...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Belsomra reviews?
I have taken the Belsomra and it really helped me but I don't think it is worth $10.00 per tablet wished I...More
Posted by minervairene
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Reply: I CAN'T WAKE UP :(
This sounds like my sons problem!!How exact was you diagnosed ????I need to find him a good Dr.
Posted by mothergoingcrazy
why am I violent when I sleep
For the past few days I've been hitting my boyfriend when I fall asleep he wakes me up asking why I'm...More
Posted by pikachu4201
Reply: can only sleep for two hours at a time
Have you had a sleep study done?? You need one first and foremost! I feel your pain, if you have sleep apnea, it...More
Posted by dgibby
Listen to music
Sometimes when i listen to music before i sleep it helps me sleep more soundly throughout the night
Posted by htxlonghorn
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Reply: No help with Belsomra
The best mess I have ever taken to sleep is a combination of 100 mg seroquel 100 mg trazadone and 25 mg...More
Posted by stella42
Can't Sleep
When I can't sleep , Ijust zone out of everything and refuse to perform any work in any efficient manner....More
Posted by andylar
Reply: Fisher-Wallace Stimulator
As a licensed psychologist myself, I'm curious where you came up with "it's neither legal nor ethical to...More
Posted by cognitiveman
Reply: Mouthpieces for snoring?
Does it actually work?
Posted by barryh71
Reply: How do you behave without sleep?
With the occasional 'white night', I notice that while I do reasonably well the next day, there are more...More
Posted by analogdog
Reply: waking up mean & nasty
Is there anyone else in your family of origin that does this? The things you describe sound a lot like things...More
Posted by analogdog
Sleep, but no rest
I'm seeking any advice to help my beloved fiancé. She can get 7 or 8 hours of sleep and still feel...More
Posted by sleeplessinmo
Reply: Balloon Sinuplasty Problems
I was searching for some answers and I came across this forum and it has completely put my worries at...More
Posted by forevermadysmom04
CPAP Comfort
To the person asking about CPAP Comfort. I find that the CPAP machine with the nasal cannula is more...More
Posted by proby12601
Reply: Somnapure comments?
This product is CRAP! It doesn't work AT ALL! The staff is only interested in their almighty dollar! You can...More
Posted by filipio
Has anybody seen benefit from doing meditation prior to bed time?
Posted by An_262404
Reply: Seizures, sleep paralysis, or nightmares??
Here is some more in-depth information on sleep paralysis. Many of the things that you describe do sound...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Alternatives to CPAP
Here is some information on oral breathing devices that are sometimes a reasonable alternative to a CPAP...More
Posted by atti_editor
Frequent awakenings, not apnea-related. What is go...
I had a sleep study last month which showed a sleep latency of 2 minutes, prolonged stage 1, normal stages 2...More
Posted by An_262341
Do the sleep number beds help with snorign?
Posted by An_262313
Chest pain upon awakening...
Hello, My name is Laura and I have been dealing with a condition called costochondritis (of the chest)...More
Posted by lauranelson68
Chest pain upon awakening...
Hello, My name is Laura and I have been dealing with a condition called costochondritis (of the chest)...More
Posted by lauranelson68
Reply: Wake up gasping for air
This seems spot on! I'll mention that before I developed this condition, I had developed laryngospasms, so I...More
Posted by cannymanny
Belsomra Update
This is my second post on this drug. Initially, I had no success whatsoever after two nights with 10+10mg and...More
Posted by ncdudley
Husband lacks sleep
My husband only sleeps around 4-5 hours each night, and works 12 hours, 5 days a week! I don't see how he...More
Posted by karma3p80

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alcohol is a stimulant
took sleeping pills for a few years at that time I drank a few beers every day , When I quit drinking the insominia problem went away . ... More
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