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No help with Belsomra
I've taken Belsomra for 5 nights in a row and it hasn't had any affect at all on me. First night I took 10...More
Posted by jerseygal70
Chest pain upon awakening...
Hello, My name is Laura and I have been dealing with a condition called costochondritis (of the chest)...More
Posted by lauranelson68
Chest pain upon awakening...
Hello, My name is Laura and I have been dealing with a condition called costochondritis (of the chest)...More
Posted by lauranelson68
Belsomra Update
This is my second post on this drug. Initially, I had no success whatsoever after two nights with 10+10mg and...More
Posted by ncdudley
Husband lacks sleep
My husband only sleeps around 4-5 hours each night, and works 12 hours, 5 days a week! I don't see how he...More
Posted by karma3p80

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chronic insomnia
Hello Mrsmacho23 I haven't been as unlucky as you, and always slept well until i was pregnant - she is now...More
Posted by An_262124
CPAP Comfort
I am scheduled for a sleep study next week and am certain that I have sleep Apnea. I am told that I hold my...More
Posted by An_262115
I, too, had high hopes for this medication. Nope. Not even at 20 mg. I love ambien/zopidem. That worked...More
Posted by jsbuggybuggy
congestion after Sinuplasty
I had balloon Sinuplasty 2 days ago and I'm feeling pretty good, I had 4 sinuses worked on a deviated septum...More
Posted by lindac1202
I tried this the other night. I tried it at 10mg. and nothing happened. I upped it to another 10mg. an hour...More
Posted by An_262025
Horrific dreams, causing to cover certain body par...
My sister has been having horrific dreams ever since she was 3. She's 20 years old now. She has them every...More
Posted by chancesrenee
Balloon sinuplasty
Had this procedure done yesterday and feel 100% better already. I basically had a scar band that had formed...More
Posted by An_261987
Removing certain foods
Has anyone tried and or noticed an effect from removing highly processed foods? Sugars, processed carb's...More
Posted by An_261979
not good
Dr. just gave me samples of this to see how it would do and let me tell you it wasn't good.... didn't fall...More
Posted by danadec20
Tried their free sample and it caused me to have nightmares, bed wetting and morning headache. Also, didn't...More
Posted by larfina
Tried for 3 weeks straight
So hey all, I posted a response to another person but this post is in regard to my own review and personal...More
Posted by An_261831
As I explained on another post, I have been unable to sleep for more than 3 months now, nothing, not one...More
Posted by michthall
I don't sleep well when I'm sore!
Hi, I'm a 39 year old male and for a long time I've suffered from sleep issues. I've already tried the C-PAP...More
Posted by ynnad281
Question about Ambien to Clonazepam
My doctor has had me on 20mg of ambien a night for the last 6 months. He also prescribed me 2mg Clonazepam...More
Posted by dkelly2541
Belsomra Bad Side Affects
This new sleep med is awful. It gave me terrible, bizarre vivid dreams, which seem real with no escape, also...More
Posted by An_261749
What other meds are there?
The "unaffordable care act "strikes again. I have sleep apnea and have faithfully used a CPAP and now a Bipap...More
Posted by An_261748
Looks Like Everyone is a Trial
I had high hopes for the new drug Belsomra, but haven't had the results I dreamed of. It does put me to...More
Posted by An_261733
Where to go to first.
I have been suffering from extreme fatigue/exhaustion for years now. It is seriously affecting my mood and...More
Posted by Anon_232216
I had a brain surgery for an unruptured aneurysm last october 2013. It was done in America although I am...More
Posted by michthall
Morning anger: waking up hating everything
Lately, my mornings have been something I dread. It doesn't matter what's been going on in my life, but...More
Posted by sugarpunkfairy
Natural Approach to Snoring
I really hate the idea of CPAP machines and other "devices". Has anyone tried a more natural approach? I...More
Posted by An_261625
Vibrating and paralysis during sleep
Hi. I have just experienced for the second time waking to my whole body vibrating like an electrical...More
Posted by smurfette555
Belsomra update
This is just a few hours after my last post. At 10:00 I took 30 mg of Belsomra ( 10 and 20 mg hadn't worked...More
Posted by An_261605
I tried 10 mg...nothing. 20 mg...nothing. Last night I tried 30 mg and slept for 5 hours. Better than my...More
Posted by An_261605
Need Help! Chronic Insomnia!
Hi! These posts about Belsomra not working worry me! I have such high hopes for trying belsomra! I have had...More
Posted by mrsmacho23

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take meds at some time, don't eat after 7
I meant the longer reply posted a few minutes ago to to go to donnajune2000 More
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