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Sleep apnea and PTSD
Is there a connection between sleep apnea and PTSD? I am a Veteran and have both. I believe they are...More
Posted by An_264033
Shift Work sleeping habbits
I've been working shift work for about 7 years now. I never really had too much trouble getting sleep and...More
Posted by An_263998
Inactive Board
I am noticing this board is very inactive - very few replies - does anyone know why? Finding it odd with...More
Posted by Anon_11642
Sleep Problem, Please Help
Hey folks, so basically my problem is that I've been having this problem where I sleep for only 2 hours a...More
Posted by argantes
I've been taking 100mg. Trazadone and 6mg. Melatonin for several years just to get to sleep. I take an...More
Posted by cooker6920
Goggling sleeping pills and now worried
Hi - had a bad night last night - I took Lunesta and nothing happened and was up 3 hours after I took it. ...More
Posted by Anon_11642
Provigil for Sleep disorders
If you are looking for a right nootropic medicine to clear the narcolepsy problems then you must definitely...More
Posted by provigil
Daytime sleepiness and HUNGER
Hi all, I am on my 2nd night of Belsomra and have woken up at least 15 times each night feeling drunk and...More
Posted by chariceb
Sleeping problems
I'm a 15 year old male, and lately I have realized that my body seems to require about 10-12 hours of sleep. ...More
Posted by kylerg
I am new here, originally looking for discussion on C pap issues. BUT THEN I saw the Belsomra discussion. I...More
Posted by sandys29
Sinuplasty with Turbination
Yesterday, I had sinuplasty with turbination reduction. I've suffered from restricted breathing in my nose...More
Posted by trosel238
my partner is diagnosed with RLS, PLMD, myoclonus, fibromyalgia, degenerative arthritis. His limbs don't only...More
Posted by dman61
Any tips to help prevent sleep paralysis?
I occasionally suffer from sleep paralysis when I wake up from taking naps. Are there any tips to help...More
Posted by An_263493
Sleep Apnea
I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea after a brutal year of downward spiral in vitality and energy....More
Posted by Thunderbird58
What are the side effects of trazadone? I was prescribed it to help fall asleep. So far it has worked very...More
Posted by royce513
Husband disorder.
Hi, My husband has recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea, he does snore very very loudly which does...More
Posted by janetstevens
Sleep apnea mask
Diagnosed 2 yrs ago...cant get used to mask, have tried 5 types...any suggestions for stomach sleeper?
Posted by goon2
Low T
Does low T cause sleeping problems
Posted by An_257052
Trouble waking up
Every time I take a nap in the afternoon, I have trouble waking up. I can sleep for a maximum of about...More
Posted by neonblueoctopus
trouble sleeping
I am a very light sleeper. The slightest noise wakes me.
Posted by An_263287
i feel many time shake like earth quick kidly sugg...
I'm having these tremors or vibrations on a regular basis. Usually when I'm lying down or sitting mostly at...More
Posted by vishwa77
Somnapure - bad side effect for me
Just took 1 tablet last night for the1st time, thank God I didn't take the 2 recommended....after I went to...More
Posted by An_263249
Insomnia since stopping geodon
We stopped a 20 mg. dosage of Geodon we were giving our handicapped daughter 11 months ago due to the...More
Posted by An_263161
Ambien, Trazodone Ineffective - Suggestions?
Hi everyone, I have recently been prescribed trazodone for insomnia, but was still only getting 4-5 hours...More
Posted by An_263126
Somnapure Doesn't work
I sent for the "free" sample but it didn't work. I was especially turned off by the "automatic" enrollment in...More
Posted by An_263125
Sleep Apnea
My CPAP machine worked on this condition very well for a couple of years but now my wife says I am snoring...More
Posted by steve6455
Strickman-Ripps ( ) is NYC based casting company that specializes in finding...More
Posted by strickmanripps

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Get the right sleep specialist and the right CPAP gear
I was diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea in 1995. My symptoms were morning headaches, weakness in the legs, irritability, ... More
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