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i feel many time shake like earth quick kidly sugg...
I'm having these tremors or vibrations on a regular basis. Usually when I'm lying down or sitting mostly at...More
Posted by vishwa77
Somnapure - bad side effect for me
Just took 1 tablet last night for the1st time, thank God I didn't take the 2 recommended....after I went to...More
Posted by An_263249
Insomnia since stopping geodon
We stopped a 20 mg. dosage of Geodon we were giving our handicapped daughter 11 months ago due to the...More
Posted by An_263161
Ambien, Trazodone Ineffective - Suggestions?
Hi everyone, I have recently been prescribed trazodone for insomnia, but was still only getting 4-5 hours...More
Posted by An_263126
Somnapure Doesn't work
I sent for the "free" sample but it didn't work. I was especially turned off by the "automatic" enrollment in...More
Posted by An_263125
Sleep Apnea
My CPAP machine worked on this condition very well for a couple of years but now my wife says I am snoring...More
Posted by steve6455
Strickman-Ripps ( ) is NYC based casting company that specializes in finding...More
Posted by strickmanripps
Legs Feel Like They Are Falling
Hi - I'm new to this forum so I apologize if this is already mentioned. I wanted to see if anyone ever had an...More
Posted by rileskr
Falling asleep while sitting. Ok while active and...
First of all I was diagnosed with sleep apnea a couple of years ago. I am presently using a CPAP machine...More
Posted by jerallen73
No effects FisherWallStim
Just over $800 canadian, and already falling apart. I have been using this for 2 weeks now. with no positive...More
Posted by An_262972
Belsomra causing stomach ache/ soft stool?
Anyone experiencing this? Or could it be because I took part of a pill (cutting the enteric tablet)? ...More
Posted by sleepsearcher
What's do you need to avoid doing during the day to get a good nights sleep?
Posted by guy2295441
why am I violent when I sleep
For the past few days I've been hitting my boyfriend when I fall asleep he wakes me up asking why I'm...More
Posted by pikachu4201
sleep apnea and PTSD
I need someone to advise me on sleep apnea and PTSD
Posted by kbut1210
am always tired sleeping more then 15 hours a day and still tired More
Posted by kears777
Can't Sleep
When I can't sleep , Ijust zone out of everything and refuse to perform any work in any efficient manner....More
Posted by andylar
can only sleep for two hours at a time
About five years ago I posted here that I could sleep anytime but only for three hours at a time then I...More
Posted by An_262615
Sleep, but no rest
I'm seeking any advice to help my beloved fiancé. She can get 7 or 8 hours of sleep and still feel...More
Posted by sleeplessinmo
Still In Pain, Three Days After Balloon Sinuplasty
I had the Balloon Sinuplasty done, two days ago. I was told that by today I should feeling like working,...More
Posted by ltwilliams72

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waking up mean & nasty
I'm at the end of my rope. I feel hopeless. I have an amazing life with three beautiful children & a man...More
Posted by emernst88
CPAP Comfort
To the person asking about CPAP Comfort. I find that the CPAP machine with the nasal cannula is more...More
Posted by proby12601
Has anybody seen benefit from doing meditation prior to bed time?
Posted by An_262404
Frequent awakenings, not apnea-related. What is go...
I had a sleep study last month which showed a sleep latency of 2 minutes, prolonged stage 1, normal stages 2...More
Posted by An_262341
Alternatives to CPAP
I have been using a CPAP machine for over 7 years. Are there any alternatives that work?
Posted by An_262330

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i beat it 50 and i'm sleeping again
well here it is . go to the sporting goods store get a mouth protector, follow instructions, for fitting . now while the plastic is still ... More
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