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Can't sleep the night after drinking alcohol.
I'm a 30 year old male that likes to drink. Over the past year or so I've noticed if I drink heavy (6-8...More
Posted by slegacy005
Underlying problem with rls
It has been a while since I posted on here about my rls. Well, it isn't just rls causing the problem. I am...More
Posted by alliej0225
Sleeping too much, need solution
Hello everyone. I have a problem with sleeping most of the day. For example, I will fall asleep at maybe 2 or...More
Posted by zooxahoy
oral appliance
will an oral appliance help with sleep disorders
Posted by An_257052
Need help please sinus problems!!
Hello thank you for taking the time to read this. I am 24 years old. Since last year I have had very bad...More
Posted by dgoodman933
I have been diagnosed with hypersomnia. For about 18 months I was sleeping 18-20 hours a day. I kept...More
Posted by grandmakay41
Not too often, maybe twice a month, I'm awakened by the hiccups. They are so strong they almost hurt! ...More
Posted by goosey1964
New..I hardly slep..I do things at night i don't e...
I AM DESPERATE FOR HELP..WHAT KIND OF DR. DO I FIND THAT CAN HELP ME. I have so many things wrong with...More
Posted by donnajune2000

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no doc knows what the cause is...need HELP
Been to Cleveland Clinic...elsewhere and no one can do anything but throw meds at this but they are missing...More
Posted by An_256635
Can anyone try to explain what happened?
So, something bizarre happened last night and I was hoping someone could explain it. Anyway, I woke up to go...More
Posted by squihgly
Requip Dosage - How much is too much?
I am now taking Requip in the following quantity... 5mg at bedtime 2mg at lunch 2 mg at dinner Otherwise...More
Posted by An_256470
I can't sleep. What Should I do?
So, midnight rolls around, and I find that I'm still wide awake. I try reading boring stuff, drinking a...More
Posted by Jonathan18331
Abnormal sleeping position
I wake up in the morning or during the night flat on my back with my legs off the bed and feet flat on the...More
Posted by kolijah
sleep apnea/cpap machine
I have been using the machine for two weeks and am noticing positive changes. one big problem though, when I...More
Posted by An_256396
I cant stay asleep
Posted by simchuck
Mouthpieces for snoring?
Hey everyone, hopefully among you is someone knowledgeable who could answer a couple of questions I have... ...More
Posted by jordy2
Staying asleep
I do not have a problem getting to sleep but if I get up to say use the restroom, I cannot go back to...More
Posted by cbishop96569
Does anyone have and suggestions that are proven to work for sleeping better at night?
Posted by JDizzy247
Ambien and staying asleep
I have trouble getting to sleep and/or staying asleep. Ambien works well to help me fall asleep, but then I...More
Posted by Jamie139333
Anyone successfully not use an alarm?
I know that alarm clocks are generally bad for most people as they can wake you up in the middle of REM or deep...More
Posted by llb827
Help! 3 weeks in, cannot handle daylight savings
36 year old female here, ADHD, prone to some anxiety though pretty manageable, cannot sleep, and really need to....More
Posted by llb827
going crazy!
I tried so many things I have lost count. Nothing really worked. A couple of weeks ago I took some Benedryl...More
Posted by sw3tflower
anyone with RLS?
Does anyone else have Restless Leg Syndrome? Mine started about 15 years ago and I have never found anything...More
Posted by sw3tflower
sleep apnea can you get rid of it?
Hello all I'm a 5"10 male age 33. I'm trying to join the military. However they will not let you in if you...More
Posted by sleepman
chronic insomnia
I have had insomnia for about the last 4 years to varying degrees but in the past 3-4 months is been...More
Posted by depotguy45
Strange new sleep pattern and side effects?
I've always had a hard time sleeping and waking for work, excessive tireness, grogginess, etc, especially...More
Posted by ellewolfe
Medication for sleepless nights
Since 1980 I haven't had a good nights sleep. I am now 72 years old and I am tired of being tired. A friend...More
Posted by marvalus21

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take meds at some time, don't eat after 7
I meant the longer reply posted a few minutes ago to to go to donnajune2000 More
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