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I have used this product for a little over (2) months. I cannot say I sleep any better, but, in fact, I no...More
Posted by An_258368
Total lack of sleep, agrypnia, NYC neurologist and...
I need to find a doctor with a sincere laboratory interest in finding fatal insomnia in a patient. I want...More
Posted by ridervictori

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Is fatal insomnia real?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • We always need proof
  • Opinions matter the most
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Nasal mask
I have been using my cpap for about 4 years and in May I had my tonsils, adenoids, and uvula removed and my...More
Posted by sarahmoon
Sleep Apnea
Hello, I'm wondering how many of you out there have Sleep Apnea and sleep on an adjustable bed?...More
Posted by sleepbettertonight

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Does an adjustable bed help breathing issues while sleeping?
  • yes
  • no
  • don't have one
  • no idea
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I went through a sleep study and diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea on 7/10/14. I have used the...More
Posted by ilovemylordjesus
Woke up gasping for air
I put my CPAP on before going to sleep. Suddenly I woke up after about 1-1/2 hours choking / gasping for air....More
Posted by goletti

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I would like to know what to do about this . It has happened about 4 or 5 times in the past couple of years.
  • Acid reflux?
  • Sleep apnea?
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Sleep Apnea
Is it okay to use your CPAP machine when you have a severe cold, nasal or chest congestion and/or laryngitis?
Posted by An_258133
Weird Sleep Disorder
Hello, Every night, for years now, I wake up about 4 or 5 hours into my sleep, I become restless in bed...More
Posted by fluffier76
Cheap Light Therapy
I'm searching for a light therapy device that's cheap (preferably below $50), will turn on by itself in the...More
Posted by An_258044
Husband does sexual things to me while I sleep?
For almost 6 months now, my husband has been touching me or trying to have sex with me in my sleep. It...More
Posted by An_258007
panic attack when waking up from any sound
I usually get irritated by certain sounds that don't have a pattern, these days i wake up with panic attacks,...More
Posted by alphaurd
I cant wake up on time
Hi my name is joshua. Im 23 I go to bed at 9 or 10 pm im supoose to get up at 4 but I cant I turn of my...More
Posted by joshuahofer
Physically acting out bad dreams.
I hope someone here can help me or point me into the right direction. For a number of years I have been having...More
Posted by nanafor6
Sleeping 12+ hours if not woken up!
I am 13 and have been sleeping 12 or more hours a day if not woken up. I stay up until the early morning...More
Posted by An_257848
alzhiemers stages
My mother hasn't slept for 5 days. She has short memory due Alzheimer , She believe she has to go to the...More
Posted by candacefaye

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Alzhiemer sleep deprived
  • medication or techniques
  • sleep suggesstions
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Please help - Interrupting sleep makes for a much ...
Hello everyone, this is a great community. I am NOT on CPAP and I just wanted to get some advice,...More
Posted by kindnesslove
is it safe to wear cpap mask if you have been havi...
I am scared the air pressure will blow blood into my lungs and drown me. will this happen or am I being...More
Posted by An_257728
Waking up choking on own saliva...
I sometimes wake up coughing as though I'm drowning. I already take Nexium - what's the deal?
Posted by snoringmom
Sleep problems?
Unfortunately I have no degree in this field of study. But I am a college student who struggled with the same...More
Posted by seant2
Waking up on the middle of night
I've always been a heavy sleeper with a good sleep routine, which I still maintain, however since about a month...More
Posted by yuri_w
Pain that wakes you
I am diagnosed with Panic disorder but my chest pain has increased to a daily issue and i am waking up due to...More
Posted by tamiplus4
Very Active Sleeping - WHAT IS IT?
Hi. I'm miserable. I'm 42 yrs old, on 40mg Paxil daily and am an active sleeper. By active I mean that I...More
Posted by b_ursprung
CPAP illusion?
I have been using a CPAP machine, mostly on but sometimes off, for almost 4 years. I am not convinced it does...More
Posted by urbisoler

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Is CPAP an llusion?
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Symptoms seem diff/more severe than usual
Hi, I'm new here and need help. I have bipolar 1 and PTSD. insomnia has been a part of my normal routine for...More
Posted by kayluck
Why do i wake un everytime i near a noise
No matter what it is if i near a noise in The living Room while im sleeping Ill wake up out of my sleep...More
Posted by prettygirl96

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Sleep problems
short to medium long attacks
well, this disorder is related to my wife and my 6 year old son. first about wife's disorder. occasionally,...More
Posted by An_257236
Fisher Wallace Stimulator
Hi - just wondering if anyone has tried this - if so, do you need just an MD to prescribe it or a...More
Posted by Anon_11642

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take meds at some time, don't eat after 7
I meant the longer reply posted a few minutes ago to to go to donnajune2000 More
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