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Reply: Sleep medications
Antihistamines can make you drowsy make also jittery. Go see a doctor-there are many...More
Posted by NeNe_11
Reply: Ambien - no side effects now
Dont know of any changes in Ambien. I have been taking 10mgs every night for 5 years now...More
Posted by NeNe_11
Reply: Angry when woken
Hello-U are not alone! IFEEL the same way whenever my boyfriend of 14 years comes into bed...More
Posted by NeNe_11
Reply: Melatonin
Melatonin never helped me but I know it has helped others to sleep. Definitely check with...More
Posted by NeNe_11
Reply: I want Sleep
I have been awakened several times through the night lately because of leg pains-I have...More
Posted by NeNe_11
Reply: Wake up EXHAUSTED, heart racing, headache, fatigue...
You do not say if you are taking any meds for sleep & if you are under a doctors care....More
Posted by NeNe_11
Reply: How can I get a restful sleep
Have you tried any meds for anxiety, like xanax? That can help with sleep. I dont know...More
Posted by NeNe_11
Interesting Sleep Study
I found this to be really interesting & wanted to share it with my fellow insomniacs!...More
Posted by NeNe_11
Reply: herbal vs. prescricptions sleep aids & night routi...
Lauren....Im so glad you were able to get off prescription sleep meds for more natural...More
Posted by NeNe_11
Reply: bi-polar
What have you all tried? A doc who knows what he's doing can give you a "cocktail" of drugs...More
Posted by NeNe_11