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Reply: Dreaming while awake
Very true in discribing the HH's at onset of sleep and on awakening. It should be...More
Reply: Still sleepy using cpap
I agree with Snoopyrocks. You should get the day time nap study done to see if it...More
Reply: Waking up 20-30 times per night!!!
There is such a thing as a sleep study but the one you want should include the...More
Howdy Caprice and all! It has been awhile since I have had the chance to talk....More
The Lurker
Recently in the Narcolepsy support group I am in, I commented on "the Lurker."...More
Reply: Stress and Sleep - How About You?
Wow, 6 days ? Stress is a joy killer in all facets of life. Emotional, Mental,...More
Reply: Unsuccessful CPAP use
Hi! I went through 3 masks in 5 months. They tend to break when nthey are ripped...More
Reply: R.E.M / nightmares and violent dreams acted out
There is a name for what you are describing and in another group Ithat I belong...More
Reply: I wake up in the middle of the night (sometimes) a...
Hi Fallen T. If you research the phases of sleep that most go through normally...More
Reply: Always tired
Hi! What you are describing is EDS which can be caused by many things. If this...More

For more information, visit the Duke Health Sleep Disorders Center