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Somnapure caused me to become jittery andcreated a hangover feeling next morning,instead of putting me to sleep...More
Posted by Carlus
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Posted by pitdoug1998
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I use a cpap every night.
I used a cpap. It has made a big difference with my sleeping. Every morning I would wake up with an headache...More
Posted by An_244306
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Somnapure User
I purchased SOMNAPURE at CVS. It was a buy 1 get 1 1/2 price on the 2nd. That was 60 pills I believe...More
Posted by sleepprob
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SOLVED....! Gasping for air, hiatus hernia, Belchi...
I think I have finally found the answer to this issue of waking up gasping for air. I have been experiencing...More
Posted by Burping
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Sleep Disorders
Have you tried melatonin?, most of the time I take 3-1/2 mg, but sometimes I take 5 mgs. Good Luck,.
Posted by benther
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I suffer from daytime sleepiness too, but I will leave that for another time. May I suggest setting your...More
Posted by AnnieGoshia
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Cant wake up....
Hi, I have read through everyones, messages and I have same problems, When I do finally go to sleep no one...More
Posted by poohberry34
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I have had insomnia for about a year. Giving up dairy products has helped immensely. Not only has the gas...More
Posted by Walter999
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I have had insomnia for about a year. Giving up dairy products has helped immensely. Not only has the gas...More
Posted by Walter999
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Hypnosis App
Hello! Found this App about hypnosis. Maybe this can help someone. There are different kinds of hypnosis...More
Posted by An_243420
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sleep desorder
have suffering very strong sleep disorder,i cannot sleep as deeply,i have only a muddle.i cannot wake up in...More
Posted by An_243353
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cpap machine
There is a difference in them. I have always had a remistar- but have changed masks from full to partial-...More
Posted by An_241958
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what is a cpap mask ?
Posted by rex67
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What's on your bed?
Did you know that sleeping on foam makes you warmer? and that feather and down is a natural temperature...More
Posted by MGuineePvtQtrs
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My sister and I are both the same, It would take nothing short of an earthquake or being on fire to wake us...More
Posted by The_Vegan
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Posted by Esanti
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Restless Legs Syndrome
Anyone suffering from RLS or PLMD should research EXCITOTOXINS. Those are additives that some food companies...More
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Kindly help me with my health problem
I am 39yars old. I am married with kids. I am a technician. It is almost 4years that I have been suffering...More
Posted by ajenifuja
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circadian rhythm disorders
Recommendation: do a search for Circadian Rhythm Disorder (CRD) as well as Delayed Sleep phase syndrome. The...More
Posted by McDoh
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Sleep sitting up
I sleep sitting up in my wheelchair by putting my knees against the bed where I have 5 pillows that I slide...More
Posted by Chicker12
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Lightning nap with frightening dreams
Everyday when i seem to be somewhere, I fall asleep very quickly and for a short amount of time. Not...More
Posted by 1gotsleepprobz
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free sampler of somnapure
I ordered this, Then discovered the auto order, of which I did not want to happen So I called (
Posted by wolver1ne
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...but it's "all natural" ingredients
Just a side note...HEMLOCK is all natural...I don't think Socrates took much comfort in that little tidbit of...More
Posted by caatmom
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Looking at the picture on this site is good reason to shun usage. I do use CPAP, however most of my friends...More
Posted by An_206851
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Restless leg syndrome
I have had this problem my whole life, even as a child.... going through countless nights of a lack of sleep....More
Posted by madman79
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Using CPAP
About 20 years ago after being diagnosed with sleep apnea I was finally compelled to get c-pap machine. I...More
Posted by martel17
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Get the right sleep specialist and the right CPAP ...
I was diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea in 1995. My symptoms were morning headaches,...More
Posted by Bill_in_Pasco
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Tips for falling in sleep
Can't fall in sleep is a terrible thing; I experienced it myself for almost 6 months. But if you make up your mind to go through it, you ... More
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