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Insurance Physical Friday
I do not smoke all the time, just here and there. I don't remember exactly maybe a week ago or more I smoked...More
Posted by An_260557
Reply: Facial Redness and Flaky Skin on Face After Quitti...
I'm no doctor and I know you had said basically you wanted people to comment what it meant, but I highly...More
Posted by An_260541
Reply: quitting smoking
Well, the best thing to do is what helped you in the hospital. I'm sorry that your health is not the best,...More
Posted by An_260541
Reply: Smoking withdrawal
Well first things first, have you been eating like you normally do? Have you been stressed out lately?
Posted by terrifiedtaylor
I didn't know where to post this, but I don't know...
So I'm a smoker, ever since my grandfather had passed away this past year in June, and well... Just recently,...More
Posted by An_260541
Survey- Help with Smoking Cessation Research
Do you smoke cigarettes? The Smoking Research Lab at Penn State University is currently recruiting...More
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Reply: Effects of smoking on health and why it becomes an...
Well the above side effects discussed is very much true & there is possibility that one may face many...More
Posted by brianburgess
Reply: Inhaling Smoke From Basement, Is It Harmful??
Well any type of inhaling can trouble not only you but your young kids too. As smelling any type of...More
Posted by brianburgess
Reply: Smoking KILLS
It is true that smoking kills, but with time makes the living hell & death much easier to adopt. So...More
Posted by brianburgess
Reply: Careful with e-cigarette
Well its good to know that you are doing pretty well even without smoking nicotine, I would like you to...More
Posted by brianburgess
Reply: 24 days smoke free
Well I would truly like to applauded your initiative towards leaving this deadly habit once for all. As...More
Posted by brianburgess
24 days smoke free
I'm am now 24 days of the smokes and I feel this week has been the hardest so far I'm not craving a smoke I'm...More
Posted by kierant
Do Like I did, Diet at the same time you try quitting. read my post on how it works...
Posted by chistyle55
One word to help to quit smoking - "DIET"
I quit after smoking no less than 2 packs a day for over 40 years. I am a truck driver and all I have to do...More
Posted by chistyle55
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SCIENCE OF ADDICTION While contemplating the objects of the senses, a person develops attachment for them. ...More
Posted by An_254688
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Does smoking deplete potassium?
Posted by niteridet
9th day of no smoking!
I have tried to quit numerous times. I've recently had problems with bronchitis and sinus infections. I also...More
Posted by msrytw
Cessation programs
Are there any programs for people who are totally isolated from other people therefore not having the support...More
Posted by mlcoob
Trying to quit smoking by using e cigarettes
Hello everyone.I am a smoker and I have been sick for quite some time and went to the Dr.s yesterday and found...More
Posted by 0margo0
Reply: Is electronic cigarette really safe?
Hi Jack, if you want a medical or scientific answer then you still have to wait until enough solid studies have...More
Posted by 4Owen
Why are they(Tobacco Cigarette Company) so popular...
Hello, Typical reasons given include the introduction of the smoking ban, people's concern for their health...More
Posted by JackRider
What’s the harm in switching over to electronic ...
Hi guys! how are you all ?Today I am going to share a famous researcher's opinion. According to the famous...More
Posted by JackRider
What’s the harm in switching over to electronic ...
Hi guys! how are you all ?Today I am going to share a famous researcher's opinion. According to the famous...More
Posted by JackRider
What’s the harm in switching over to electronic ...
Hi guys! how are you all ?Today I am going to share a famous researcher's opinion. According to the famous...More
Posted by JackRider
Save money! Be ready to live more healthily
> Due to the rise in taxes on the traditional tobacco cigarettes, the money is quickly flowing out of the...More
Posted by JackRider
Basic Product Knowledge about Electronic Cigarette
An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette or an e-cig, or it is known as an electrical...More
Posted by An_247848
Uruguay’s story about Smoking Declines
Hi, Friends How are you all? Today I am going to tell you a hidden story of Uruguay about Tobacco Cigarette....More
Posted by JackRider
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What's in the History & Future for E-Cigs?
Hi Friends, How are you all? Today I am discussing about the future of Electronic Cigarette, because we...More
Posted by An_247848
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Intriduce Myself
Hi, Myself Jack Rider. I am from Florida, USA. I will discuss you about Electronic Cigarette & EGO-T. In...More
Posted by JackRider
Reply: Second time quitting
there is hope for you to stop that smoking addiction. Use this tip on More
Posted by babegal

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Careful with e-cigarette
I guess a e-cigarette is for people who really like to smoke but don't want all the cigarette chemicals, except the nicotine , in my case. ... More
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