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Reply: Joint pain after quitting
I also have begun experiencing joint pain in my ankles and knees after quitting smoking. In addition, I am...More
Posted by mellow234
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Reply: False positive for cotinine
Annb46, I've read that cotinine passes from the body within a couple days of exposure, so you're definitely...More
Posted by marathonjan
Reply: Chantix
I think that "Vivid Dreams" is one of the many side effects of that drug. My husband some years ago tried...More
Posted by Anon_1521
Reply: quitting
I wonder if anyone has ever taken a poll on this? I would say Chantix More
Posted by faithdonogh
Life Insurance and Nicotine Testing
Hello, So I need to take a nicotine test for a life insurance policy. I smoked a Black 'N Mild cigar 5 days...More
Posted by An_260313
Reply: Need to quit.....
Hi; I'm not advertising here, this is just my experience... I know of many people that started with the...More
Posted by bubuspidecky
Reply: Help me quit smoking
Everybody is different on that. I used Chantix which I would recommend to anybody, in the long run after...More
Posted by faithdonogh
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Reply: How long before Nicotine is out of system?
I have a major surgery in 15 days. I cannot test positive for nicotine or the surgery is off. I have quit for...More
Posted by An_260079
Want to Quit Smoking!!
I was considering taking Chantix to help quit smoking. Is there anyone taking it that can give me some...More
Posted by Jeremy10471
Reply: Wheezing now that I've stopped smoking
I stopped smoking 6 months ago. I notice no improvements except less chest heaviness in the morning. I too...More
Posted by truth1234
Reply: New Technology to help Quit I just watched the...More
Posted by faithdonogh
Reply: Quitting smoking
I would reccommend just getting a script for Zofran from your doctor.
Posted by cjbr43
Smoking test for my hiring
So I'm trying to get a job as an ED tech but the hospital requires I pass a drug and nicotine test. Drugs are no...More
Posted by cjbr43
Quitting smoking
Why do I feel like I have to have a cig just to remind myself that it does nothing for me? This is my 12th...More
Posted by eloise1966
Reply: Chantix
I would recommend chantix to anybody, but not everybody can take it. I had terrible dreams when I first...More
Posted by faithdonogh
Reply: How does this work
Easy and quitting smoking have never been in the same sentence for me. I am having doubts about being...More
Posted by garlander1313
Reply: Number of Cigarettes
I would think putting anything in to our bodies that isn't healthy whether in moderation or not can be...More
Posted by faithdonogh
Reply: Trying to quit after 52 years
Thank you mslovelypop and cheers to a healthy living to you too. Here is a link for a quit app that...More
Posted by faithdonogh
minors using nicotine patches
I run a program for teens 16-18. A young man of 17 wants his mother to purchase nicotine patches for him and...More
Posted by paddler88
List Of Electronic Cigarette Brands (Careful)
As a previous poster mentioned, I too visited a resource on electronic cigarettes (seen above). I also got the...More
Posted by gpm52984
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Reply: Chantix
Congratulations Jim!.. Tell us your success story with Chantix, it will help others here too....More
Posted by rosecastillo_favio
Reply: Quitting preparation
Thank you for your inspiration and answer. How's it going? Still off the smokes?
Life and health are a gift to cherish.
Posted by zippey
Reply: Medical help/quitting smoking
Hi !thankyou for your response. I am on day 6 cold turkey, nothing else seemed to help, and I just wanted...More
Posted by godschild16
Reply: Unusual Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal
Maybe anxiety? I'm on medication for that problem with similar symptoms. The passing out is not usual for that...More
Posted by zippey
Reply: Day 3 Cold Turkey - Commute Time!
You Go Girl!!!! Keep going!!
Posted by rosecastillo_favio
Why are there no people here replying/supporting?
Posted by godschild16
Reply: ecigs
There are thousands of these products and, like any other category of products, some are good and some are...More
Posted by bigdancehawk
blood test for surgery
I have to take a blood test to prove I'm nicotine/cotinine free before my insurance will approve my surgery....More
Posted by whammar
I have a friend that just started smoking hookah a...
I have a college friend that just started smoking hookah only 2 times in the last 2 months, but I worry for...More
Posted by contrerx
Reply: combo smoking helps not really
I drink lots of water with Chantix, a full cup when I take it and lots after. I have found that helps alot.
Posted by msrytw

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What might work for those who have tried everything?Expert
Many smokers feel they have already tried everything…..cold turkey, hypnosis, patches, acupuncture…..but still find they are smoking ... More
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