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Reply: combo smoking helps not really
Toni, Do you have a spiritual or faith-base? After about 20 years and countless attempts to stop - the longest,...More
Posted by alisn
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Reply: Might glucose help smokers to quit?
Hello Dr, Foulds, I appreciate your insight as I do learn so much from you and the members here.....More
Posted by rosecastillo_favio
Reply: Acne is nonstop since I quit smoking....
OMG! I am going thru this right now? Does anybody know why this happens? I had very nice skin, and smoked...More
Posted by mslovelypop
Reply: 16 days (cold turkey) but
Itbous, yes I remember everyday I enter my room and don't smell the smoke, I feel anew! I'm doing well...More
Posted by mslovelypop
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Reply: Acne after Quitting???
I tried the e-cigs, didn't work for me. I went back in about 3 days. I'm now 16 days in. I went cold...More
Posted by mslovelypop
Combo approach to quitting
"Combining two anti-smoking approaches -- the medication Chantix and nicotine patches -- improves the odds...More
Posted by atti_editor
I've heard bad things about ecigs having metals etc in the vapor because it is cheaply made.
Posted by An_257962
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Reply: Cessation
Not yet. I haven't quit yet even though I am 38 and have Emphysema. I do cry thinking of what will happen to me...More
Posted by retard1
Reply: health issues after quitting smoking
I have inflamed lymph nodes after about 2 1/2 months of quitting smoking. Curious how your situation panned...More
Posted by An_257812
Ok, What to do now?
Yup, I starts vaping instead of smoking. Is it enough to quit smoking or anything else?
Posted by johnvesey
Black and Milds and Niacin
I don't smoke cigarettes, but I do smoke black and milds. Does it take the same amount of time for the...More
Posted by arejaybee
Reply: Help!
I'm sorry but I don't fully understand. You are saying that certain companies have nicotine test and you wont...More
Posted by undefined
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Reply: How long before Nicotine is out of system?
I would say to be safe, wait oh 4 years after last cigarette, these tests today are getting really good at...More
Posted by mealive
Reply: inhaled candlewax
Hello, Are you referring to inhaling fumes from candles, or have you actually inhaled the physical wax?...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Happy Birthday to myself, a future non smoker
janice132754 , This is awesome you are deciding to quit..Good for You! Stay Strong and...More
Posted by rosecastillo_favio
Reply: Quit Smoking Community
Sorry I just posted about that website twice. I thought the "Tips" and "Resources" sections were two...More
Posted by tjtigers14
Vapor Cigarette Recommendations - Was Doubtful At ...
I visited the Quit Smoking Community because I saw it was on this list of top 15 smoking cessation blogs, so...More
Posted by tjtigers14
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Reply: Are smokers really more fun???
Hi coconut711v, First of all, congratulations on quitting smoking! This information on nicotine...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Impotence
Hi gunnman, Here is some information on smoking and impotence that you may be interested in....More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Should I Worry?: Chantix Side Effect
I have used Chantix and I think it also relaxes you so that you don't have the side effects of quitting.
Posted by msrytw
quit smoking
I quit smoking 4 weeks ago cold turkey. After about a week I purchased an e-cigarette flavored like tobacco,...More
Posted by cking66
side effects of chantix
I just started chantix a month ago, for the 3rd time. So I thought this time I would arm myself. First I upped...More
Posted by mpartr
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Reply: support for giving up smoking
thanks, I tried 2 other brands from different retailers. When that failed I got a scrpt for nicotrol. It might...More
Posted by mendy44
Reply: How I Quit Smoking in 1 Month
Would like to know how long did you smoked and how many packs/day? Thank You
Posted by deana429
Reply: CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products
As far as I am concerned, it's their loss. The way the economy is today businesses are struggling to keep...More
Posted by deana429
Quitting smoking
Posted by Junior18110

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Reply: smoking cessation
ok but what is THR?
Posted by zflyer
Time has come
I have smoked for too many years to count.... I have been able to slow down to the point of one pack a week but...More
Posted by zflyer

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cotinine test
I quit smoking for 2 months but have smoked 1 cigarette a day for the last 3 weeks I have a nicotine test in...More
Posted by An_256466
Reply: Quitting snuff
Hi Chazo, This article about quitting smokeless tobacco has some information that you may be...More
Posted by atti_editor

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Jonathan Foulds, PhD. is a Professor of Public Health Sciences at Penn State University, College of Medicine. After obtaining a first class honors deg...More

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What are the characteristics of effective smoking cessation treatment?Expert
Many smokers who have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking on their own start to consider seeking help to quit. Of course a quick internet ... More
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