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looking for support
I'm over 2 months smoke free, I would like to join a support group to keep me going, not sure how to find...More
Posted by yoggi1961
Reply: Nicotine Patch
Thank you Jane, It's now day 14 and I am still using the patch. I am very happy to report that the...More
Posted by tommythekid1967
I smoked for 35 years and when it was time to quit
I gave it to God. I have a twinge-level craving once in a while but that's about it. My lung function has...More
Posted by nabikib
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Reply: I quit after 35 years, will my lungs ever get bett...
First, lose the capslock. Shouting at people is just rude. Second, you don't have to do any such thing. You can...More
Posted by nabikib
Reply: Looking for help
I am only on week three, but am feeling optomistic. I joined a group; am on Wellbutrin, patch & gum. It's...More
Posted by jane64
Reply: Quit smoking new to forum
Thank you for sharing. I can so relate it. 3 months is very impressive. Be strong and stay clean
Posted by tryingtoquit
Reply: trying to quit again
I know the feeling... have relapsed twice after quitting for months. And each time it gets harder to quit....More
Posted by tryingtoquit
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Reply: False positive for cotinine
I've had bad experiences with Quest. I had my physician tell me I had the lowest testosterone he's ever seen in...More
Posted by mjpmike
Reply: six months clean
This is worth a try. Thanks! I'm now 8 days - and it is getting better. Last week was Hell Week!
Posted by An_262840
six months clean
The thing that actually saved my life was vaping. My doctor told me that if i didnt quit...i would be dead...More
Posted by An_262886
Reply: Day four - anyone out there?
Thank you! I am not a phone person & it really does help to hear from others that have succeeded. I am...More
Posted by An_262840
Reply: It's Never Too Late to Stop Smoking (Study)
I'm 66 & thought 'what is the point?'. However, I just retired & figured I'd like to be in better health...More
Posted by jane64
Reply: Having trouble leaving the cigs alone
You are not alone! I am day 3; using Wellbutrin, patch, gum, & support group 1X a week. All I can think...More
Posted by jane64
Reply: feeling liberated
encouraging! thanks. I am only 3 days; using Wellbutrin, patch, gum & support group 1X week. All I can think...More
Posted by jane64
Allergic to cigarettes after quitting for only a w...
Good news: I quit smoking cold turkey. Bad news: I only made it 1 week and 3 days... which i was very proud of...More
Posted by mibolo
Reply: Quitting Tomorrow
Would love to know how your first day goes. Tomorrow will be seven days for me
Posted by mcneilmgm
Reply: Hopeless
I can relate. I do not feel like the same person. I quit smoking December 11, 2014 after smoking 40 years. It...More
Posted by carley10
Reply: Joint pain after quitting
I quit smoking 5 months ago and I started having joint pain in my knees about 4 weeks ago. I work full time. I...More
Posted by carley10
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Reply: How long before Nicotine is out of system?
I smoked one cigarette today, and i have a pending health screening for pre employment on tues, Is that...More
Posted by lotusflow3rbomb
smoking cessation
I find it helpful sometimes to chew on a straw. Sometimes just holding it in my hand helps also, because...More
Posted by brandy1203
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smoking cessation...
I'm having the same problem with getting my free quit smoking meds. I can't even find out if I'm eligible....More
Posted by An_262435
Weight-Control Myths Keep Many U.S. Women Smoking
"American women who believe smoking helps control weight are less likely than other female smokers to try...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: scary anti smoking ads on tv
Those ads in my opinion are meant for Shock.. Making people more aware of what could happen and has happened...More
Posted by Anon_1521
Reply: Go Cold Turkey
way to go! keep going Yoggi! all the best to you!
Posted by rosecastillo_favio
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Reply: Wellbutrin or Patches
how big a smoker r u? if u r an addict, hold on-it's a tough ride
Help with Chantix prescription
What am I doing wrong? I am on the 'online help coach' to quit smoking. Why is my pharmacy charging me for...More
Posted by boots33636
Plain Packaging Laws Might Spur Smokers to Quit
"Legislation that strips cigarette packaging of all brand-specific design may boost the number of smokers...More
Posted by atti_editor
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Reply: psychological habit
I'm a weekend smoker more or less. The problem is i can smoke alot in a weekend.I'm desperate to quit once...More
Posted by yoggi1961
FDA Warns of Seizure, Alcohol Risks With Chantix
"The FDA has changed the labeling on the quit-smoking drug Chantix to reflect concerns that it may lower...More
Posted by atti_editor
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What are the characteristics of effective smoking cessation treatment?Expert
Many smokers who have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking on their own start to consider seeking help to quit. Of course a quick internet ... More
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