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Quitting on Chantix?!? God Help Me!
Day 13 on Chantix & 46 hrs since last cig! Cravings are constant & Trying So Hard. I've...More
Posted by juliesprayer
Just set a quit date
I have just set a quit date, I would like to try the chantix thing, does anyone wanna join me? I need...More
Posted by grammissy53
i want to quit
I smoke after every meal, should i quit eating?
Posted by bobvilla53908
Dizziness when Using Patches
Hello, I am a new member and thought this is a great forum to relate with other smokers who are trying to quit....More
Posted by nbandal
I quit smoking (for the 100th time) on the 29th of January, 2015. Seems like every day is getting harder to...More
Posted by angelscribe
Today is my first day Tabasco free and the cravings are driving me off the wall, specially because I used to...More
Posted by Tobbycat
Looking for the good and bad on Chantix?
Posted by blm112293
quit smoking
Im so ready to quit smoking, ive been sick for 4 days now went to the doctor yesterday. I have Pneumonia...More
Posted by lisamichelle32
Wellbutrin or Patches
I've been thinking about quitting and was looking for suggestions from someone who has sussesfully quit...More
Posted by cwumoney30
I cany sleep good anymore I wake up all hours of the night.
Posted by rosetla
psychological habit
I completely agree. I was told the same by my doctor, since I only smoked 3 or 4 sticks. he told me it was...More
Posted by An_260773
minor relapse
I quit smoking while in the hospital on Dec 10. I did have almost a carton of cigarets at home. I was using the...More
Posted by russnwv
40 year habit stopped but ....
I'm 54 and smoked heavy for 40 years although I was always very active and jog so i didn't really have health...More
Posted by pjmke
Trying to quit
I can relate I'm 54, smoking for 40 years. My other half smokes and that makes it difficult. I have quit...More
Posted by Sneffer1
trying to quit
Hello, I have been smoking for 20 years, at the age of 35 years because my late boss used to be a chain...More
Posted by An_260773
I am preparing to quit. I have taken Chantix before and it seemed to help a lot. I think cigarettes are the...More
Posted by An_260627
Life Insurance and Nicotine Testing
Hello, So I need to take a nicotine test for a life insurance policy. I smoked a Black 'N Mild cigar 5 days...More
Posted by An_260313
what methods for kicking the habbit have yeilded the best results?
Posted by An_260288
Has anybody else had strange dreams while taking Chantix??
Posted by jeffe2928
Help me quit smoking
What are the best ways to quit smoking?
Posted by hoosier1985
Want to Quit Smoking!!
I was considering taking Chantix to help quit smoking. Is there anyone taking it that can give me some...More
Posted by Jeremy10471
New Technology to help Quit
Has anyone heard of Pavlok? It is aiming to help those quit smoking by changing our goals into habits. I...More
Posted by An_259791
Smoking test for my hiring
So I'm trying to get a job as an ED tech but the hospital requires I pass a drug and nicotine test. Drugs are no...More
Posted by cjbr43
Quitting smoking
Is there anything I can take for nausea while taking Chantix? Over the counter will do.
Posted by eloise1966
Quitting smoking
Why do I feel like I have to have a cig just to remind myself that it does nothing for me? This is my 12th...More
Posted by eloise1966
Ive been thinking about quitting and heard that chantix works but I am worried about the side effects it may...More
Posted by cwumoney30
How does this work
OK trying to convince myself to try although I'm not sure I really want to and a little annoyed at all the...More
Posted by MesMom13
minors using nicotine patches
I run a program for teens 16-18. A young man of 17 wants his mother to purchase nicotine patches for him and...More
Posted by paddler88
Posted by JimHarder

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What are the characteristics of effective smoking cessation treatment?Expert
Many smokers who have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking on their own start to consider seeking help to quit. Of course a quick internet ... More
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