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hardest thing I ever had to do
I have tried everything. I am failing miserably.
Posted by An_261000
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Day 3 Cold Turkey - Commute Time!
I have a 40 minute drive to work - and I would smoke at least 3 cigarettes on the way to work depending on...More
Posted by nonwinggirl
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I've heard bad things about ecigs having metals etc in the vapor because it is cheaply made.
Posted by An_257962
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side effects of chantix
I just started chantix a month ago, for the 3rd time. So I thought this time I would arm myself. First I upped...More
Posted by mpartr
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How I Quit Smoking in 1 Month
If any of you are like me, you probably had trouble quitting smoking and have tried more than once. The...More
Posted by extrahealthy
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Mastering The “Placebo Smoking” Technique (Smo...
There are several techniques to quit smoking. Cold turkey, nicotine patches/gum, hypnosis, electronic...More
Posted by KeithWang
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Quit smoking without using nicotine replacement pr...
Why use nicotine to quit nicotine? Freedom from smoking, should be freedom from Nicotine. You wouldn't...More
Posted by ambitiousguy
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Quit smoking without using nicotine replacement pr...
Why use nicotine to quit nicotine? Freedom from smoking, should be freedom from Nicotine. You wouldn't...More
Posted by ambitiousguy
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quit smoking
This is my first day no cigarette. not to say I would love to have one but I keep putting my mind in...More
Posted by DebbielovesJesus
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20 year smoker - kicked it with E-cig
Used to smoke for roughly 20 years, as we all know a disgusting habit. Have 2 kids and my wife is pregnant...More
Posted by jadams9240
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Don't Make It Harder
I read somewhere that quitting "isn't rocket science". In other words, keep it simple. Quit for right this...More
Posted by SheriTaylar
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Just quit.
Was 20 year, pack a day. Bought Prosmoke. Wasn't nearly good enough. Got an EGO with the 510 refillable...More
Posted by mikemeemah
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Posted by mikemeemah
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Depression of Smokers
A consequence of smoking that is often overlooked is depression. Symptoms of nicotine dependence are correlated...More
Posted by jee4764
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Chantix and Mental Health
Hello. I just wanted to give a heads up if you decide to use Chantix for quitting smoking Please,...More
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The real reason you don't quit.
The only way to quit is WANTING to quit. Get some self-discipline and man-up. It is all 100% about will...More
Posted by paulk1984
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What might work for those who have tried everythin...
Many smokers feel they have already tried everything…..cold turkey, hypnosis, patches,...More
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17 days cigarette free and going on forever
Evening everyone, Drink A LOT of water (add a squeeze of lemon for a perk to your senses!) Load up on...More
Posted by bodhichicka
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Includes Expert Content
Smoke free
I stopped smoking regular cigarettes and went to electronic cigarettes 7/15/2011. Stopped electric...More
Posted by TriciaSimm
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What are the characteristics of effective smoking ...
Many smokers who have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking on their own start to consider seeking...More
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It's amazing the advice and facts given to me about quitting smoking have all come true. My Father (RIP) once...More
Posted by Spesh1
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Caffeine and smoking cessation
Many visitors to this site have commented on the close association between smoking and caffeine...More
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I have been quit smoking for 6 weeks now. I usd the Nicotrol Inhler System to help with the hand to mouth...More
Posted by bb28728
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Quitting Smoking - Cold Turkey
I started smoking when I was a stupid teenager, just 2 weeks shy of my 19th birthday. Thank god, I've...More
Posted by An_206775
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e lec cigs
I ahd to give up smoking due to health reasons I gave up last sept 21st 2010 And have been using elec cigs I...More
Posted by soxtinker
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Exercise and Quitting Smoking
I am finding in my process of quitting smoking that exercise is VERY beneficial to stopping or at least...More
Posted by sherberri
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55 years of 3+ packs a day I've had it. I did some math and then made a sign and posted it on my desk at...More
Posted by crankshaftt5
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Might glucose help smokers to quit?Expert
We all know that when you stop smoking your appetite increases, and often people get a particular craving for sweet foods. It seems as ... More
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