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Two lucky winners I think that today is the last day to enter so make sure you go and check out the video an...More
Posted by mehksoaoao
Woke up around 3 am to a black boot falling in my ...
I woke up this morning to a black boot falling from the shelf in my closet after 3am. I haven't touched the...More
Posted by An_260754
Waking up between 3am and 4am
I've been waking up between 3am & 4am every day and I don't know why. When I do wake up I'm wide awake like...More
Posted by watno1
Its because you spirt leaves you body, I am too and god given me the gift to disciren the diff spirts,...More
Posted by bikergirl3636
How do I get myself out of this state of grief
Lost my son in 2011 and still stuck in my grief....
Posted by An_255748
I cant fall asleep. Its 4 AM im up terrified... Of...
I woke up at 4 AM again today. I had a nightmare and when i woke up i was crying like in my dream.. I...More
Posted by harley_quinnxoxo

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path of life
Hello my nameis Ana, i just found this website and feel like sharing my thoughts I feel lost now.. cant see...More
Posted by ana_sun

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Waking up at 3am
I don't necessarily wake up every morning at 3 but it does happen often. More often though, I cannot fall...More
Posted by MaryAngela
waking up at 3am.
Hi, I'm a 17 year old girl looking for some answers. I will start off by saying for the past week i have been...More
Posted by An_253753
a really dreams come true , i had a few come true and i dont know why but so many came true already !!
Posted by alma21
hi my name is alma and i would like to know why my dreams comes to reality and why they seem like im living...More
Posted by alma21
hi my name is alma and i would like to know why my dreams comes to reality and why they seem like im living...More
Posted by alma21
We Can All Be Closer To God
Hey Guys, I haven't been here in awhile, how is everybody doing? I was reading some of the things...More
Posted by lukeperry
Disgusting Rash on my Coworker's face and neck
I work at Home Depot and my coworker has this disgusting rash on her face and neck. It is red on her face and...More
Posted by An_252639
God Questions
Come on guys, doesn't anybody feel like asking something about God? Doesn't anybody have any miracle that's...More
Posted by lukeperry
Strange things happening
I am a mom of 5 and a lot of things have been happening in our lives... Having greek blood and our religion...More
Posted by An_251169
Believing in God
I read an article in the news paper recently and If I never believed in God, I would, after reading this. A...More
Posted by lukeperry
Healthy Husband
Becca, Where are you, I'm so worried. You haven't written in such a long time. Is your husband alright? ...More
Posted by lukeperry
The freedom of FREE WILL
My viewpoint of reality is that every single person has the FREE WILL to choose how they want to live their...More
Posted by All_is_One
Need some thoughts
I was sleeping. I woke up randomly, at 3am, and turned towards my girlfriend and her head was all the way...More
Posted by AaronMorrison
3:00 am
I am very spiritual and I do believe in God! I too wake up at 3am almost every morning as if I am waiting...More
Posted by margiedejesus
well a year has passed
well it has been a year since i posted on here about being in prayer for my husband, he is still got alot of...More
Posted by wpooh27
Freaking out! I have been waking up at 3 am for a little over 2 years that I remember. I always toss and...More
Posted by mom_of_4_kids
I fear GOD and I was wondering...Does apostasy happen in the church? According to what I read,apostasy is a...More
Posted by nancy777

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What is APOSTASY in the church?
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Been waking at 3am since my cat passed?
Our sweet kitty passed away from cancer this past sunday, after being dignosed last week wednesday. The past...More
Posted by CatMan1979
3 AM wake up call!
Fascinating to read all these stories. I identify with many of them. I find it really interesting that I wake...More
Posted by Jasonpdx
Becca, I missed Mass last Sunday, because I didn't have a ride. I couldn't find you anyplace on this board....More
Posted by lukeperry
An Angel Woke me UP!
Ever since I was a little girl, I would see things... And of course I'm sure you have heard of the shadow...More
Posted by Aria88
ptsd isn't just for GI JOE.
Today I go to admit I'm not ok. And Not being ok isn't ok in my new family. I have PTSD, And a list I've been...More
Posted by An_246290
3 am Prayer
I use to wake up at 3am some years ago and was told it was the witches hours so everytime I woke up at 3 I...More
Posted by IBelieveGod

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