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My Story:
I have a real, true life, miracle God story, to tell who ever wants to believe me. When I was 28yrs. old(I'm now 60) I was in my bed with my two children (age 6 & 8 yrs) It was around 9pm, and we were all sleeping together because of a fuel shortage.

Anyway, I was wide awake,(they were asleep) when all the sudden God started talking to me! He did it through my mind, not out loud!(I didn't hear voices) When he started, I closed my eyes very tight, and started asking him a million quest., where upon, he said "Stop talking!" And I did!

It felt like this went on for at least 15min., when in reality it was more like 4min.! I felt like a warm spot light was shinning down on me, but I never opened my eyes, so I don't know. As soon as it was over, I called my mother to tell her, & of course her 1st question was, "what did he say?"

He would not let me remember anything that transpired between us except this, "All the people that you love, and all of your loved ones, are going to Heaven." He didn't say me, he said my loved ones.(that was kind of scary, where am I going) What he did do was, let me have this very strong feeling about what happens when we die. He made me feel very safe and happy about it. He made me have no fear of death what so ever.

All through the years, I would just know things. Things that I never read or heard anybody speak about. I'm assuming that it's connected, to what ever it was he let me know that night. What other explanation is there?

I'm very ashamed to say this, but one year after that night, I started sinning again, and sometimes I'd even forget that that happened at all! How could ANY HUMAN forget that God spoke to them? That was probably my worst sin ever. TO FORGET! But as usual, God forgave me and keeps forgiving me. He loves us more then we love our own children. Because he is Pure Love, and knows only love.

These days he and I are thick as thieves! I can feel him living in my house. Some preacher type person came to my door one day, and asked if I found Jesus. I didn't mean to say it so loud, but I yelled,"what do you mean, he lives in my house!" The guy looked like I just slapped him, and I closed my door.

That's my story, THE END

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