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Pinched nerve in foot
I have the symptoms of a Morton's neuroma, but it does not show up on any scans. So the doc (a highly regarded...More
Posted by Bubbeleh
Exercise with Cavernoma
My MRI scan coincidentally revealed a 4mm cavernoma in the pons. I am in early 30s, asymptomatic, the cavernoma...More
Posted by saskiao
Partial Loss of Fine Motor Skills in Hand
Was doing 1-Arm Row with a heavy weight (one I've been using....nothing new) and in the middle of my 3rd set,...More
Posted by An_262883
Reply: Constant hard back muscle spasm
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. I have been s sick - thyroid quit, fibro/chronic fatig,...More
Posted by wantalife
Reply: TIghtening Loose Ligaments in 14 yr old
My daughter in law has had 3 surgeries (2 open surgeries & one lapriscopic in the last 10 years. Her...More
Posted by yodaqw
little league baseball kids pitch
Posted by An_262790

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How many pitches should a 9 year old kid throw in a little league baseball game?
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
  • until noticable arm fatigue
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I never bruise
So I have had many of opportunities to bruise right because I play rugby league. I've just recently been kneed...More
Posted by donzy_
supplements to heal bone fractures
My son, 27 y/o, was hit by a truck while biking to work. He has a hairline fracture of his pelvis, and a broken...More
Posted by kimw117
Reply: Pain and sore muscles for days after exercise
Have you been checked for Fibromyalgia?
Posted by dhyde
Reply: plantar fasciitis
For what it's worth, I had PF for quite a while and found that my Birkenstock sandals were the only thing that...More
Posted by dhyde
PCL Avulsion fracture...what are my options
Actually looking for the best route for treatment. The PCL is torn away from the bone, and a piece of the bone...More
Posted by dhyde
rotator cuff surgery
two of my collar bone tendons have detached form the muscle. the muscle is 50% atrophied doctor recommended...More
Posted by shahbano
Reply: Muscle Atrophy after Depo Injection
Hi. Yes, I still have a little indentation there. It's about the size of my finger tip now. Still healing, I...More
Posted by mrs_temple
AC Joint Sepertation
About five years ago I tore my AC Joint and had to have surgery. Everything was going well until about a...More
Posted by An_262248
Muscle tear following cramp while sleping
I exercise 5 days a week (weights & cardio); however am subject leg cramps while sleeping. To address...More
Posted by greatrock
groin injury
I go to the gym three times a week. I use the machines and power walk on the treadmill. While stretching on...More
Posted by mariabonano
My 12 year old son was at soccer training and felt a pop in his leg. The hospital said he sprained his knee....More
Posted by cdemom
Knee Discomfort
The outside of my left knee has a dull pain to it at times. It also protrudes a bit compared to the...More
Posted by yeahbuddy47835
Reply: ruptured Baker's cyst
It has been 8 weeks since my ruptured baker's cyst. The MRI showed no problems in my knee. The night it...More
Posted by 1bakerscyst

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What Should I do about my ruptured Baker's cyst
  • use vacation days to rest at home with my knee elevated
  • Go on proton pump inhibitors and take the NSEDs
  • get the shot of cortisone
  • get an MRI to rule out underling soft tissue damage
  • have the cyst removed.
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Ruptured Baker's Cyst
I had a MRI that showed I had a baker's cyst rupture but no other knee problems or issues. That was 8 weeks...More
Posted by 1bakerscyst
Reply: Buckle Fracture Ulna and Radius
Have you had a final follow-up appointment with her doctor?
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Exercises for leg/butt but with arthritic knees
The clamshell is a good one. Try it with your feet raised off the floor for a little extra.
Posted by franola
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Reply: Welcome to the Sports Medicine Exchange
Welcome Dr. Berkoff, Drs. tell me the lumps in my body are nonmalignant fibroid tumors, but there are a lot...More
Posted by judymark1
Reply: Help with dislocated/chip fractured toe
Hello, Here is some information on treatments for a broken toe that you may find helpful. I really...More
Posted by atti_editor
knee replacement
18 months ago my wife had both knees replaced. After all this time (with physical therapy) she still is not...More
Posted by shuttsbird
That definitely beats losing 8 months of work! Glad to hear that you are doing well now that you are back...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: benching
Too soon for supplements other than a good diet and plenty of rest. Emphasize protein at each meal, drink...More
Posted by voltigeur
Knee pain
I'm only 27 years old and have had knee problems, I find that the best solution is to really take the time to...More
Posted by rico_s
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Reply: old compressionn fracture t6. now most awful pain ...
Hi brandid85, I think that the best thing that you can do is to search for a new doctor who will take...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Jersey Finger (full flexor tendon tear)
Have you decided when you will have the surgery? I hope that your son is doing well!
Posted by atti_editor

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Hydration and the HeatExpert
Keep in mind with the warmer weather upon us, that our bodies will take some time to adapt to the temperature changes. Our bodies adapt ... More
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