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Is the Glenoid Labrum a ligament?
I recently had a labral tear repair in my right shoulder due to an lifting injury at work. I am trying to...More
Posted by Oleksiakd
Leg pain
It started 3 months ago. Pain in both legs. Feels like my muscles are super tight and like I'm not getting...More
Posted by Jcgallman
Patellfemoral Syndrome
I am only 26, and have Patellofemoral Syndrome. I am not an athlete, but I do stand/sit a lot for long...More
Posted by An_264308
Reply: supplements to heal bone fractures
Cell Nutrition and calcium
Posted by hpumtri
Reply: Build muscle at 62
do circuit training using your body weight
Posted by hpumtri
Reply: eating healthy when training (over 50)
What is your total daily caloric intake?
Posted by hpumtri
65+ workout tips
I just started swimming daily after years of not having done so. I've stayed relatively fit for my age (64) by...More
Posted by Aquarus
Reply: Knee injury
Have you been to see a doctor about this swelling? Did you twist it while playing or remember any other...More
Posted by atti_editor
ulner nerve
I've had two surgeries on my ulnar nerve on my left elbow. The last one worked well for 12 years. I am now...More
Posted by An_263806
eating healthy when training (over 50)
I'm interesting in the nutritional plan people use when training for long distance athletic events... what...More
Posted by An_263783
Hip tendon or muscle injury
About six weeks ago, I injured a tendon or muscle deep in my right hip/buttock area by doing "pigeon pose"...More
Posted by An_263756
Exercises for hiking
What are the best exercises to prepare for hiking? I run and walk regularly. What specific strength training...More
Posted by An_263753
Reply: Constant hard back muscle spasm
Hello Wantalife - I am glad that you sent another message and that you will have insurance. I would...More
Posted by maryann_wilmarth
Avoid Ankle Sprains
I I have twisted my ankle several times over the years. What are some good exercises to avoid future rolls?
Posted by An_261186
Reply: "Chipped" Talus Bone
I too have recently suffered a chipped talus bone, and didn't see a doctor until 10 days later, thinking it...More
Posted by beverley45
Pinched nerve in foot
I have the symptoms of a Morton's neuroma, but it does not show up on any scans. So the doc (a highly regarded...More
Posted by Bubbeleh
Exercise with Cavernoma
My MRI scan coincidentally revealed a 4mm cavernoma in the pons. I am in early 30s, asymptomatic, the cavernoma...More
Posted by saskiao
Partial Loss of Fine Motor Skills in Hand
Was doing 1-Arm Row with a heavy weight (one I've been using....nothing new) and in the middle of my 3rd set,...More
Posted by An_262883
Reply: TIghtening Loose Ligaments in 14 yr old
My daughter in law has had 3 surgeries (2 open surgeries & one lapriscopic in the last 10 years. Her...More
Posted by yodaqw
little league baseball kids pitch
Posted by An_262790

Take the Poll

How many pitches should a 9 year old kid throw in a little league baseball game?
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
  • until noticable arm fatigue
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I never bruise
So I have had many of opportunities to bruise right because I play rugby league. I've just recently been kneed...More
Posted by donzy_
Reply: Pain and sore muscles for days after exercise
Have you been checked for Fibromyalgia?
Posted by dhyde
Reply: plantar fasciitis
For what it's worth, I had PF for quite a while and found that my Birkenstock sandals were the only thing that...More
Posted by dhyde
PCL Avulsion fracture...what are my options
Actually looking for the best route for treatment. The PCL is torn away from the bone, and a piece of the bone...More
Posted by dhyde
rotator cuff surgery
two of my collar bone tendons have detached form the muscle. the muscle is 50% atrophied doctor recommended...More
Posted by shahbano
Reply: Muscle Atrophy after Depo Injection
Hi. Yes, I still have a little indentation there. It's about the size of my finger tip now. Still healing, I...More
Posted by mrs_temple
AC Joint Sepertation
About five years ago I tore my AC Joint and had to have surgery. Everything was going well until about a...More
Posted by An_262248
Muscle tear following cramp while sleping
I exercise 5 days a week (weights & cardio); however am subject leg cramps while sleeping. To address...More
Posted by greatrock
groin injury
I go to the gym three times a week. I use the machines and power walk on the treadmill. While stretching on...More
Posted by mariabonano
My 12 year old son was at soccer training and felt a pop in his leg. The hospital said he sprained his knee....More
Posted by cdemom

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Running ShoesExpert
Remember to replace your running shoes every 300-400- miles or every 6 months. Many running related injuries are due to worn out footwear. More
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