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Researach/Statistics Regarding Preventable Sports ...
Hi, I was wondering if anyone is aware of any interesting research or statistics regarding preventable...More
Posted by dylanng13
achilles pain
ok, sow when i wake up in the morning and get out of bed my achilles from time to time are numb and very...More
Posted by sirslick
heat therapy
Is it beneficial to apply moist heat to any tendon injuries? in this case shoulder.
Posted by stevo2064
Hip Flexor or Groin??
Seems like my hip flexor is tender. hurts when i walk and i cannot lift my leg up without pain. now seems...More
Posted by An_259328
shin pain
my shins stopped hurting for a while , but now the pain is coming back what do i do
Posted by An_259267
Foot falling asleep
I do 33 minutes on the elliptical and my left foot falls asleep. Why does this happen.
Posted by jenny1537
MAssage & Water Intake
How much water should I drink after a 90 minute deep-tissue massage.
Posted by An_259180
Statin and muscle soreness
I started taking a low dose - 20 mg each day - of Statin a year ago and since then have found that after...More
Posted by An_259148
Wondering if someone can tell me what type of knee pain I have and what I should do? In 2012, while...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Golf injury, strain?
My husband just recently started golfing again after being of the course for 10+ years do to an arm injury. ...More
Posted by cmed51176
fall from 24' ladder
I had several MRI's done as a result of a fall from a 24' ladder at work. The MRI report contains...More
Posted by rcworkcompinjury
ruptured Baker's cyst
An ultrasound revealed that I had a ruptured Baker's cyst, 4 centimeters in length. I have been in...More
Posted by catsaremyblanket

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What Should I do about my ruptured Baker's cyst
  • use vacation days to rest at home with my knee elevated
  • Go on proton pump inhibitors and take the NSEDs
  • get the shot of cortisone
  • get an MRI to rule out underling soft tissue damage
  • have the cyst removed.
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advice on tendinopathy and bursitis
My professional experience with sports injury and overuse injury is limited as I've worked mostly in acute care...More
Posted by amcate
Hurt lower back or butt muscle??
So, last summer I was training for half marathon and was up to 10 miles on long run day. Decided to have ...More
Posted by laurielouk
treating common flexor tendon tear
An MRI showed a partial common flexor tendon tear on my elbow. For years I received treatments for tennis...More
Posted by oberlindoug
ankle swelling
I have talked to my doc but he can't seem to tell me why its swollen. It is swollen so bad I can't hardly...More
Posted by kandikaaiin
Ankle Swelling
have severe swelling in my left foot and ankle. I broke that foot a month ago it has since healed. Can...More
Posted by An_253890
Lower back pain!
Hi, I was walking and lifting some weights last week and since then I have had lower back pain, (left side...More
Posted by 1976romero
Broken Fcot and Swollen Ankle
About 4 weeks ago I fell and broke my left foot. The bone on the pinky side of my toe was broken. I next...More
Posted by kandikaaiin
Knee Pain Type?
Wondering if someone can tell me what type of knee pain I have and what I should do? A couple of years...More
Posted by jszaradowski
sports related muscle pain
Hello, Whenever I play recreational volleyball, I have tightening / pain in my right thigh..almost feels as...More
Posted by An_257932
labral tear/glut med tendinopathy/bursitis
In January, the left hip started to hurt. I assumed it was a strain/sprain, so took NSAIDs, lessened the...More
Posted by amcate
shin cut, ankel/top of foot hurting.
About a week ago I was playing baseball and got spiked by someone sliding. The spikes put some nice gashes on...More
Posted by oh2bucs

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My Easy Fix
I went through ALL the treatments, physical therapy, steroid injections, different shoes, "the boot"...none of it worked. Then, I had a ... More
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