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Achilles Pain
I was running a lot last year. I began to have Achilles pain at the end of the year. I would stretch and rest it...More
Posted by adcl73
wrist tendonitis & painful middle toe
Right now my fibromyalgia and/or ehlers danlos means I have been wearing a wrist brace for almost six...More
Posted by foxtrotblonde

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Trick body

Self treat w/ice, elevation, compression, bracing, rest


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Lower Back Pain
I had a twisting back injury on 2/26. I went to an orthopedic doctor on 3/4 and was given Naprosyn, clear...More
Posted by laurelvalen
Pain in pectoralis minor
Since I started working in Golf course, I have been hitting a lot of golf balls. This is a repetitive sport...More
Posted by An_255883
Treating muscle weakness
I am taking SMX-TMP for prostate infection. Side effects include muscle weakness which results in muscle...More
Posted by 11white22
is running the problem??
I know it's hard to diagnose online, but quick question. I explained this to my dr., and she seemed not too...More
Posted by sherm80
shin splints
what is and what causes shin splits?
Posted by An_255774
Plantar Fasciitis
I had good luck recovering from this by rolling my foot on a frozen water bottle. I also slept in a...More
Posted by Bill_Indahouse
Pelvic Floor Strain/Spasm?
Ill cut to the chase: I began a lower body workout about 4 weeks ago. It consisted of squats (Only my own...More
Posted by wavegrease
Meniscus tear?
I injured my knee at volleyball practice Sunday night. I hit a slick spot in the floor at a sprint, causing my...More
Posted by bgrund4
Groin strain
I strained my groin while running. I can do all regular day to day activities, but can't run. It's been two...More
Posted by An_255577
hip fracture
My mother is 95 years old. She had a bad fall back in November. She suffered a hip fracture. I don't want her...More
Posted by An_255571
hip fracture
My mother is 95 years old. She had a bad fall back in November. She suffered a hip fracture. I don't want her...More
Posted by An_255571
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tear of posterior horn, medial meniscus
I am a high altitude mountain guide, and ultra trail runner. I maintain a very consistent level of...More
Posted by runnerclimber
Meniscus Tear
I recently started running, but had to stop because of the pain in my knee. An MRI revealed a slight meniscus...More
Posted by srichter
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Muscle Soreness
I am 67, 6' 5", 330 lbs, workout every day but since about New Year my muscles have been killing me. Both...More
Posted by An_255476
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knee popping
what should i do when i feel like my knee is popping out of place with the knee cap and i have to stop...More
Posted by shortstack2190
Surgery for broken Fibula and dislocated Tibia
On February 14, 2013 I slipped on black ice, broke my fibula and dislocated my tibia along with tearing...More
Posted by rachel_22784
muscle recovery and rest
should high school athletes lift heavy on game days for football or basketball? I would think that they would be...More
Posted by tokimo
muscle pain or more serious
2 days ago I shoveled an icy driveway. I have shoveled on many occasions but this snowfall was tougher due to...More
Posted by An_255426

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Knee surgery
Anyone know anything about muscle manipulation? I had reconstructive knee surgery back at the end of July....More
Posted by An_255383
Unsure about Diagnosis, any ideas?
When I was 17 I was in an accident where my leg ended up pinned up against a rock. As far as we were...More
Posted by arianarae
Stress Fracture of hip w/ inflamation
This problem started on Dec. 17, 2013, from too much walking, according to the MRI I've had. How long does it...More
Posted by fifics2
Tendons in elbow contracted, limiting range of mot...
I'm a mid-50's male, lifetime gym rat. Over last 9 years or so, the tendons which connect to/through my right...More
Posted by cn235
Posterior tibial tendon torn..tendon wrap repair s...
Hello, I am curious if anyone else here has had a tendon wrap surgery on their Posterior Tibial tendon and if...More
Posted by tammyw83
Recurrent Knee Pain
Tonight while running 1 mile 4.5 speed I felt right knee pain the whole time I was running. I also was...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Haring trauma
I am in search of a doctor who can address my 28 year olddaugthers' recent hearing lose. She was assaulted...More
Posted by msbusybee5
ACL Replacement Options
My 21 year old son tore his ACL and (Anterior Meniscus-I think, he tore some Meniscus). He has seen 2...More
Posted by marypahl
Includes Expert Content
Crutches needed for Menial Meniscus Tear?
While pending X Ray and MRI testing (doctors testing makes him "pretty sure" I'm dealing with a Medial...More
Posted by colaburns

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Hydration and the HeatExpert
Keep in mind with the warmer weather upon us, that our bodies will take some time to adapt to the temperature changes. Our bodies adapt ... More
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