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Muscle spasms after icing
I have been having chronic pain in my abdomen for about 6 months. The latest diagnosis is nerve damage. I...More
Posted by lifessweet
Pain on heel.
I have been a person that has always been involved with physical activities. I am a 41 year old male and 2...More
Posted by An_257385
Achilles Tendon detachment
My husband has been dealing with a torn Achilles tendon for awhile. It totally snapped yesterday. He feels...More
Posted by bebe55
Concerned about Foot Fracture
Good Morning, I'm a music teacher and yesterday a student knocked over a drum and it fell and hit my foot (I...More
Posted by lnicosia
Baseball - Hit by line-drive off bat
When I was 13 yeas old I was playing third base for may American Legion team in CT. Time was called because we...More
Posted by ronskill
Fell on back, worried about muscle tear
Fell onto my lower back on some stairs. Was not concerned any the time, but woke up with swelling and some...More
Posted by duvaldino
Chronic Hamstring Pain from Running
I run 3-4 miles 4 times a week. In the last two months I've had significant pain in my left hamstring only....More
Posted by Michael0525
Hammer Toe
What are the suggested treatments for hammer toe?
Posted by Mavghosts
cramping all over
helpful article, thanks for posting
Posted by An_257195
chronic ankle pain and instability from soccer. x ...
So I'm 22 and injured my foot playing soccer when I was about 17. I kicked the ground instead of the ball...More
Posted by 22yearyoung
Dear grammy412
I had a torn rotary cuff. My health insurance company made me go through physical therapy 3 times a...More
Posted by catsaremyblanket

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I had rotator cuff surgery and now my muscles are ...
I had rotatocuff surgery in Feb. 7 and was in a sling for 6 weeks before going to PT. My shoulder feels...More
Posted by grammy412
Cervical Laminoplasty
I was born with a congenitally narrow spinal canal. My arms and hands are going paralyzed. My neurologist...More
Posted by An_256632

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Cervical laminoplasty does not undo current nerve damage. I will not regain my former athletic abilities or hand dexterity. I am alone, I have no one to take care of me. Should I get this surgery.
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stiff neck
I have been having a stiff neck in the back for the past 2 months. It hurts to turn my head from left to...More
Posted by An_256588
HIP BURSITIS caused by IT Band Syndrom
My daughter is 17, and has suffered from chronic hip bursitis since she was 14. We just had another MRI, and it...More
Posted by mleelee
Quad/Muscle Injury
hi, i hurt my quad sprinting end o jan. started doing distance training again mid Feb. did a 10km, now both...More
Posted by hollebums
Right Elbow Pain While Working Out!
What should I do for right elbow pain that I only get when working out my triceps? Sometimes I also get...More
Posted by jszaradowski
^@ Watch Geelong Cats v Adelaide Crows AFL Live St...
Watch Geelong Cats v Adelaide Crows Australian Football League live streaming online TV will be played 20...More
Posted by ssopon219
Cramping all over
I get a lot of cramping in my side(s) abdomen, solar plexus and chest; it's like the muscles pull and strain...More
Posted by tomferg55
Achilles Pain
I was running a lot last year. I began to have Achilles pain at the end of the year. I would stretch and rest it...More
Posted by adcl73
wrist tendonitis & painful middle toe
Right now my fibromyalgia and/or ehlers danlos means I have been wearing a wrist brace for almost six...More
Posted by foxtrotblonde

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Trick body

Self treat w/ice, elevation, compression, bracing, rest


  • include elec stim
  • include ultrasound
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Lower Back Pain
I had a twisting back injury on 2/26. I went to an orthopedic doctor on 3/4 and was given Naprosyn, clear...More
Posted by laurelvalen
Pain in pectoralis minor
Since I started working in Golf course, I have been hitting a lot of golf balls. This is a repetitive sport...More
Posted by An_255883
Treating muscle weakness
I am taking SMX-TMP for prostate infection. Side effects include muscle weakness which results in muscle...More
Posted by 11white22
is running the problem??
I know it's hard to diagnose online, but quick question. I explained this to my dr., and she seemed not too...More
Posted by sherm80
shin splints
what is and what causes shin splits?
Posted by An_255774
Plantar Fasciitis
I had good luck recovering from this by rolling my foot on a frozen water bottle. I also slept in a...More
Posted by bill_indahouse

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Hydration and the HeatExpert
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