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groin muscle
I was playing softball and hurt my calf muscle. This past weekend I played and it really didnt bother me. I woke...More
Posted by gdawgs
Pulled glute muscle
Pulled a glute muscle doing yoga @ 3 months ago. Have continued to exercise, including yoga except for a 3...More
Posted by An_250798
Severed thumb flexor tendon
Hi, I severed my left thumb flexor tendon. Currently I am scheduled for surgery in 3 days, should I be trying...More
Posted by Brian_D
Hip/Adductor Pain
Whoops, sorry about the formatting problem. Hi community, About 4 months ago, I started to feel a...More
Posted by Strway2Heaven77
Hip/Adductor Pain
Hi community,[br>[br>About 4 months ago, I started to feel a dull pain in my right groin area....More
Posted by Strway2Heaven77
Pain in Left side of my hip
One day I woke up early in the morning, My left side of the hip starts to pain, when I walk the pain keeps on...More
Posted by ferdousz
HELP! Torn chest muscle in China! No reliable doct...
Seven months ago while weight-lifting I felt a tear in my left pectoral muscle in the area near my arm pit. The...More
Posted by kdavid
Tendon Injury
I went to the doctor this morning because the side of my foot was swollen and hurt, they said it was a tendon...More
Posted by An_250513
Fractured acromion
My 15yo fractured is acromion at the growth plate Oct 26th, 2012. The imaging showed a 4mm separation. We have...More
Posted by rhj300
Sharp decline in muscle capabilities
Hello About 3 week ago i did a work out involving a lot of repetitions of pull-ups. After that workout i had a...More
Posted by guy24
Persistent leg muscle pain-- what is it?
Since I started running 4 months ago after a few years off, there has been muscle pain and tightness from my...More
Posted by dcolangelo
Disc Bulging
Hello, I am a single tennis player. I have been playing tennis for 10 years. I have been more serious in this...More
Posted by jiayou
Recovery slow from new workout
I recently started working out at a CrossFit gym where my wife works out. I'm supposed to work out...More
Posted by Rick1953
protein shakes
My son is 16 years old and he is doing exercise and he is the wrestling team in school and he wants to drink...More
Posted by eramirez
Muscle Tightness Behind Knee
I've had a knot behind my right knee for two days...and walking appears to stretch it out. But I limp...More
Posted by Stantheman1955
Stress Fracture or other?
I was teaching a dance class last Friday and afterwards I noticed my foot was sore. 6 days later it is...More
Posted by irisheyes1911
Fracture Arm
Hi All, My daughter fracture her arm about 2 weeks ago. I took her to the orthopedic. I was told to take her...More
Posted by JAMAJM
TORN ANKLE Ligament?
Hi, I hope who ever is reading can give me some kind of input or advice, and for those researching the...More
Posted by An_250060
Very Sore right thigh muscle, not sure what it is?
I am a 17 year old Female, and the outer muscle in my right thigh really hurts whenever I move it. This...More
Posted by Pearlygirl11
Strained upper back muscle
Help. I look like "the hunchback of notre dame". I have a very large bbump in upper back, below the shoulder...More
Posted by nobody102
Includes Expert Content
Back cramps when laying down
During the day my back is fine. When I go to bed it is fine. During the night on the right side in the...More
Posted by jdwfinger

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ankle injury
im 18 years old and im a high school athlete. 4 years ago in a game i twisted my ankle and someone stepped on it...More
Posted by CFGR94
Extreme Shoulder pain..negatgive MRI arthrogram
It has been ongoing for 2 years now but it had reached an extreme. It hurts to do EVERYTHING. Any...More
Posted by mackattack24
pulled muscle??
is it possible to pul a muscle in ur lower bicep part of ur arm? i was giving a massage and during the...More
Posted by amyslattery
shoulder injury after surgery
had rotator cuff surgery about four weeks ago. all was going pretty well, until today. i tripped on an...More
Posted by michaelcb
Ham to Glute Injury
My 50 year old and athletic wife injured her hamstring to glute area about two and a half years ago and we...More
Posted by Lefebvre
Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
About five years ago (November 2007) I had a right anterior talofibular ligament reconstruction surgery....More
Posted by Sandiecakes
fibula fracture - should I be worried about nonuni...
Hi! On July 18th of this year I had a tib-fib fracture playing softball. I had a rod and two screws inserted...More
Posted by Twan22
torn ankle ligaments.
I sprained my ankle 5 months ago when out jogging. I waited to be reffered to phyio and after 3 months have...More
Posted by lacey1991
Includes Expert Content
foot and leg injury induced severe atrophy treatme...
1985 knee injury lead to tkr 2003, but severe atrophy has lead to long term severe pain, unable to walk and...More
Posted by edc99353

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