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Finger pain
I have this pain that comes and goes on my finger. It almost feels like someone is poking on it. Any little...More
Posted by Teritudds
Finger pain
I have this pain that comes and goes on my finger. It almost feels like someone is poking on it. Any little...More
Posted by Teritudds
achilles tendon removal
I had an achilles tendon rupture. I then had surgery on it. Three weeks later i got an infection and an pen...More
Posted by valeri
Pain on weight bearing after 8 months of ankle spr...
In Dec 2012, I suffered from a severe ankle sprain due to a road accident. I sprained my left ankle pretty...More
Posted by An_253310
Lunate Bone Fractures
I have been diagnosed with a lateral cominuted fracture of the left Lunate Bone in my left hand. It is a rear...More
Posted by BillBCape
Rib Injury
I'm a 66 yr old female. I fell in the yard and hurt my ribcage. I find it hard to lift my right arm without...More
Posted by An_253172
Injury - Childs Upper Arm
My 6 yr old ran into a glass-florette styled door knob very hard, and has an injured upper arm. The door knob...More
Posted by An_253151
swelling in feet
I have recently begun walking 3 to 4 miles a night. I have lost 20 pounds and have about 40 more to go. My...More
Posted by catdogrsm
Grade 3 ankle sprain
I sprained my ankle 2 months ago (they said grade 3). I have been in 2 different casts and now in an AFO...More
Posted by An_253059
Stiff legs
More than 2 years now I have had stiff, not painful, calf muscles and stiff Achilles plus top of feet...More
Posted by An_253041
Knee Injury (fracture)
I had to go to the emergency room because I slipped and did something to my knee. I must've been screaming...More
Posted by bekkalynnb
lateral colateral ligament
At 57 yrs I continue to work out and attempt to sprint while battling various reoccurring injuries. Mostly...More
Posted by sprinter22
Natural V.S. Supplements
Is it better to build muscle naturally or use supplements? and what are the health risks for using...More
Posted by MrFullback42
tibial plateau fracture
My daughter has a tibial plateau fracture which happened over the holiday. She is in horrible pain, with meds,...More
Posted by realhab
Knee Injury Recover
Hi folks, injured my knee skiing at Breckenridge at the end of March (2013). From what I've read, the...More
Posted by KayLosciuto
Tib Fib Fx
Hello, first timer here wanting to ask if anyone has knowledge of the consequences of Not having recommended...More
Posted by Gammie1963
Fell on Right Arm after Twisting my right Ankle in...
Hey yall. I am worried. A couple of weeks ago, I was walking to go paint something in the front yard and...More
Posted by Snowykitty
knee "dislocation"
I am an active and fit 49 year old female, and last night as I was getting into bed in the same way as...More
Posted by An_252492
shoulder injury
I was injured 4 months ago. I am a nurse and a very heavy combative man dislocated my left shoulder. I...More
Posted by jackie22283
Musculoskeletal Problems - Back!
Hello all, I should start by saying I'm a (what appears to be - minus the muscular issues) healthy 22 year...More
Posted by An_252395
Calf Muscle Tightness
Recently I have begun a cycling regimen of 15 miles a day or so. I am experiencing a tightness in my calf...More
Posted by An_252278
12-yr old soccer player, dad stepped on his foot, ...
1) Playing soccer with his dad 2) Dad accidentally stepped on the top of his son's right foot (about...More
Posted by Dougmeister
strange bruising on arm
Hello. My daughter (age 10) was spinning in circles five days ago, and fell to the ground landing on her left...More
Posted by An_252192
torn quadricep muscle
I had bilateral total knee replacements with removal of bilateral patellas and 3 weeks later fell and tore...More
Posted by leilatrue
Torn Calf Muscle
Hello, Last week 5-14, I was playing basketball, as I was cutting to the basket I felt as if someone hit a line...More
Posted by Wrome
Hurt side
I am 13 male, and was playing baseball and hurt my side. Next to my chest. It tightens up when I throw now and...More
Posted by zdyer12
Clavicle. Surgery necessary?
Hey there. Wanted some insight on a surgery. Today, playing rugby I broke my collarbone. It sucked. But when...More
Posted by Sean_macb
Peroneal Tendon problems..
1989, had a problem with this tendon. It actually was "flip flopping" over the ankle bone as I walked....More
Posted by pattimelt6395
Strange pain in knee??? HELP!!
Hello, I'm a new mother still at home with baby and experiencing a strange pain in my knee. it feels like...More
Posted by An_251685
muscle cramps and spasm
I am 61 and ride a bike 8-10 miles a day.when i ride alot,i get spasms in my hips and feet,mostly toes.i...More
Posted by allanrpa32652

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Running ShoesExpert
Remember to replace your running shoes every 300-400- miles or every 6 months. Many running related injuries are due to worn out footwear. More
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