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I love to watch the Super Bowl. I wanted to be a College Football Coach for a few years. I rock at volleyball video games! I can also hit a lot of home runs on the Wii.

Unfortunately, my real life sports experience ended in elementary school. Actually this might be fortunate. I have no athletic abilities but I admire those who do.

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Reply: Crush Injury -- Horse
Oh, I see, you said not an extraordinary amount of pain when it first occurred.
Reply: Shin pain
With it still making your ankle swell, I definitely would look into going back...More
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Reply: sports nutrition
I would take him to a dietitian that specializes in sports nutrition. You want...More
Reply: Shoulder Injury
Anytime you have a pop with pain, you should go to see your doctor. Make an...More
Reply: rib cage pain
Anytime you have sudden unexplained chest pain, you should call 911
Reply: Crush Injury -- Horse
I would call your doctor back and ask about their recommendation. Some bruising...More
First Thing You Do?
Everyone reacts differently after they have been injured in sports. Presuming...More

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I react to my injury by:
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  • Looking it up on the Internet
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  • Visiting urgent care or ER
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Please Welcome Amelia!
For the next 10 days, I have a shadow on this community in preparation for her...More
Reply: torn achilles
Let us know how your MRI goes. When in doubt-call the ER back for further...More
Reply: knee pain
This sounds like a reason to head back to the doctor for a re-evaluation.

For more information, visit the Duke Health Sports Medicine Center