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My Story:
I love to watch the Super Bowl. I wanted to be a College Football Coach for a few years. I rock at volleyball video games! I can also hit a lot of home runs on the Wii.

Unfortunately, my real life sports experience ended in elementary school. Actually this might be fortunate. I have no athletic abilities but I admire those who do.

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Reply: Foot injury, long term pain, upcoming hike. What c...
Your school doesn't have a health office where they can advise you? Are you...More
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Reply: Knee Injury Question
You will need to see your doctor in order to get a diagnosis.
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Reply: running pains
That is good to hear. Keep us updated.
Reply: Hip area injury
I am glad the links were helpful.
Reply: Foot injury, long term pain, upcoming hike. What c...
Get it checked out by your doctor before setting off on your hike.
Reply: hand pain
Impossible for anyone on the Internet to say definitively. We could speculate...More
Reply: Lingering Arm Injury
I am sorry to hear about your arm pain. Here are some links that might help...More
Reply: Thigh soreness and pain that wont go away
Thigh pain that lasts that long sounds like time for a trip to the doctor. So...More
Reply: Hip area injury
Have you seen a doctor about your injury? How old are you? How active in general...More

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